Nua Organics: Are You Ready To Take The Challenge For A New You?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 Philippines


Glowing skin is the new trend and most coveted type of skin right now. A glowing skin makes anyone look fresh and young. That is why the search for the product that can help achieve glowing skin has always been part of my routine. I will always find and try any product that can help me achieve it. But eve with the market full of skincare products, it should be easy but unfortunately, achieving a clear and beautiful skin is not that easy. 

Just in time as I was looking for a new item to try, a brand came in our country and with this product made with Cupuacu - are you ready to unveil the new you? Because having a clear, fresh-looking skin is everyone's goal! In one way or another, somehow we all care about how we look. 

I was able to attend their launch a few days ago, and it was amazing that the brand, NUA Organics was able to formulate a product with an ingredient that came from a far place, Brazil. NUA Organics' launch in the Philippines came with two products - Face and Body Soap, and their Body Oil, made with the special ingredient Cupuacu and Philippines' own famous Coconut oil. 

To give you more background, let us take the case of a 22 year old Martina Salimbangon, who like every young lady her age, dreams of having a beautiful, flawless skin. She shared, "I've been obsessed with skincare since I was about 15. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and tested so many products but I just found myself being overwhelmed by the amount of products I was being urged to buy. I didn't want to break my bank account trying to clear my skin."

Martina's case is not unique, many of us have experienced this and others may have undergone worst. On any given day, the soaps, body washes, lotions, creams, and oil - all of these does not even include what we put on our faces, right? And so, the search for the right skincare product that will work for us continues. This quest is seemingly endless and most of all, expensive. That is why others call this as an investment for the self. As a result though, according to renowned dermatologist, Dr. Sarah Barba-Cabodil, we tend to use more than what we need. 

“When we minimize the skincare products that we apply, we allow more oxygen to get into our skin and that helps our skin regenerate elastin and collagen,” she points out. “Essentially, we want our skin to do its job on its own every now and then. In other words, we need to give our skin time to reset.” 

According to Dr. Barba-Cabodil, the secret to effortless and effective natural skincare is simple. It all starts with breaking bad skincare habits and learning how to simplify our routines by choosing the right product. As such, this is where NUA can be appreciated. 

From the launch, I learned that NUA combines a centuries-old Brazilian beauty secret, the cupuacu and the versatile coconut oil. 

So what is Cupuacu?

The Cupuacu (pronounced as "ku. pu. a. su") is a fruit that is as big as cacao fruit and rich in vitamins, fatty and amino acids, antioxidants that is harvested from the heart of the Amazon rainforest. 

Imagine, a fruit from the large and wild rainforest of Amazon! Just thinking on how possibly to have to harvest Cupuacu fruit makes me wonder on how this product will  be great. This fruit is also widely used as ingredient in numerous South American delicacies. The pulp and seeds are the skin-nourishing cupuacu butter and oil are sourced. It has an extremely low melting point that it easily melts into the skin. Adding up the locally harvested premium-grade coconut oil into the mixture allows cupuacu butter's ultra-hydrating and moisture-boosting properties to get sealed in, without the heavy, greasy feel that we usually get from most oil-based skincare products. 

How did NUA brought Cupuacu to Philippines? 

How did Philippines now have this amazing secret ingredient form the Brazilian forest? Let us get back to Martina's story. “NUA started as a dream,” she says. “My father approached me about three years ago to tell me that he had just learned about a remarkable Brazilian fruit called cupuacu. He asked me if I wanted to join him in creating products made from it that we could bring to the Philippines. After researching what cupuacu was all about – and the wonders that it could do to the skin – I quickly accepted his offer.”.

Martina is the daughter of Elton and Cathy Salimbangon - the dynamic duo behind Organique, the company that produces and markets the Organique Acai Premium Blend and the Organique Acai Freeze-Dried Capsules that are now helping countless Filipino families live a healthier and happier lifestyle!

When the family realized that they have found yet another "wonder fruit" from the Amazon rainforest - they quickly worked with a team of experts to develop cupuacu-based skincare products. Along the process, the Salimbangons were exceedingly glad to learn that the butter from this Brazilian fruit worked well with premium-grade Philippine coconut oil! Their work thus resulted in a soap and body oil - the initial offerings of the NUA skincare product line that is now being marketed by Organique Skincare Inc. 

Basically, NUA products are still manufactured in the Philippines but the main ingredient fruit, Cupuacu is from Brazil. 

Why Choose NUA?

NUA translates to Naked as shared by Martina and quoted, "That name was chosen because our brand is ‘naked,’ free of chemicals, toxins and unwanted preservatives. It is organic and all-natural because NUA believes in enhancing one’s own beauty, rather than changing it.”

Right now, it is hard to find a product that is free from chemicals and toxins specially preservatives! It is all natural that their soap and oil can be used by pregnant women as an alternative to shea butter!

Not only that, from its production to distribution, the process is all clean and all the ingredients used are natural and organic. That is why it is also a clean beauty!

How To Use? 

It is simple to use, Ms. Cathy Salimbangon - Martina's mom and Organique Skincare chief executive says that we should start using the soap by lathering up and applying a thin layer of NUA body oil after rinsing in your shower. 

The results is that the skin will retain moisture longer and since the all-natural ingredients are packed with phytosterols, it also boosts the skin hydration as well. The included antioxidants fights free radicals. More importantly, all of their products will not clog up the pores! The bonus part is, it does not feel greasy on the skin that are commonly found in super-moisturizing products. 

Challenging Myself and Experiencing NUA

The soap smells clean and sweet. It was able to easy lather up on my skin and creates small bubble suds. The size is also just right because I find it easy to grasp and hold onto while lathering my skin. In my case, I took time to let it be absorbed by my skin longer before rinsing it out. 

Their soap is also versatile since it can be used on both the face and the body. I tried it first on my face. I did not apply anything on my face afterwards to see on how well it can be moisturized with the soap alone.

The results? My face is moisturized the next day and this is new because my skin is usually dry when I wake up but this time, my skin feels a little oily so I know that it was hydrated well. Better than my other moisturizers. For the body, I am not sure since I did not take a before and after photos but I think my skin lightened instantly after one use. There is also a slight luminous like glow. It is not that noticeable but it is not how my skin usually looks like after shower. It reminded me on how my skin looked when I apply a luminous powder on my body for night events. Not glittery but rather radiant. 

After rinsing the soap out, it did not leave any greasy residue but my skin feels soft and silky smooth. 

Refer to the photo below for the complete description and list of ingredients.

The other product that NUA offers is the Body Oil. At first, I thought that it can be used during massage only because on first glance, the oil looks thick and greasy. 

I thought that I should try it as suggested by Ms. Cathy, to apply it immediately after rinsing in my shower time. 

On my first pump of the product, I knew my initial thought was wrong because the oil is thin and easy to spread on my skin specially when combined with the little drops of water from my shower. 

I thought it will be greasy too since it is pure oil but when my skin dried, the feeling is like I just applied a body lotion. No sticky or greasy residue left. 

The next day my skin feels smooth and soft without any greasy feel. It does not feel warm on skin either. 

The oil added a luminous-like glow on my skin specially on my arms. This is just a day of use so imagine if I use it continuously! 

One bottle will also last a long time because I only needed 3-4 pumps for the whole body!

For the complete description and list of ingredients, refer on the photos below. 

No wonder that NUA is challenging us to take the NUA's "New You Challenge" and see for ourselves! As Cathy Salimbongan shared, "Dr. Barba-Cabodil is right. Skincare that works should be effortless and simple - but only if you have the right product. With the cupuacu fruit, that's exactly what we found."

The right skincare products are precisely what NUA is bringing to us. The first few days of using it, I appreciated the effect on my skin! It is also affordable, the soap is 249php and the body oil is 799php! Use the NUA soap and body oil following Cathy’s simple directions and unveil the “New You” – the fresher looking, more beautiful you! 

NUA is a promising brand and I cannot wait for them to produce more product choices soon! I wish they will also offer body wash and hair products! 

NUA is now available from the following retailers—all S&R branches nationwide, BeautyMNL, and Southstar Drug branches nationwide. Soon it will also be available at Rustans. For more information on NUA products, visit To get updates, follow them on Instagram (@nuaorganicsph) and Facebook

Foreo Bear: Detailed Review and How To Use

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 Philippines


Nothing beats having some well-deserved “me-time” every now and then. For me, it entails some of my favorite things to do like retail shopping, reading, massage, scrubs, salon trips and facials. 

Our skin’s condition shows so much about our health status. It may be the source of joy and even frustration at times. I know the importance of proper skincare and so I miss having facials done on my skin. Having facials done thoroughly cleanses my skin giving it a tighter, brighter, smoother feel after each procedure.

When the pandemic hit, my usual facial service is now out of the question for me. It is hard to risk myself and others by going outside and have it done just for the pleasure of it. I am already exposed enough in my line of work handling COVID19 patients that I do not want to add to the problem.

It is a good thing that there are now more options available that I can do in the comforts of my own home. Ever since I first tried using FOREO devices, I have had the urge to collect them all! I know. I know. I have been using the LUNA PLAY PLUS, UFO MINI and recently, I was able to try the UFO . These devices helped me achieve the clean and glowing skin that I wanted without going out for a facial spa. To make it more interesting and exciting, FOREO welcomes the newest addition to their line called the BEAR. 

The BEAR intrigued me when I first heard about it since I know how effective FOREO products are. I immediately wanted to test this BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN (17,600php) because it is known to provide facial fitness! This is my first time to encounter a portable device that works like a facial machine used in spa services. It delivers microcurrent and T-sonic pulsations targeting to exercise more than 65 muscles of our face and neck!

In my case, I feel that I am going through premature aging due to stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, environmental factors etc. that my skin is showing signs of distress. As time passed that I disregard my skincare regime, I am noticing changes and I think my skin is starting to sag on some areas. More than ever, I know that I needed to focus on stimulating the muscles of my face and neck. That is why I am so happy to discover BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN because I can do my own facial routine anytime and anywhere!


1. Download the FOREO SWEDEN App on your mobile device and register your BEAR. 

2. Make sure that your BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN (17,600php) has a charge. It can be recharged by using the USB cable that comes with the device. 

3. When all is ready, make sure that your face is clean and dry. 

4. Apply conductive serum on your skin before using the BEAR. FOREO has its own conductive serum, Serum Serum Serum (3,920php). You can also use other serum as long as it is gel-based. 

5. Using the device, you can follow the instructions on the app on how to use it around your face by watching the animated video.

6. After the treatment, sanitize your BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN device. This device is waterproof and easy to clean with mild soap and water but you can also try the Silicone Spray by FOREO for cleansing. 


BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN is the most electrifying facial fitness innovation ever! How convenient is it to simply do my own facial in a matter of minutes in the comfort of my own home, in my comfy pajamas and fluffy robe? It is so portable that I can easily take it along with me wherever I go because of its size! I can honestly say that it packs a punch for such a tiny device. It is no wonder that FOREO is known to be a high-end beauty technology company ever since it was founded in 2013.

The BEAR comes with a stand, USB charger, one sachet of FOREO'S Serum Serum Serum and a cute pink pouch to match its bright fuchsia body. Bear features superior microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations that tighten and firm the skin for a youthful, contoured complexion. If you feel that the Bear is still too big for you, they also have the BEAR MINI.

There are a few differences between the Bear and Bear Mini. 

The BEAR MINI is smaller, the routine of the device targeted, the intensity level choices is lesser compared to the regular BEAR and lastly, it comes in Lavender and Pearl Pink. Bear in mind (pun intended) both of these devices are the only at-home microcurrent device that feature Anti-Shock treatment - a unique integrated system that eliminates any chance of the microcurrent shocking your skin, making them the safest microcurrent device in the world.

On my first try, I was not expecting the microcurrent that I felt with the device. I set it at the highest intensity and was surprised by its power. As of writing this, I am still using the Level 5 up to 10 setting. You can control the levels via the Bear itself or via the app. I suggest you work yourself up gradually as you adjust to its intensity level. As you get used to it, you can easily adjust your favored intensity from Levels 5 to 25.

I understand the fear of electrocuting yourself when it comes to this but do not let it intimidate you. The Anti-Shock System which scans and measures skin's resistance to electricity, automatically adjusts microcurrent intensity to maintain a steady quality of treatment for maximum safety and comfort will definitely assuage any fear or apprehension when it comes to using the FOREO BEAR. This Ultra-Smart Sensors scan and measure at a rate of 100 times per second and adjusts intensity in just 0.002 seconds. 

The microcurrent that I felt reminded me of the expensive facial treatments that I was able to try before. This process stimulates my skin to be toned. It also activates a gentle T-sonic pulsation that massages my face and neck. The experience from the BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN is different from the UFO that I am used to for relaxation because with Bear, my skin feels like it has undergone a real workout. The microcurrent's stimulation had me feeling energetic. 

BEAR is lightweight and easy to grasp. It does not slip from my fingers or hands and the two ultra-smooth bear-like ears move smoothly over my skin without any rough tugging or pulling. I appreciate how ergonomic it was as it smoothly moved over my facial curves without pain. 

For those nearing the age that requires anti-aging products - this device is important. I am almost halfway near 40s and I can already see that my skin is not as how it looked during my youth. The BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN will help my skin be toned, firm, and tight as it helps sculpt my skin as well. The additional T-sonic pulsations will help my skin enhance the product absorption of the products that I use. 

As a reminder when it comes to skincare, whatever you apply to your face, you do the same for your neck. As I finish my Bear treatment on my face, I then repeat the process for my neck. 

After my first night of use, I did not see any immediate change. However, I did notice that my skin is fresher the next day and that my skin is a little oily. I can safely assume that my skin was able to absorb more of the products that I used from the night before because my skin is usually on the dry side so it was something really new for me. 

As I continue to use it for almost a month now, I can definitely see the improvement of my skin in terms of radiance. I have this subtle glowing skin specially on my cheeks! Something that I have been missing for quite some time already. My favorite area to do the treatment is along my cheekbones, my jawline, and forehead where I noticed my skin to be most sagging. This is my favorite feature of the Bear - to target the microcurrent onto my jawline. 

The FOREO'S Serum Serum Serum also helped in contributing to my skin's improved radiance. This serum contains antioxidant power of squalane and hydrating hyaluronic acid for smooth, younger-looking skin. It is also free from phenoxyethanol, parabens, disodium EDTA, allergens, alcohol, fragrance, and mineral oil. 

I am sharing with you my before and after photos after a month of use. I can see it personally as well as some random comment from people teasing me that I looked “blooming” I do believe that a religious skincare regimen with FOREO greatly contributed to my skin’s continuous upward health condition. (Observe my side photos, my jawbone is more pronounced after a month of use.)

The BEAR improved my routine more than ever because I can now replace my facial spa with this at home. BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN is definitely worth the investment specially if you already want to skip having facials done outside like I do! 

Armed with my FOREO favorites consisting of FOREO LUNA, FOREO UFO and FOREO BEAR, premature aging, dull and sagging skin will definitely be taking a backseat from now on.

Remember, there is no instant cure to beauty, and definitely no magical way to stop aging, but with continued use of effective products and well researched devices such as BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN, FOREO LUNA, and UFO, it can definitely help and assist us in improving our skin’s health daily. 

To know more about FOREO, you can follow and reach them through here: 

Avon: Be Part of BOOBWatch For Breast Cancer

Monday, October 12, 2020 Philippines


Do you know someone who suffered from Breast Cancer? An early detection for breast cancer will increase the survival chance. For over 25 years, Avon has been part and forefront of the fight against cancer. This year 2020, they are putting everyone on BOOBwatch!

Personally, I once was scared of having breast cancer because I felt a lump on my left breast back in college. After gathering up much courage from my grandmother, I finally decided to tell my parents and have myself checked. After a mammogram was done, I was referred to a surgeon and my operation was scheduled right away. During the excision of the mass, I was awake and under local anesthesia. I can clearly remember my trepidation if the biopsy would turn out malignant. My great surgeon, Dr. Avellanosa kept on talking to me to make me feel assured during the procedure and the waiting time. 

Thankfully, my mass was benign and I had eight stitches for that tiny mass collected - I now consider it my battle scar! I certainly got lucky, but not everyone is. That is why early detection of breast cancer is potentially lifesaving and every woman should know the signs, risks, and how to take action against breast cancer. First, by starting on regular breast self-checks. This is how I felt the lump on mine. If I did not regularly do this - the lump on my breast might have developed into something more. 

Second, let us help in raising awareness so that we can prevent more women from suffering from this dreaded disease. 

Even though 2020 is a bumpy year for all of us, this year is quite special for Avon's efforts for breast cancer awareness with the launch of the Avon Empower Bra - the first-ever mastectomy bra!!! This was specially designed with breast cancer survivors in mind. It is amazing on how Avon had thought of our breast cancer survivors. 

The Avon Empower Bra is a non-wired nylon microfiber lace bra equipped with soft lining with pockets for prosthesis and cushioned straps for comfort and support. Another unique feature is found in prosthesis which is made out of 3D PU foam meant to fit the cup size. 

Not only that, for every pair bought - 50php will be donated to the Philippine Cancer Society, Avon's longtime partner for their efforts. Through this fruitful partnership, Avon has been able to help many breast cancer patients at the Avon-PGH Breast Cancer Clinic, and Avon hopes to help more in the coming years. 

If you are not interested in buying the Avon Empower Bra, there are other limited edition products offered by Avon to support the campaign. It includes the Breast Cancer Promise Umbrella, Tote Bag Set, and the Evita Watch. For every purchase of these limited edition items, 50php will also be donated to the Philippine Cancer Society. 


Coming from the successful “Project Pink Light Night Run” in 2019, Avon is bringing an ever stronger awareness campaign that a bigger number can enjoy participating in for a great cause. Through these scheduled events, the brand hopes to raise P5M in funds for the Philippine Cancer Society. 

All events will be streamed live on Avon Philippines’ Facebook Page. 

I was able to attend the BOOBtalk last October 10 wherein the host Ms. Myrza Sison interviewed Dr. Rachel Rosario of Philippine Cancer Society Executive Director, Dr. Gia Sison - practicing doctor and Breast Cancer Survivor, and Avon Men's Club Ambassador Daniel Matsunaga, and TV Hose and News Anchor Dianne Medina. They all talked about breast issues and breast care. 

On October 17 at 4PM, join Shaped For More with Morrisette for the Avon BOOBwatch fundraising concert. 

On October 24 at 6PM, Celebrate breast cancer awareness month with delightful tunes by Morrisette Amon. Also, #JoinTheBOOBment Manouevres Fitness Dance-a-thong. With the help of the Manouevres, dance your way through fighting against breast cancer! Spend a 2-hour long class and help our great cause as you sweat it out. Join Avon Philippines as they educate about early detection and the signs of breast cancer. Watch out for the exciting events and projects for this year’s breast cancer awareness month. 

Show your support by using the hashtag, #BOOBwatch #JoinTheBoobment #WatchMeNow. 

Cathy Doll: Color Tint Hair Treatment

Friday, October 9, 2020 Philippines


One of the downsides of being a nurse is not having the freedom to whatever hair color you desire. No red, pink, mermaid-like colors, and even bright highlights! Most hospitals require their staff to maintain a natural to natural-looking hair color. 

Imagine my excitement when I received the package containing Cathy Doll's latest products and one of those are these Cathy Doll Color Tint Hair Treatments because finally, I could color my hair with whatever color I wanted at least temporarily! The shades are Emerald Green, Violet, Pink Rose, Red Rose, and Modern Blue. 

Of course, my favorite color pink is the one that I decided to try on my hair first. Let me proceed with the detailed review. 

Brand: Cathy Doll

Type: Color Tint Hair Treatment

Shades: Pink Rose (Also available in Emerald Green, Violet, Red Rose, and Modern Blue)

Product Description: 



Since the product is originally a hair treatment over a dye, my hair feels smooth and soft even though it also colored my hair. 

I am happy that there is a temporary hair color for me and I am sure that other health care workers will appreciate this product too! If we are going into special occasions, or a long vacation - we could color it in our preferred colors that are usually prohibited at the hospitals!

There are no harsh fragrance so it is comfortable to use. 

Affordable and easy to use - perfect for those who wants to do it while staying home. To avoid going outside while we are still under quarantine due to Covid-19. 

Personally, the color on my hair lasted for two weeks (with fading) even though Cathy Doll released a statement that it can last longer than seven days. 

For this blog review, I initially used the Pink Rose. I plan to just add the other colors when I wear them on this blog post once I use it. 


The hair tint did not stick on the roots of my hair and the natural black ones. The color only reflected on the colored and bleached part of my hair. Though some of it got retained on the black tresses of my hair but its not as vibrant compared to the bleached or colored part. 

The first three days since I applied the hair treatment on my hair, it still bleeds whenever I shampoo and shower. So make sure to use a dark colored towels when drying your hair. 

It kind of stains on hands, forehead, and even the tiles on my bathroom - so make sure to clean it right after use and wear gloves upon application. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 79php

Where to buy? Cathy Doll Official Store on Shopee and Lazada, Watsons, Mercury Drug, 7-11, Calyxta, BeautyMNL, Zalora

Newest From Olay: Korean Skinfusion Sheet Masks

Friday, October 2, 2020 Philippines


There is something new and exciting from Olay! The new products from Olay is like a straight-up K-Drama Glow Experience that you can experience in your home. As part of the K-Beauty skin care culture, sheet masks or facial masks are the gateway product to the skin care world. Koreans are known to use face sheet masks at least once to twice a day. Celebrities uses face sheet mask before applying makeup as a pre-care. 

Seeing Korean idols' glowing skin sure took the beauty world by storm and it's definitely not slowing down anytime soon. You can benefit hydration and moisture to the skin from the sheet masks. There are a lot of varieties available in the market too and some of them are addressing a specific skin concerns. 

How can we tell what makes other sheet masks better than others? With many options in front of us, finding the right sheet mask for yourself could be tricky. What sets apart a far better sheet mask is the effectiveness of the formula that can get your skin looking like you've done the 10-step Korean skincare routine in under 20 minutes. Sheet masks distribute and infuse the pores with a concentrated ingredient, allowing the skin to deeply absorb, nourish, and soak up more of the product. Although effects may be temporary, it can give a boost for a natural looking glow when you need it the most. 

South Korea is leading the sheet mask industry with the abundance of their natural resources that can also be found in other various skin care products. From volcanic landscape in Jeju-do, to the national parks filled with rich biodiversity — potent natural ingredients that have powerful health and skin benefits can be found. Sheet Mask Your Way to an At-Home Glow Up Now more than ever is the right time to invest in taking better care of yourself — when uncertainty is at an all-time high, destressing is a must. With K-beauty being at the forefronts of this sheet mask mega trend, Olay rode the tides of the Hallyu wave and combined their advanced skin care technology with a powerful blend of NEW Korean natural ingredients to produce the game changing Olay Skinfusion Masks Korean Collection. 

With 3 sheet masks in the lineup, the Olay Skinfusion Korean Mask Collection consists of Korean Black Ginseng, Jeju Lava Seawater, and Korean Yuzu — bearing the promise to give your skin the instant boost it needs to look much more plump, hydrated, and radiant. 

Olay Skinfusion Masks Korean collection are formulated with Olay’s Niacinamide — the holy grail of the skin care world with skin benefits from anti-aging, brightening to hydration. Olay upped their game with three specially designed sheet masks, including a bio cellulose “Second Skin” sheet which has a tension fit design for enhanced ingredient penetration. With the Olay Skinfusion Masks Korean Collection, you're one step closer to achieving trendy glass skin even from the comforts of your own home. 

Experience your own unique K-drama glow-up moment to #FearLessFaceMore with Olay Skinfusion Masks in just 3 easy steps. Step 1. Prep your skin by cleansing away excess dirt, oil, and impurities. Step 2. Take out the mask and place it in your freshly washed face. Step 3. After 20 minutes, remove mask and enjoy your glass skin that’s as plump and hydrated as your fave k-drama lead. Your skin needs to relax as much as your body does. 

So, whenever you feel the need to chill out and pamper yourself, just tune in to your fave K-drama, and whip out the Olay Skinfusion Masks Korean collection for an instant #FearLessFaceMore plumper, more radiant skin. Get yourself that Olay glass skin glow! You can now find Olay Olay Skinfusion Masks Korean Collection in leading drugstores and supermarkets, or shop with no hassle through Lazada, Shopee, Watsons Online.

I am excited to try these new masks soon and I will be sharing my reviews too, so stay posted! :)

HBC: Beauty For All

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 Philippines


I have a great news to all of you because your favorite HBC products is now just a text away! Yes, you read that right. Your beauty and personal care essentials will be delivered straight to your doorsteps! This is truly a blessing for all of us because we can now avoid going out just to buy our personal care essentials. 

HBC offers products from hair care, skincare and up to body care - basically all the things that you might think of! HBC is a one-stop shop for all your daily needs. 

I vividly remember that I was already a fan of Sansan back in my high school days because they offer great products in an affordable price and I can find it at HBC stores. Now, more products are available that we could choose from. I would love to try the Crayons cosmetics and the Body Recipe bath essentials!

How to order? Just send a message to 09774436507 from Monday to Friday at 9AM to 5PM. 

Tag me on my social media and HBC at Instagram, twitter, and Facebook (@myhbcph) on your haul! :)

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