Mary Kay's Gift To Frontliners!

Sunday, July 5, 2020 Philippines


During ECQ, I received a message from a friend and former colleague (Thanks Jianne!) that she is referring her friend, Ms. Gizelle, who is from Mary Kay to contact me because Mary Kay would also love to give something for the Frontliners in our hospital! 

I am honored to be the one in charge to coordinate this because I wanted to see the happiness in everyone when I distribute the gifts from Mary Kay. Then a few days ago, I received a call that a delivery was waiting for me at the lobby and it is from Mary Kay brought by 2Go! I was surprised when I arrived at the lobby because it is a huge box and a medium size one! It is a good timing that I have a colleague accompanying me during that time because I cannot carry it by myself! LOL. 

Anyway I am so excited and I immediately opened it at the station after my shift. It contains Mary Kay's At Play Matte Liquid Lip Color! There were five shades included in the boxes: Red Envy, Offbeat Orchid, Plum Noir, Spicy Red, and Mad For Magenta! I cannot believe that they are giving this away because each lipstick costs 599php!!! It feels like Christmas already!

I tried hard counting the total number of lipsticks but I end up getting confused before I finished but my estimate is it is more than 500 pieces! I will be able to give this to the majority of the population in our hospital! I cannot wait to distribute it.

What I did first is I called per department on how many females are there per area and I put it in a plastic or paper per department so I could deliver it. I do not want to disturb most of them on their duties so at least I could leave it in their areas. I also asked help from my friends to help me in distributing it. 

The big departments that I was able to give lipsticks but they have patients or I cannot enter their premises and I was not able to take photos from them. These are the areas of Emergency Room, Rehabilitation Center, and Dialysis Center, Nuclear Medicine Department, Purchasing Department. 

For everyone who has photos, I will share it as a collage. I am so happy that I was also able to give to resident doctors! With the excess, I was also able to give to male staff for their wives or girlfriends or even to their mothers if still single. 

I want to personally thank Mary Kay for making the frontliners in my hospital happy! I got a lot of feedback too that this lipstick is long-lasting! It survived their long shifts. I love the shade Spicy Red  and I chose it for myself. I will also share my review here on my blog! 

In behalf of Capitol Medical Center staff, thank you so much again Mary Kay! More power!!!

Ways To Remove Stress During Quarantine

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 Philippines


Even though we are currently on General Community Quarantine, there are still surges of Covid-19 positive patients, this is personally speaking because I am a nurse working in a Covid Unit. This is a real a challenge for all of us. Not only economically but also our mind's health is in jeopardy. 

How do you cope? Besides online shopping of course! I think online shopping made us stay sane the last three months. 

For me, it is more stressful for me to work in a hospital right now but I am still striving and fighting!  I look for other ways to spend my time and release some stress during my day-offs. I want to be productive while staying at home to make myself preoccupied. 

What I discovered are quite successful in giving me happiness and something to look forward to. In turn, making me stress-free. My discoveries may be different to you but I still wanted to share it with all of you. :)

1. Essential Oils

There is nothing wrong in going back to the basics. Like using of natural and pure essential oils. Before there were medicines, people use herbs and plants as remedies. 

I was able to remove my stress through diffusing of essential oils. Coming home to an aromatic room (Imagine your house smelling like a spa!) is quite relaxing. I now look forward daily to coming home after a long day at work and relax this way. Inhaling the fragrance of essential oils is invigorating to the mind and body.

There are so many essential oils out there that is targeted for a specific reason like it helps in promoting sleep, de-congesting your nose, focuses your mind, and so much more! All you have to do is blend the right combination of oils. Recipes of such blends are available on the internet and Pinterest. I do follow @diffuserblends in Instagram for recipes. 

Right now, I upgraded and use Young Living diffuser and essential oils in my room. At first, I thought that Young Living is like pyramiding but its not! Their oils are expensive because it is pure. I was able to compare it with my other essential oils and the Young Living Oils are more concentrated. I was first introduced to Young Living through my pediatrician friend, Doc Jas. I am glad to discover Young Living!

For my office at home, I use my older diffuser before I upgraded to Young Living. I have the Serene Your Wellness Ritual PH oils and diffuser. If you want a more affordable oils and diffuser, you can first try theirs.  Watch my unboxing video of my diffusers and oils in my YouTube channel here

Not only that, I now mix my own roller blends using Young Living essential oils so I could bring it along with me at work. I can just roll it on my temples to relieve some pain or ease my anxiety. I can customize each bottle now. I also gave some away to my friends at work and I am planning to sell my own blends soon!

With that, I am officially a Tita and "Oilbularya". LOL. I am not joking that it worked wonders on my system! I sleep early, deeply and comfortably. 

2. Plants

I do not have a green thumb but we all still could learn on how to take care of plants, right? If you are the same with me that does not have a talent in working with plants, you can start on plants that are easier to take care of like cactus or succulents. But I suggest that you start on herbs and fruit plants. Why? Because it will also help your household!

Imagine just going out on your backyard to pluck out what you need. You can have a shortcut if you do not have a patience like I do, just buy plants that are almost grown instead of starting with seeds. LOL.  

I was able to buy my Calamansi plant that have ready to harvest crops from Isabelle's Garden on Facebook. Isabelle's Garden store is located at Project 8 but you can have it delivered via Lalamove. The plants that they sell are also affordable, they also sell fertilizers, loam soil, and pots. The seller is also nice and helped me in picking out my first batch of plants. Just remember to ask if it can fit the motorcycle before ordering a lot of plants. Mind the riders that they will not have a hard time  carrying it and delivering into your homes. 

A garden store near my work is also quite big. I enjoyed shopping there too! Cedarhills Garden Center is one-stop shop for your gardening needs. Located at Mother Ignacia in Quezon City. 

I started with Philippine lime (Calamansi), tomatoes, lady's finger (okra), and eggplant. For the herbs, I bought sweet basil and parsley. I also added a lavender plant. 

Seeing these plants before and after work makes me smile specially when I see it growing or budding! Try it, its worth your while. Join the bandwagon of "Plantitas". 

3. Cooking or Baking

During this pandemic, we all learned a new recipe or just learned cooking right? Its nice to see it on my personal Facebook page where my friends are posting the fruit of their cooking experiments. Finding a hobby during this pandemic is helpful and it will help in alleviating your mind from something stressful. Not only that, your cooked food can also benefit your family and friends. Its a win-win in all aspects. Let the cooking master chef inside you stand-out!

If you are too lazy to cook, well you can also enjoy great food by ordering! Try to order from friends that you personally know so you can try out several dishes that are different from the commonly available in restaurants. If you are interested to try out Laing and Bicol Express cooked by a Bicol-lana, the best that I tried is from Nay Elma who is my former co-worker before she retired early, you can order on her Facebook page here

4. Online Shopping

Too much shopping is bad but if you can afford, buy yourself something nice and something that you need, it will definitely boost your mood up! It is nice when you are expecting something to arrive like a gift, right? 

Browsing on Shopee and Lazada has been my new hobby now. LOL. 

5. Entertainment or Workout

You can always start your day with an exercise though I am not one who practices this all the time. LOL. But for those who always do this, it helps in keeping your body and mind in a good mood. 

Relax and watch on Netflix, Viu, or listen music with Spotify. Watch funny vlogs on YouTube! 

These are just some that really made impact on my during this quarantine period. These hobbies helped in keeping myself sane! Okay, too much comparison but I hope you get what I mean that I needed this hobbies to keep myself occupied and happy during this trying times. 

Please stay safe and practice what is recommended to avoid the Covid-19 virus. I really hope that a vaccine will be discovered successfully soon!

Mild Retinoid Skincare: The Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion

Friday, June 26, 2020 Philippines


I remember when I was younger, I used a Tretinoin ointment as an anti-aging product on my skin and was appalled that I developed a minor burn. My knowledge back then is not as strong now. I applied it directly and quite thickly on areas that I should not have like around my nose and lips. Then I understood why it needs a prescription from a Derma. LOL. 

Anyway, since then I stayed away from retinol products. I was reintroduced to Retinol when me and Kaycee of get together last year and she suggested products that I should try again. Unfortunately, the brand The Ordinary for retinoid was sold out during our visit. 

Recently though, I had a friend from work who came from Australia to visit Philippines, I asked them to buy me this Retinoid from The Ordinary! The Ordinary has a lot of products and my first choice is the 1% retinoid but it is still out of stock that is why I chose the 2%. 

Anyway, its now in my hands and I was able to test it for a few months now and I am now ready to share with you my experience. Just continue reading! :)

Brand: The Ordinary

Type: Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion

Weight: 30ml

How To Use: 



Since this product is primarily anti-aging, I observed for any changes on my skin specially on my forehead where most of my fine lines appear. After three months use, together with a few weeks use of Estee Lauder Advanced Repair, I noticed that my fine lines decreased. I am not expecting it to make a miracle of making it all disappear but I was hoping that maintaining this on my skincare will further prevent formations of wrinkles. 

My skin looked smoother and plumper whenever I use this, with that as a results, I am happy to use it on my nightly routine. 

Even though it contains 2% of retinoid, it is still milder than a Tretinoin ointment. I did not experience any burns with it. It is also liquid like instead of a cream so it is easier to apply directly on skin and can be absorbed rather quickly. I recommend it for starters. 

Undeniably affordable and it is easy to lather on my skin so a bottle can last for two to three months of use. 

When it comes to skincare, I prefer to have spatula or dropper like this bottle because it prevents in contamination of the whole product. It is more hygienic. So plus points for The Ordinary!


Just a reminder, if you use ANY retinol products, it thins your skin so you need a protection from the sunlight. Do not go under the sun's direct light as much as possible and please use a sunscreen. 

When using retinol products, expect that after a few days of use, you will have a major breakout. Because it purges your skin. It comes with the experience of using this anti-aging product. 

On my first week of trying out this product, the breakouts started after 3 days of use. But for me, I think there are only three to four pimples that appeared. I let them dry on its own. After that, I did not encounter any breakouts anymore as long as I continue to use this.

I tried stopping it for a week after using it for a month, the first few days of returning it to my routine, the breakout happened again. In my conclusion, you really have to use it religiously. ^_^

This is always sold out on stores (but their other variants are available) so sometimes I have a hard time looking for this specific product. 


Buy again? 100% 

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 700php+ 

Where to buy? Beauty Bar, try also to look on trusted online sellers since this is usually out of stock at Beauty Bar. 

Heroine Make: Kiss Me Impact Liquid Eyeliner Super Waterproof In Black

Thursday, June 25, 2020 Philippines


Hello Beauties! This season is the time that we should up our eye game. Why? Because we usually wear masks since it is the new normal so the only thing that could express our look is through our eyes. 

Besides using an eyeshadow, eyebrow product, and mascara, we can also define our eyes by adding up eyeliner. 

My sister or niece (I am not really sure who...LOL) gave this to me when they came back from Japan. It remained sealed on my stash then I remember that I haven't tried it yet. 

This is my first time to try Heroine Make and it is my niece's holy grail eye products. So shall we find out if its really good? Read further more!

Brand: Heroine Make

Shade: Black

Type: Impact Liquid Eyeliner Super Waterproof

Weight: 2.5g

Ingredients: Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese characters since the packaging only contains Japanese characters...I am sorry that I cannot disclose the exact ingredients. 


My new normal shifts at work is 12 hours per day. I wake at 4AM, put my make up on by 5AM and when I came home at 8PM, my eyeliner is still intact with slight fading. Amazing! This is really a good partner for long hours!

Not only that, I managed to scratch my eyes accidentally at work and I thought that it smudged because there is an ample product on my fingers but when I checked it on the mirror, it faded slightly through my rubbing but it did not smudge!

Because of that, I am now curious to try their mascara products too!

I prefer the thinness and pointed tip of the eyeliner because I can give precise application on my eyelids. 


It looks dark black on my hand but when applied over my eye shadow, it looks light gray. So if you wanted to have a real black look, just apply another layer or two.

Heroine Make is kind of hard to find in the Philippines. Some of their products are available at BeautyMNL and Calyxta. 


Wearing Card Captor Sakura Cloth Mask from Sailor Moon PH shop.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: Their product ranges from 800-1000php

Where to buy? Try Calyxta and BeautyMNL

BYS: MOVE Lipsticks By Teacher Georcelle

Saturday, June 20, 2020 Philippines


It feels like it was years ago when this BYS MOVE Lipsticks were released because of this Pandemic but it was just quite recently. I know I promised a full review of these lipsticks when I posted about the launch so here it is. 

The shades that I own that I will be sharing my thoughts on are the colors Beast Mode, Warmed Up, and Pin Up. 

Brand: BYS

Weight: 0.05oz



Since this lipstick was designed by Teacher Georcelle, she understands the importance of always being on the move. So this lipstick can be paired with a necklace and make it as your accessory so you can wear your favorite shade anywhere you go! All these lipsticks were formulated to endure rigorous movements and in case you need to retouch, it is already hanging on your neck. So this collection is definitely a unique lipstick.

The price of a lipstick with chain is 649php. But if you will buy the lipstick alone it will only cost you 449php. 

The M.O.V.E. line of BYS offers eight shades of lipsticks ranging from natural to dark colors. (Refer to the photo swatches below.)

My personal picks are Beast Mode, Warmed Up, and Pin Up. With Beast Mode as my favorite because the pigmentation is superb!

Even though they are matte, the finish feels like it is creamy upon application then turns matte after a time. 

Lasting time is around three to four hours. 


For a matte lipstick, it is not that transfer-free. It can easily be removed. 

The lighter shades settles on the dry patches of my lips. 


Buy again? 70%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 449php for the lipstick alone, 649php if with chain. 

Where to buy? BYS Counters, BYS in Shopee. 

Craving for Pizza? Have It Delivered With Papa John's!

Thursday, June 18, 2020 Philippines


Does Papa John's Offer Lunch Delivery?

You may need a break to refuel while working from home or something fun to do with the kids while they're home from school. While your community may have succeeded in flattening the COVID-19 curve, you may not feel comfortable going out to eat. Under circumstances like these, you may be thinking, "Boy, lunch delivery near me sure sounds good, and convenient as well." This may have you wondering what options are available in your area.

Yes Papa John’s Is Not Only Offering Lunch Delivery but Some of the Safest as Well

Papa John's offered free pizza delivery before the pandemic and continues to do so. To better serve customers concerned about possible exposure to the coronavirus, it has developed a no-contact delivery option. Here's how it works:
       Order and pay for your pizza online or using the smartphone app
       Your pizza is cooked at a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is nearly four times the minimum temperature required to kill the coronavirus
       The pizza goes directly from the oven into the box, and the box is sealed to ensure no one has touched it
       The driver sets up delivery at your door and steps back six feet to confirm that you have collected it while maintaining physical distance
If you prefer to pay cash, you can uncheck the option that instructs the driver to leave your pizza at the door when ordering. However, this means that your delivery will not be contactless.

Remember To Get Those Pizza Dough Rewards With Your Free Pizza Delivery

Are you wondering, "What benefits do various restaurants near me offer?" Papa Dough is a rewards program that earns you points toward future purchases every time you order online from Papa John's. However, you can also collect points when calling for carryout or delivery at participating stores. One dollar spent on Papa John's products equals one point. Seventy-five points get you $10 of Papa Dough, which is in-store credit that you can put toward the purchase of any menu item.
Papa Dough is an improvement over the previous Papa Rewards program. The rate at which you earn points has increased by a factor of five, and there is no limit on the number of points you can earn. If you were a member of the old rewards program, those points carry over to your new account so that you do not lose the credit you have already earned. If you don't already have a rewards account, you can create an account on the website and enroll in the rewards program.
As you start earning rewards points and Papa Dough, you can see your available rewards by accessing your Papa John's account. Redeeming your rewards is a simple matter of clicking "Use Rewards" when placing your order.
The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of daily living, at least temporarily. However, you can still order a delicious lunch for delivery whenever the mood strikes you. Contactless delivery has not changed ordering food so much as it has enhanced it. Try it for yourself today and get your reward points in the process.

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