Guerlain: Rouge Lipstick In Shade N01

Friday, July 5, 2019 Philippines


I never bought a Guerlain lipstick because they are quite expensive (like Chanel and other luxury brands) but because of the LuxAsia Sale at World Trade Center, I got the lipstick for only 700php - that is even cheaper than the regular price of a MAC lipstick! The usual price of the lipstick is 1751php. 

Although, Guerlain lipsticks are unique. In a way that you have to buy the casing separately. I know it may sound weird but it is their style. Though it is your option whether you will buy a separate casing or not because the lipstick itself still comes with a cap but it is not stylish like the casing that they do sell. Thankfully, during the sale, some of the designs (even limited edition ones) are also on sale! The regular price for the Guerlain Customizable Lipstick Case is 1,130php but during the LuxAsia Sale it is only 400php. I would love to hoard more but that means, I need more lipsticks so I decided to stop myself and just buy two casings. LOL. 

According to the staff of Guerlain, the best selling and limited edition cases are the Rosy Nude because it can go with any style of clothes you wear and something classy like the Electric Gold. 

The Rosy Nude looks like it was made of reptile skin like the straps of watches. The nude shade is easy to pair with any clothes or colors that I can wear.

I was supposed to let the Electric Gold go during the sale but according to the staff, this is already hard to find and the golden casing is a classic type. She even suggested that I could keep it for future use since it does not rust. Then I had an idea that if ever I will attend an even that is something formal, this lipstick casing will be the perfect partner!

The lipstick casing is unique because you can only use it for Guerlain lipsticks, because the lipstick will be the one to keep the mirror of the casing closed. Yup, the customized lipstick case has mirror on it for a quick touch-ups!

This is how it looks like when the lipstick is closed with the customized casing: 

Now for the lipstick, I think it was my lucky day during the sale. One of the best selling shades, N01 is available as last stock. I feel like it was destined to be mine since I love wearing nude lipsticks!

Note: The regular cap that I am talking about is on the photo. 

The lipstick is matte but when I tried it and made a swatch on my hand, it looks satin. Read more below as I will now start my review. 

Brand: Guerlain

Type: Matte

Shade: N01

Weight: 3.5g



The additional cost of customized casing may be a cons to others but for me, it is what makes you want to collect Guerlain Lipsticks, not only from the quality of the lipstick - but the packaging can be depending on your personality. It allows myself to express more.

The design, shape, and style of the whole lipstick is elegant - specially since it is metallic.

The lipstick that I bought is matte but feels satin when worn. For a matte lipstick, it did not made my lips any drier. It feels light when worn. 

I consider this nude shade a perfect MLBB! Not only does it looks natural on my lips but it also has a full coverage that can fully coat my lips in just one swipe. It does not settle on the lip lines and did not accentuate the dry patches of my lips. 

The lasting power is around four hours and can be easily removed through eating. 


It transfers but minimal. 

Really expensive if you will add the cost of the lipstick and casing in their regular price. (So I will not be buying that much if it is not on sale not unless I have more money to spare.)


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: Lipstick - 1351php + Casing - 1130php = 2,481php (But I only got all of the lipstick and two cases during the sale for only 1500php)

Where to buy? Guerlain stalls inside Rustan's Makati and Shangri-La, Mall Of Asia, and Sephora PH.

More lipstick reviews coming and also stay posted for my Instagram giveaways randomly! Thank you so much for the time in visiting my blog.

Be Mystified With The Mark! The Prism Lipsticks By Avon

Monday, July 1, 2019 Philippines


You know what they say, blind your haters with your shining aura! Just like this new Prism Lipstick by Avon! This new mark of lipstick contains a unique Pearl like formula that gives off a reflective finish making your lips look more flashy. 

Each lipstick has an engraved "mark" on it. The engraved name on the lipstick makes it look more elegant than the ordinary lipsticks in the market. 

Mark is the newest global makeup brand by Avon recently launched this 2019. Mark by Avon was inspired and developed by Glen Anderson - Head of Global Colour Product Development in Avon Innovation Centre in New York.  He gladly shared, "Prismatic shine is an exciting innovation because as your lips catch the light in different angles, Avon's proprietary blend of pearls allows your lips to reflect numerous colours. The consumer is asking for this - bold and bright looks are massive trend right now. She wants to stand out and make her mark and we're proud of how we've managed to blend colour, texture and technology to allow her to do just that.".

The collection released 10 trendy shades and I was able to try nine shades from the set. According to Avon, each lipstick contains 4,000 prismatic pearls in every swipe that captures the light as you move. It is truly an innovative collection. 

Each bullet of lipstick weighs 3.6g. The price of each lipstick is 299php. These nine shades that I received from Avon varies from pinks, orange, brown, and red. It actually looks nice to see how it slowly transforms from one shade to the other when placed neatly in line. 

Upon first look on the lipsticks' swatches on my arm, it looks sheer and not that pigmented but I was expecting that when I first tried it. I got a surprise when I finally applied it on my lips! It looks deceivingly sheer but it is quite pigmented!

The lasting power of the lipsticks is around three to four hours. Darker shades leaves an even stain like the Reflective Scandal and Blast Off. It is not transfer-free and can be easily removed with intake of food. But on the brighter side, the lipsticks are smooth and easy to glide over my lips. It did not make my lips drier. The lighter shades like Celestial Crush and Aura On slightly accentuated the dry patches of my lips. Other than that, most of the lipsticks looks great on my lips. 

My top three favorites are Nude Eclipse, Blast Off, and Reflective Scandal. What color do you like most?

This is my first time to try Avon Lipsticks and I am happy with their collection. It is affordable, with great and sturdy packaging, highly pigmented lipsticks, and great variety of shades. I hope you find this review and swatches helpful if you are going to buy yours. You can buy yours at or any Avon representative. 

Just In From Maybelline: Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints + Review & Swatches

Saturday, June 29, 2019 Philippines


A few days ago, I came home from work feeling drained from energy. I was ecstatic when I saw a huge box waiting on my bed! When I looked at it more closely, I got excited to see that it is the newest liquid lipsticks from Maybelline! The all new Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints

I got ten shades of the all new Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints. Right away, I took photos and tested all the lip tints!

The applicator is not doe-foot and I wish that it is for more precise application. The good thing is, the applicator's sponge is soft and easy to glide over the lips. 

For me, all the lip tints has a good pigmentation. I enjoyed swatching them because it is all so colorful and bold. Since it has a good pigmentation, one layer is enough to fully coat my lips but sometimes I add a little more to make it look even. 

The lip tint dries quickly and as it dries, it looks like velvet in texture which I really love. It is hard to find a nice velvet texture lipsticks in the market, most of them are from high-end brands, it is nice to see a line from a trusted drug store brand like Maybelline.

Of course, as expected from matte lipsticks, it is a little drying to the lips. But on the brighter side, all of the Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints did not build up on my lip lines nor accentuated the dry patches of my lips.

Let us start with the shade, To The Fullest. It is a red shade with a hint of orange. This is the first lip matte tint that I tried. It looks nice when worn, my skin looked whiter and brighter. 

I just notice that sometimes it feathers out of my lip line. It is not transfer-free.

Next, the shade Soft Wine is the darkest among the ten shades that I received. This shade is like burgundy red. It is a little dark for everyday wear but still looks awesome when worn. Just like the To The Fullest, it feathers out of my lip line and not transfer-free.

Another shade of red, Flush It Red is the typical red shade without hints of orange or burgundy. Like the first two shades, it made my skin looked whiter. Since this is lighter, it does not bleed out of the lip line but still not transfer-free. 

The brightest pink from the ten shades that I got is the Easy Berry. This shade does not bleed out of the lips but it transfers a little. 

One of the lip tints that caught my attention is the Keep It Mellow. It is a salmon shade of pink. It looks like natural when worn. It does not feather out of the lip lines and minimally transfers. 

Next lip tint is Best Babe, one of my favorites. The Best Babe is mauve and it suits my skin tone. Actually, this shade is common among lipsticks but it stands out because of its velvet-like look and texture. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

If you are looking for a pinkish-nude shade, you can try the Sensationally Me. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

The nudest shade from all the ten shades that I was able to test is the Truly MLBB. It does not have any hint of pink, peach or brown hints on it, just purely nude. It may look pale to others but it worked on my skin tone. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

If you want a nude lipstick but with more color, you can buy the BDAY Suit On, this shade is peach-nude. It gives more color than looking pale. It does not bleed out of lip line and minimally transfers. 

Last but not the least, the second from the darkest shade, Made Easy will give you a seductive look. When applied lightly then it started to fade, the shade looks like MAC's Rebel. It is a reddish-plum kind of lipstick. It made my skin look whiter but since it is a dark shade of lipstick, it bleeds out of my lip lines. It is also not transfer-free. When fully dry, it forms pigments that can go to your clothes, be careful of stains. 

I shared with you my thoughts for the whole 10 shades that I was able to test. This lip tints feels weightless compared to the Super Stay Matte Inks though this one can be easily removed through heavy meals.

Even though it can be drying, the full velvet look it gives is worth it. I still like using most of it specially the nudes just not for everyday to avoid too much dryness on my lips. 

Plus, this is affordable for only 219php for a dual purpose of lip and cheek tint.

To give you a better look, let me share with you collated swatches. 

Which one is your pick? What is your top 3 shades? Now is the right time to buy your favorites and must-try because Lazada will be hosting an Online Lipstick Revolution this July 1! You can get discounts for best selling lipsticks up to 50% off. Watch out for more exciting offers are in store happening all day so stay tuned on Lazada's page for surprise flash sales and more. 

For your reference, with 100php discount, you can buy the Super Stay Matte Ink from 12MN to 2AM for only 249php.

The all new Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tints will only be 175php from 10PM to 12PM. 

The Powder Matte Lipsticks (one of my favorite collection) will only cost 199php from 12PM to 2PM. 

Last the Creamy Matte Lipsticks will be on sale at 199php from 12PM to 2PM. 

Not only that, even L'Oreal is on sale so make sure to check it out too!

Bask In The Colorful Colors Of The New BYS Bloom Collection: Review + Swatches

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 Philippines


It is not yet too late to enjoy summer as our current weather is still a combination of sunny and rainy days. Though I admit, mostly it is sunny! 

I am sure that most of you wanted to go to places. Why not explore the famous cherry blossoms of Japan? Cruising under the desert heat in the Kalahari Desert? Or how about a dose of K-Pop in Korea? All of this are really nice to explore but I am more excited to share with you that you can also experience summer in your makeup with the newest summer collection from BYS Cosmetics! PS You do not need to go to Japan!

The all new BYS Bloom Collection was inspired by Sakura flowers, Lip and Cheek tint in a creamy, pigmented formulation, and Safari Collection also inspired by the elements of the earth.  This way, there is no need to leave the comforts of your home to experience summer! Want to see the whole collection? Let me share it with you!

Starting first with my favorite among all the items included in the collection, the Cherry Blossom Eye Shadow Palette. This palette contains 8 combination of shimmering and matte eye shadow powders. It costs only 449php. 

For the list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

The eye shadow collection is really inspired by the Cherry Blossoms as it was consisted of pink hues that all reminded me of the tree and the different variety of petals it can produce. 

I tested it during my 16 hours shift and I was amazed that it lasted long and intact until I came home, though I also prepped my skin before with a primer and set it with a spray after. The eye shadow powders are smooth in texture and are not dusty. Most shades are highly pigmented but some of it needs a few layers of application to show the opacity. 

My favorite shade is the second one from the white, it feels like a hologram that it changes depending on the lighting. 

Next, I also liked their contouring palette. It has a contour powder, blush, and highlighter. This Lush Blush Trio also costs 449php, the same with the eye shadow palette. 

For the list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

I did not expected that the texture would be soft and smooth that is close to cream because my previous BYS Contour Kit is powdery and not soft. 

Plus, the shades are highly pigmented, I love the highlighting powder the most because it reminded me of The Balm's Marylou-manizer. The contour and blush powder lasted a long time for about 12 hours on me before I needed to apply a touch-up. The highlighter only lasted for about 4 to 6 hours. 

Of course, the makeup look will not be complete without lipsticks! BYS Cosmetics also launched two shades for versatile use of lips and cheeks tint. The BYS Lip and Cheek Tint shades that I will be showing you are shades Innocent and Sultry. Each lip and cheek tint costs 299php. 

For the list of ingredients for Innocent then Sultry, refer to the photos below: 

The Sultry is better used as a cheek tint that a lip tint while the Innocence is better used for the lips. They have a different consistencies and the Sultry is the one that is similar to cheek stains. Since I already used the Blush Trio for my cheeks, I decided to test both of the lip and cheek tints for my lips. 

The lip and cheek tints lasting power is decent but it can be partially removed with heavy meals. I did not had a hard time removing them from my lips with assistance of a makeup remover. 

The Innocence shade did not accentuated the dry patches of my lips nor build up on my lip lines. Gliding it over my lips is easy and one layer is enough to show the full opacity of the lipstick shade. 

The Sultry is hard to apply evenly on my lips and it has a tendency to transfer because of its consistency. That is why this is better to be used as a cheek stain. It also feathers outside of my lip line. It did not build up on my lip lines but it accentuated the dry patches of my lips. 

I enjoyed using this makeup line and I got compliments that I looked blooming whenever I use them, maybe because of its pinkish shades from the eye shadow down to the cheeks. This line is now readily available at BYS stores. (My photo below is the final look using the BYS Cosmetics Bloom Collection!)

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