Olay and Keith Haring Collaborates to Bring Filipinas A Fearless Glow

Monday, November 22, 2021 Philippines



Known for his art of figures that express movement, Keith Haring was a popular artist and activist during the 1980s. His art spoke to many, his words even more. Keith Haring expressed social messages with his art and made it accessible to interact with a wider, and diverse audience. He used his fame to tackle issues that he believed in, including the AIDS epidemic. Through his fearlessness, he harmoniously combined fun and colorful imagery with activism that up to this date is still universally recognized.

Like Keith, many Filipinas are continuously being fearless in their own ways. Two fearless hearts beating to the same beat, Olay and Keith Haring came together and created an artist edition series to help empower more fearless Filipinas. Fearless to not conform. Fearless to write your own rules. Fearless to face the world. Fearless to live more. Fearless at any age.

The Olay x Keith Haring collab brings limited edition pouches in classic Keith Haring design, and limited-edition jars and bottles of the Power Duo, Vitamin C Serum, and Retinol24 Night. A special edition of the Power Duo is also available for purchase that features the iconic figures of Keith Haring.

Each bundle features Olay products that target different skin concerns, resulting in a fearless glow.

If your skin woes include an uneven skin tone and dark spots, the Olay Power Duo is just the combo for you. The Olay White Radiance Essence helps radiate the skin from within and improves translucency and light reflectiveness. To instantly improve the brightness of your skin, you have the Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum. This serum evens out your skin tone, reduces dark spots, and leaves skin glowing as ever with its concentrated formula of Niacinamide paired with Vitamin C that penetrates 10 skin surface layers deep to bring out your fearless glow.

Sleepless nights can be a drag, but you can still fearlessly face the next day with glowing skin when you use the Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Serum. This serum is formulated with Retinol, a highly recommended skincare ingredient by dermatologists that is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots, and tighten pores. It helps rejuvenate your skin as you sleep, so you can wake up with a younger-looking glow.

For a smoother and brighter finish, apply the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream that delivers moisture of up to 10 layers deep into the skin's surface. This luxurious-feeling moisturizer leaves the skin hydrated, softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and firms the look of skin with plumping hydration.


For years, Olay has been the trusted skincare brand of Filipinas, with the likes of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, and Beauty Vlogger, Kris Lumagui. In the recent Olay x Keith Haring Grand Launch livestream, Pia and Kris shared how they continue to embody being a Fearless Filipina.

“You become fearless once you know when you jump into something, it can go really good, at it can go really bad, and it’s OK. Being fearless is taking risks, taking steps, going out of your comfort zone. Sort of like trying kahit ‘di ka na 100%, you’re fearless. Matalo man ako o hindi… I will still come out as a winner,” Pia shared.

Even on their fearless moments, Pia and Kris rely on how Olay makes them feel good with their plump and glowing skin with the challenges brought by the current times. “When you stand up for these issues, alam mo na you’re confident with yourself, Olay really helps, cause when you feel confident outside, domino effect na ‘yan eh… ‘Pag confident ka, nakikita ng mga ibang tao... Whatever you give out there, you also get it back. It really helps to take care of yourself also.”

The changes that were brought by the current health threat has challenged women like you to adapt to a new routine, and yet you fearlessly moved forward. Despite the many struggles that life puts you in, you can take charge of your skin now, and fearlessly glow with Olay.

Set forth to where your heart glows and head over to Lazada or Shopee and add to cart the Olay x Keith Haring special edition bundle and avail up to 55% off during the extended 11-11 sale!

New Products From Silky Girl + Review and Swatches!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 United States


Before I left Philippines for United States, Silky Girl sent me off with a whole box of their new products that I could take along with me. In fact, I used these during my flight! 

The range of the new items are Matte Cushion Foundation, Cool Chic Blusher, and new set of liquid lipsticks! The package also contains the Silky Care Hygiene Wash. 

Now, let us check out the swatches of each product line. 


The Silky Girl's new Gen Matte Cushion Foundation is a lightweight and oil-free foundation, paraben-free, and fragrance free. I was able to use it for my flight and it is true that the oil that I developed is very minimal throughout my travel. Upon application, it is easy to apply and blended well onto my skin easily. Even though it is matte, it did not cause any flakiness on my skin. The coverage is light to medium. 

Most importantly, it comes with sun protection of SPF25 PA++ and a soft cushion applicator. So no need to bring a separate foundation brush when you travel with this foundation. 

For the complete list of ingredients, please refer to the photos below: 

Each foundation costs 595php. It comes in four shades: Light, Natural, Medium, and Tan. The best shade that suits my skin tone is Natural. 

See comparison below of my before and after photos using the Gen Matte Cushion Foundation. If you can see, my skin looked more flawless and the pores are barely visible. Though some of my blemishes can still be seen that I consider it to at least be of medium coverage. 


The Cool Chic Blusher is a lightweight, non-greasy and water-based tint formula blusher that is designed to naturally brighten any dull complexion and paraben-free. When I used it the first time, I immediately noticed its nice fruity fragrance. I was able to glide it on my cheeks smoothly and can be blended well. I also enjoyed the cooling sensation upon application - specially when the weather is sunny and humid! 

For the lasting power, it is decent for at least up to 6 hours before it starts to fade. But the packaging is sleek and light that it is to touch-up. 

Each tube costs 225php. For the complete list of ingredients, please refer to the photo below: 

Cool Chic Blusher comes in three shades: Peach, Pink, and Tangerine. I was able to test the Peach and Pink and both colors are awesome but my personal favorite is Peach because it looks natural on me. (Just check my final photo for the Peach shade look on me.)


Silky Girl's MLBB Lip Tint reminds me of long-lasting ink lip tints because it lasts long and leaves an even stain on my lips without causing crusting on my lips due to dryness. This MLBB Lip Tint is water-based lip tint enriched with Grapefruit extract that keeps lips smooth and moisturized all day. It also gives the lips a plumped-up look but still feels weightless. Besides all these amazing features, this lip tint is also paraben-free, carmin-free, and fragrance-free. 

Each tube costs 225php. There are five shades available that are highly pigmented: Autumn, Rosie, Orchid, Nude, and Scarlet. For the complete ingredients list, check the photo below: 

 Sharing with you the complete swatches of all the lip tints: 

For my flight, I chose the Nude as my base lip tint so that I will not have to worry for a touch-up just in case it starts to wear off. 


After using the MLBB Lip Tint as my base lip color during my flight, I added this new Genereation Matte Lip Cream on top of it. The new matte lip cream delivers sophisticated creamy matte finish and also enriched with Aloe Verea and Sunflower Seed Oil to retain moisture on lips. 

For a matte lipstick, it feels light and comfortable to wear. It does not settle on dry part of the lips so this is highly recommeded for dry lip users. Originally available in five shades: Just Nude, Mauve Mallow, Retro Pink, Crimson Love, and Hot Salsa. Recently, there was an addition of new shades: Pink Dream, Rose Latte, Red Rebel, Glam Rose, and Cinnamon Kiss. 

The lip cream comes with a unique angled applicator for easier application, it is also fragrance-free and carmine-free. 

Each tube costs 350php. Refer to the photo below for the complete list of ingredients: 

Check out the nice shades below: 

My photo below is me wearing Just Nude on top of Nude and it created another great looking shade of lipstick. 


The Silky Girl's Feminine Hygiene Wash's fragrance is fresh and has a cooling sensation. Each formula is formualted at pH 3.5 with lactic acid to maintain the natural ph and flora of the intimate area. Enriched with natural plant extracts to gently cleanse, soothe, and refresh intimate skin area. Each bottle contains 100ml of product and costs 150php. 

The feminine wash has two variants: Chamomile for soothing because it contains Calendula, Myrrh, and Elder all known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and moisturizing properties; the other variant is the Eucalyptus for refreshing because it contains Eucalyptus, Chamomile, and Menthol for an anti-itch, refreshing and cooling feel. 

All of these products are available on Silky Girl's official Shopee store. I also some of their products being sold on Amazon for those in US that wants to try their products. 

I hope you found my review and swatches helpful in order for you to choose the shades that will best suit your skin type. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and stay safe everyone!

How Foreo Bear Helped My Skin Recover From Jetlag

Friday, October 1, 2021 United States


I recently made a life changing decision.  Move to another country. 

Migrating to a first world country is not always all peaches and cream.  From the nitty-gritty process of it all down to fitting 33 years of my life in 2 suitcases.  The stress of leaving my home for a new country permanently wreaked havoc for me emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Stress affects our skin greatly.  When our body experiences stress, it releases cortisol and adrenaline causing our skin to produce oil in the skin glands which then causes clogged pores and breakouts.  Our skin shows the first signs of change in our health status.  It manifests through breakouts, undereye circles, flaky skin, sagging, redness, or worse, all of the aforementioned. 

My flight took 21 hours, not counting the lay overs, mad rush from gate to gate and waiting in airports for our next flight.  I believe it took me a total of 24 hours to finally reach my final destination.  For those who travel for long periods of time, you are familiar with how sitting in cramped spaces is so uncomfortable along with moving around in small restrooms wherein freshening up is not always a delight.  What made my skin suffer the most was the dry air in the plane.  I barely had the time to get comfortable in my seat, much more care for my face.  I found myself constantly rubbing and scratching my skin and I know that I have to deal with the repercussions sooner than later.

I arrived in my new home with pale, dry, flaky and a bit of a saggy skin.  I tried applying my serums and moisturizers for a quick hydrating fix but every time I wash my face, it clearly shows that it was not enough.  The time difference between the United States and the Philippines is totally polarized, literally like night and day.  Not only was my skin affected due to the long travel, I also suffered from jetlag so my sleep pattern was also disrupted.  I would wake up in the wee hours of the night and sleep during the day. Jetlag along with dry conditions was a sure recipe for a skin disaster. I can clearly see that I aged a lot specially with my sagging cheeks.

Feeling frustrated, I immediately dug through my luggage for what was my last hope in rescuing my current woeful skin condition.  Yes, I traveled a transatlantic flight and all my FOREO products came with me.  FOREO makes their products very portable that I did not have a problem taking them with me in my hand carry.

I ran back with my gadgets in my arms and put my faith on my arsenal of FOREO devices specifically, my FOREO UFO, Luna Play Plus, and FOREO BEAR.

I decided to do a DIY Facial on my skin.

I took a deep breath and put my FOREO to its most challenging test yet for me.

BEAR by FOREO vs Problematic Skin

1. Do It Yourself Facial

Since I just arrived in the United States and I know that facials here are expensive compared to the Philippines, I am so relieved that I can have my own best version of facial at home. The microcurrent that I experience while using BEAR by FOREO is exactly like the expensive facial treatments that uses microcurrent back in the Philippines.

Did you know that other people do a pre-flight facial in order to help skin recover from jetlag better? Having this BEAR with me makes it very convenient for me to have a facial treatment anytime in the comforts of my new home.

The microcurrents and pulsation from the BEAR by FOREO will surely make you feel energized and recharged even after a long flight.

2. Working Out of Facial Muscles

I continuously used my BEAR to combat my sagging and sore facial muscles in hopes that I will have a longer effect of a toned, firm, and tighter skin.

This time, I was able to increase the intensity of the currents after I got used to using FOREO BEAR. That is what I love with FOREO devices, it can easily be controlled with just an App.  The versatility and customizable features of their devices make their products a staple in skin care for me.

It has been almost a year since I first tried out FOREO BEAR in 2020, and it generally helped in maintaining the elasticity of my skin and its contour. Just to share, it is known to provide “facial fitness” - a portable device that delivers microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations targeting more than 65 muscles of our face and neck!

Though my skin looked bad compared to last year because of the stress and jetlag, check out the contours of my face that the FOREO BEAR was able to maintain and actually improve.

(See photo comparison of the aftermath of first FOREO BEAR use compared to almost a year later of use even during my jetlag.)

On my photos, my cheekbones look the same but my cheeks are plumper. The skin below my chin area also improved. My skin feels firmer and it evened out my skin tone.

3. Skin Hydrated with FOREO Serum Serum Serum

Travelling by plane makes our skin dry because of the low humidity. Enduring that for 21 hours will surely make any skin suffer - that is why moisturizing the skin during jetlag is important.

BEAR by FOREO Sweden has a serum that works in conjunction with it called Serum Serum Serum.  The serum uses the antioxidant power of squalene and hydrating hyaluronic acid to firm, renew, and replenish the skin. The combination of the pulsations and serum will definitely jumpstart a tired and weary skin.

Remember that a serum is always the better choice for parched skin compared to ordinary cream moisturizers.

In combination with my other FOREO favorites, I was able to recover faster from my jetlagged skin. BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN is definitely a must-have and worth the investment. There is no shortcut or magic that delivers instant results when it comes to beauty, but with continued and diligent use, FOREO products can help us improve our skin's health.

Oh! Lest I forget, FOREO released a new color for their BEAR.  It is now available in BEAR MINT color. If this is your favorite color, then take it as a sign to get your own FOREO BEAR!

The FOREO Sweden App is also updated featuring more features and details added like the Device information, How To Use, Device Care, Finding Device, Treatments, and Settings. 

Included in the update, there are three new treatments in using the FOREO BEAR. The three new treatments include: 


This treatment's duration is 2.5 minutes challenging you with a high intensity facial muscles workout for an overall toned and sculpted complexion. Total Facial Knockout starts with application of serum. Workout of facial muscles starts from the cheeks to cheekbone area then the forehead. Afterwards, the workout will continue on the neck area and the V-shape of the face. 

This treatment covers all of the areas of the face.  


The duration for this treatment is 2.1 minutes with a high intensity workout for an overall toned and sculpted complexion. The treatment starts with the application of FOREO Serum Serum Serum followed by application of BEAR exercise on around the mouth area. Last workout is the muscles from cheeks to cheekbone area. 


With a duration of 2.5 minutes, challenge yourself with high intensity workout for an overall toned and sculpted complexion. This treatment starts by spending almost a minute of microcurrent and T-sonic pulsations on neck area followed by the contour from chin to the end of jaw. 

You just need to download initially these three treatments then you are good to go! Each treatment starts with application of FOREO Serum Serum Serum. Depending on the treatment that you choose, it targets different parts of your face. For me though, my favorite is the Total Facial Knockout because it covers the overall toning and sculpting of my face. 

Cheers to a new life and healthier, better, glowing skin!

To know more about FOREO, you can follow and reach them through here:

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· Twitter

5 Things To Consider When Looking For A New Home

Saturday, September 18, 2021 United States


As you all know, I recently moved to United States just last month and before I travelled here I made sure that I can have the best home that I can possibly have while being new. 

It is essential that I find the right place to settle down. For months, I searched and studied reviews for each apartment. That is why, I wanted to write this blog post in order to give you some tips to consider when you search for a new place. 

1. Safety

For me, I chose a place that is definitely safe even though it is more expensive compared to other places. This is my number one priority. Consider your safety everyone, it is more important to live in a place that will give you a peace of mind. That will make you feel more secured and be able to sleep better at night. The little money that you add for a secure location can also save you for possible financial losses. 

Each neighborhood is different. Make sure to check the place if it is safe and research for any possible histories of crimes or burglary. If you have friends or relatives who is familiar with the location, ask their opinions too. 

2. Use apartment or home search resource

In support to my number one priority which is safety. I use apartment search resources.

Trying out several sites that offer houses or apartments for rents or sale will give you an insight on how much is the average price. You will also be able to read the reviews that other people share, this way you will be able to weigh the pros and cons of each place. 

There are a lot of apartment search resource that you can use online. For example, there is Zumper! Even though I moved to North Carolina, I also wanted to try the other states to live in like maybe somewhere in Virginia, Maryland, New York, or Miami! 

It is easy to use Zumper because you can download the application directly to your phone if you do not want to use a website. They offer houses, rooms, condos or apartments for rent! Most importantly, the offer is real time for availabilities! You can also filter it by location, price range, bedroom count, if it is pet-friendly and type of amenities available. 

Application and credit supports are screened online via TransUnion. 

With these types of apartment hunting sources, it will definitely help you a lot. Specially if the search resource offers online tour or photos. 

Sometimes when I have extra time, I check out other places via Zumper and I am also checking out Miami because it is near my mother's home. 

3. Location

Next question is, how far is your new home from your work? How much are you willing to sacrifice for the time travel. This way, you can also zoom in your house hunting to a smaller space and narrow down your search within that area. 

4. Cost of Living

Different states have different taxes and wages. List down your priorities and see which place will definitely fit your ways of spending and savings. 

Others prefer states with lower cost of living but most of these places are far from urbanized cities. 

For me, I consider the cost of living in choosing a place to call home but this varies from person to person. 

5. Consider retirement

When choosing a new home, do you imagine yourself living there for good or just for a few short years? This way, you can budget your salary by renting first and maybe save up for downpayment for your future dream home! :)

I do hope that these five things to consider in apartment hunting will be able to help you. These things made it easier for me in choosing where to live when I moved from Philippines to United States. 

Ways To Manage Debt

Saturday, July 17, 2021 Philippines


Working as a nurse in the Philippines may have its perks but the sad reality is most of us also rely on loans, credit cards, borrowing money from our family that makes us in debt. At least in my case (I usually borrow extra money from my mother) and most of the nurses that I personally know have their own financial difficulties. This is because our low salary cannot keep up with the cost of living as well as the expenses we need to study for more experience and knowledge or even the expenses to apply abroad. Application processes for job application abroad and examination fees are a pain in our budget. Not only that, there are other expenses required for nurses like seminars, membership to Philippine Nurses Association, Professional Tax, and so much more that should be included in how you plan to spend your salary. 

As I now move to another country, I want to be wiser and manage my finances to avoid debts or at least manage the loan I borrowed from my mother. So for today, I am sharing with you some of my tips to manage debts. 

1. Compute the total of how much you owe

First, you have to know the total debt you need to pay. Compare it with your current salary. Also, you should know the interest, due dates and required monthly payments. This way, you can set how much percentage of your salary should be saved in reserve for your debts. 

2. Pay in time

Avoid extra charges as much as possible. Imagine the penalties and interests that adds to your debt for not paying in time. If you can enroll your bills into online banking, it will make paying in time easier. 

3. Consider consolidating your debts

If you have too much bills piling up or debts, consider paying it off through consolidation. Debt consolidation is a way wherein you will loan an amount that can pay all of your debts so that you will just pay one bill monthly with computed interests. 

It may make you shy away from it since you will have another loan but you can save more interests because you will be able to pay off everything and just pay your monthly bill from the consolidated debt loan.

However, just make sure that you read the terms and conditions on each loans and study if it will make it easier in your case or not. 

4. Reserve money for emergency fund

Even though you are already in a tight budget, not saving money for emergency fund may put you in a more complicated position in case of emegency. 

There are several banks that you can use to start saving for your emergency fund that also offers free life insurance like in Security Bank and Maybank. There are several offers from each bank, you can search it online or visit branches near you. Look and compare what fits your  budget. 

5. Cut your expenses

I know it is easier said than done but this is really the main way to be able to pay off all your debts in time. A friend of mine once shared to me that you need to live below your means - not within your means if you are in debt. 

Just spend your money only at necessities and if you are going to purchase other than necessity, make sure that you already saved up for the emergency fund and your bills aside.

6. Find other source of income

Last, try to find a small way to earn more on top of your regular salary. For example, doing business or turn your hobbies into income. Any additional money will be a relief. 

I hope that some of these tips can help you and enlighten you of what should  be your priorities in life. I learned my lesson here in the Philippines that I was not able to spend my salary in investments and insurances and I wanted to be wiser in my new adventure abroad. The tips that I shared are what I personally learned and I will keep this in mind wherever I go now. 

Maybelline's New Holy-Grail Color Sensational Ultimatte Lipstick: Review + Swatches

Sunday, July 4, 2021 Philippines


Maybelline has always been a staple in my stash whenever it comes to lip products because of their creamy smooth formula and I am excited to try out their newest holy grail Color Sensational Ultimatte Lipstick

Focus and meet their newest solid lipstick innovation, featuring its air-light and plush matte formula that might even be better than luxury!

Last June 2021, the ULTIMATTE woman never settles for anything less - whether for herself, her ambition, or the world surrounding her. Of course it is the same when it comes to lipsticks. I believe that lipstick enables us to be ourselves and show our mood or personality. Something that we can express whatever we want. That is why Maybelline New York is best when it comes to empowerment because the brand dares every beauty enthusiast like me to want more than their lipstick by giving us more! 

As I tried all the shades of the newest release Color Sensational Ultimatte Lipstick by the number one makeup brand in the world, Maybelline - it is a totally game changer! Because the ULTIMATTE's "better than luxury" formula makes it more lightweight, more plush-matte and more color-intense with its ultra-fine powders, texture blurring gels and high-impact pigments. 

Watch my TikTok video as I try out the 10 shades of Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Lipstick and see the great choices of shades and its nice new formula!

The new formula gives every Maybelline girl a luxurious lipstick experience even when you are working at home with its smooth-like-butter texture and regal packaging that is hard to resist. With this new luxury lipstick, you can feel confident and be at your ultimate best. 

If you are a fan of K-Pop and into Hiphop or girl crush type then I am sure you are familiar with ITZY! The girl group from JYP Entertainment (One of the big three companies in Korea when it comes to talents.) consists of members:  Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna - are now the Maybelline's newest Global Spokesmodels. ITZY has the same goal as Maybelline and they advocate self-confidence which empowers everyone to be unapologetically themselves in whatever they do. 

As shared by Ira Santos, the Product Manager for Maybelline, “The new Color Sensational Ultimattes will be the new holy grail bullet matte lipstick in the market. Apart from being the only air-light texture blurring matte, we also want to give every Maybelline girl that luxurious lipstick experience that is accessible”. Ira Santos also added, “We want to redefine moments of wearing lipstick even just at home to make every woman feel empowered in every moment they wish to feel their very best.”.

The Color Sensational Ultimattes collection is available in 10 shades ranging from nudes, pinks and reds that morenas will absolutely love. It will be available for only P299 and launched first in Lazada last May 29: Get them as well at your leading Maybelline counters and drugstores nationwide!

Check out the swatches of the 10 shades of Color Sensational Ultimattes: 

So far, I fell in love with its formula. For a matte lipstick, it has a butter-like or creamy texture and formula. It feels lightweight and leaves a light stain when removed. I also appreciate that even though I have dry flaky lips, it does not show it unless up close. And I mean if the person will really look at it. LOL. 

The lipstick lasts for six to eight hours on me with slight fading only. It also does not feather out of my lip line which is really nice! 

All the colors also fitted my Filipina skin tone. So I really recommend that you try these. So far the best formula from Maybelline! 

My favorite shades are 799, 899 and 1299! :)

For more information on this launch and other Maybelline products, visit | IG: @maybellinephshop | FB: maybellinephilippines | TikTok: babellines.maybellineph | YT: MaybellinePH. 

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