Aromatherapy Benefits For Nurses

Friday, October 12, 2018 Philippines


Nurses are often under a lot of stress in a daily basis. From the crazy shifting schedule, taking care of many patients (more than your family and some patients can be quite demeaning), no social time due to overtimes, low-salary rate in the Philippines with an increased amount of workload...I can say that the term "stress" is a little under rated. Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining with my job - I am just stating the reality. :)

Not only that, being exposed in an environment with the strong chemical-like scent of hospital cleansing products can add to the feeling that I cannot breathe deeply and comfortably. That is why whenever I leave the hospital, I am craving for something nice to smell. Something fresh or relaxing to soothe my senses. With the air pollution though, I cannot even do a full inhalation of air as soon as I leave the premises of the hospital. 

So how do I help myself relax after a long day at work? The answer is aromatherapy! Even back in the historic times, people uses aromatherapy to help brighten or soothe a person's mood. For me, aromatherapy is a MUST at home. 

I find using aromatherapy can greatly reduce my stress. Exposing my senses to strong and yet fragrant oils positively promotes relaxation to my body. As soon as I get home, I either refill my air purifier with a water-based oil or light up a candle for my oil burner using pure oil extracts. After showering and doing my skin care routine, the aromatherapy helps me relax to a peaceful slumber.

Recently, I discovered a great pure essential oil for my burner. From all the brands that I used before, this is the most concentrated! It is an essential oil made by Fragrance Box! The first time that I used the oil, it was able to spread its scent in the whole house. From lighting it from second floor, it also reached the first floor and third floor of my home. Amazing!

The first bottle that I was able to try is Sampaguita. It is very floral and feminine - a fragrance that is truly Filipina inspired. 

I am so curious if it will also be effective to be used with water that I even tried using the essential oil in my air purifier and to add to my astonishment - it also lasted for a long time. Yay! I am so happy because I know that this bottle will last me for a few months!

Now I cannot wait to try the other scents available (such as Fresh Laundry, Baby Powder, and Lavender or Peppermint!) and made by Fragrance Box! One bottle contains 30ml of essential oil and it costs 849php. It is currently being sold at Lazada only, you can check out their promo bundle, you can get one bottle of oil with burner for only 1000php! Link here.

To summarize the benefits that I get from Aromatherapy as a nurse: 
1. It helped soothe my anxiety or stress. With improved mood, I was able to let go of the stressors that I got exposed to at work effectively.
2. The scent of the oil induce sleep. Peaceful slumber of at least 6 to 8 hours helps a lot in being refreshed for the next great day ahead. 
3. Depending on the scent that you use, some oils can help boost your energy instead of making you feel sleepy - this is good to use if you are about to start your day. 
4. The fragrant scent can help my nose decongest from the harsh cleaning chemicals I sniffed at the hospital.

I swear you should try this! I now use it every day over my old stocks of essential oils! To know more about Fragrance Box, you can follow them in their Instagram page, @fragrancboxph. 

Slim It Down With Curves + Giveaway

Monday, October 8, 2018 Philippines


Have you heard about Circuit Training? Ever since I started to try going to the gym back in 2013 (Gold's Gym), I became aware of Circuit Training while I was looking for the perfect place for me. Sadly at that time, membership rates are quite high for circuit training and the place that I found is far from my home and workplace. I know that if I will enroll for a circuit training, I will not be able to maximize my membership and be as active if it will take an effort for me to go. 

Circuit Training is a 30 minute workout exercises that targets every major muscle group. It can burn up to 2000 Kilojoules through a combination of strength training, cardio exercises and lastly, stretching. This is an effective exercises for people who are on the go. Sweat it out in just 30 minutes! 

My body is not fit and I started feeling that I easily get tired and my blood pressure is going high because I am overweight and I do not eat healthy food. That is why I wanted a change earlier this 2018, in reality I do not desire to reach a sexy body, I just wanted to be fit and healthy, to increase my endurance and to correct my BMI. To my delight my boyfriend surprised me by enrolling us at Fitness First Trinoma. I love its facilities but sometimes I cannot practice a fast paced exercise because there are a lot of people working out and I had to wait for my turn to use some equipment. The tendency is I will spend more time waiting than working out. Usually it takes me one to two hours spent at the gym before I am done. It makes me feel like my time is being wasted, I could blog or read instead of waiting for my turn. LOL. 

Thankfully, I recently discovered a Circuit Training Gym here in Quezon City that is near my place - Curves! It is not hard to find as it is located at the back of Robinsons Magnolia Residences (not the front lobby of the condo please!) - it is across from the Robinsons Magnolia Mall. I can drop by before or after strolling around the mall! Perfect, right? Window shopping and workout in a day! Yay!

Curves Magnolia is the second branch here in the Philippines, the first one is located at BGC. The good thing about Curves is it is exclusive for females. I admit that working out in a gym that is open for both females and males sometimes makes me feel self-conscious of what I wear and do. Specially when I am doing my core exercises that includes a lot of squats and mat exercises. 

Curves is the only all females fitness center here in the Philippines, to parents who are conscious to where they can ensure that their daughters are safe to have their workouts, you can try and visit Curves. It will make you feel secure since it is an all female fitness center and the trainers are females as well. 

You know what, you can also use your membership to visit its other branches outside the Philippines! There are more than 7000 branches in 85 countries. I am sure that the staff at Circuit could help you find the nearest Circuit location on the country you will be visiting. Imagine, while going on a vacation, you can still maintain your 30 minutes work out a day. (Though recommended Circuit Training is only three times a week.)

The next best thing about Curves is that they have trained staff to help you use the machines correctly as well as checking out your postures. They will oversee your workout for 30 minutes. 

So how does a Circuit Training at Curves work? Upon arrival, you will hear an upbeat music playing in the background. It also gives an instruction throughout the circuit. The music and instructions will include checking for your pulse rate and moving to a different station. 

As you can see, the style of Circuit Training is you will use a machine for 30 seconds then go do some cardio exercises on the mat for 30 seconds. This is alternately done until you finished one round or circuit. To make it short and clear, it is an alternate use of equipment-mat-equipment until you finish one round that takes at least 30 minutes. Since the 30 minutes exercises are intense, it is recommended to go for one circuit only. You will be able to finish a great work out in just 30 minutes, this exercise is perfect for people who are always on the go! 

Each machine targets different large muscle group. It is a whole body workout done in 30 minutes. The weights of the equipment cannot be adjusted, so it may be difficult to be lifted for some while for others like me who are used to heavy lifting could do it more comfortably. Make sure to be assisted by the staff and do not be shy to ask for help if it is your first time. 


This is my first time to encounter a huge stretching machine! I mean, it is huge because it will take a lot of space (and I want that for my own home - one day!) but you will be able to stretch out your whole body with this machine. I enjoyed using it after finishing my circuit. 

The whole facility is bright and clean. Air condition is great, the lockers inside the dressing room can be opened through codes that you will set. No need to bring your own padlock. There is a couch inside that you can rest before showering. The shower area is two and the comfort room is separated. 

I was amazed because the water being served at the gym is also healthier. You can choose between Water with Lemon or Water with Cucumber! I love it because it is refreshing to drink in between and after workout. No need to bring tumblers too because they offer disposable cups. Curves also has a fridge full of Fit and Right Drinks, I am not sure if they sell it or give it away to their clients. I forgot to ask. 

To know more about Curves, you can visit their website at You can also like their Facebook page at They also have an Instagram page, you can follow them at @curves.magnolia. 

Are you interested to try it now? Monthly membership costs 2490php and there is a joining fee of around 6000php+. It is because I love all of you and I wanted you to try it, I will be giving away one month of unlimited membership gift certificate and two pieces of one day pass (so you could bring your family or friends along with you). Open to all females residing in Philippines. Please note, this gift certificate is only applicable to Curves Magnolia branch. What are you waiting for? Join my Rafflecopter giveaway now! :)

Gardenia Delicia: The Secret of every "DEL" to DELight

Saturday, October 6, 2018 Philippines


The time of 21st century is a good time to enjoy because it has brought in a wave of interconnectivity like never before. Nowadays, with just one click, we can be transported to a realm of digital culture of connection and interaction. There is no better demographic who subscribe to this culture than the social media savvy and highly influential millennial moms. The highly influential mothers share everything online - I see my friends and family sharing their kid's milestones to their own struggles and fulfillment as moms plus medley of life hacks and recommendations. 

Sometimes though, being exposed on social media can create an atmosphere of competitiveness which often lead to rise of insecurities. Moms try to find smart tips online and read best practices of others, it is quite hard to avoid comparing oneself to "more effective moms" who seems to be doing well and handling motherhood like a breeze based on their social media posts. Most who have youngsters at home are also faced with quick-witted and curious offsprings. As kids become more exposed to digital content and experience a more competitive world, their minds jump a notch on maturity which can lead to the wittiest conversations with the adults. Moms of course always fall as a victim. No words can sometimes be enough to satisfy their every growing curiosity! While in awe, moms sometimes end up thinking — am I really good enough? Nobody works harder than these superwomen. But with this culture of being socially-wired and virtually connected, feeling short of being effective is a struggle for the digitally savvy millennial mom.

The good news is there are also many available things that mommies can utilize as tools to drive their daily doubts away. Gardenia Delicia is the newest secret weapon to make moms feel confident, help them outwit their kids during smarty-pants discussions and the best ingredient to create proud moments that they can share with other moms. A little swoosh of chocolatey sweetness made from the finest ingredients is something that any household cannot resist! It is available in hazel nut and milky chocolate flavors, a treat in a jar of delight for every Filipino home. There is nothing like a good old traditional feast over simple treats that make every heart grow bigger! The sweet chocolate spread to bond the whole family and make kids happy is a formula that Gardenia offers every mom — just let Gardenia Delicia do the talking!

Gardenia Delicia understands that the massive power of this culture of connectivity and virtual socialization can be used to inspire and empower young moms instead of push them back to a corner feeling insecure. Gardenia Delicia hopes to spread happiness, encouragement and confidence to the family members and friends with a swoosh of pure chocolatey goodness. After all, there’s nothing like a tasty chocolate treat to spread smiles to everyone.

Check out Gardenia Delicia’s Facebook fan page to share your stories of delight! Recipes and serving suggestions are also showcased to help you get creative in how to delight your kids, families and even friends!

Day Off Well Spent At Luminisce Skin Clinic + Exilis Elite Experience

Monday, October 1, 2018 Philippines


Lately I am more proactive when it comes to my body and skin because reaching 30 years old is like an alarming wake up call for me. I started by enrolling to a gym to work out regularly to lose weight and I am now obsessed in maintaining my youthful look. 

That is why I am always open to try out any new treatments or technologies available in the market as much as I could. One of the skin care clinics that caught my interest is Luminisce Skin Clinic as I see some celebrities (like Carmina Villaroel) as well as famous influencers (like Anna Cay, Janina Vela, and Wil Dasovich) avail treatments from them. Luminisce is located at Mercury Drug Building in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). The skin center primarily aims to provide wellness, beauty, and body care through premium and innovative skin care services to cater client's physical fitness and psychosocial well-being. 

There are two branches available, one located at the Podium while the branch that I visited is located in BGC. It is quite far from where I live that is why I asked my boyfriend to give me a ride. (I am so thankful that he is supportive in what I love to do even though it is a long drive from home.) Hopefully they will open a new branch here in Quezon City.

Upon arrival, the clinic is well-lit and inviting. The staff are accommodating and were able to assist me immediately when I entered the establishment. I was asked to fill out about three pages of questions that highlights my priorities or concerns. (I did not realize that I have a lot of insecurities until I started answering the questionnaire. LOL.)

After filling up the papers, I was transferred to a private room and got interviewed by two attending dermatologists. (I was not able to meet Dr. Kaycee Reyes - the Doctor and Founder of Luminisce Skin Clinic.) 

My skin was initially assessed by the doctors and I was presented with what my skin needs. They were able to assess that my skin is a little dry and that there are some pimples forming. I was advised to try out their Luxury Facial as well as the Coquille Peel first. 

With various of services being offered in their clinic it is hard to choose on what I wanted to prioritize but I wanted to include something that can help lift and tighten the skin of my face, I was interested most in trying out their newest Exilis Elite Treatment

I also wanted to try the Maximus - it is designed to contour and target the fats in both of my arms. Though contouring will not be appreciated in just one treatment to my flabby arms. 

The four treatments that I chose will be started with Luxury Facial first, followed by Exilis Elite and Maximus then the last would be Coquille Peel. So, are you ready to read about my experience? Read more about it below. 


I came to the clinic in full makeup but the aesthetician happily offered to remove my makeup as well as to cleanse my face as part of the facial. The Luxury Facial includes the use of a special machine to assist the step by step process of the facial. 

After my face was thoroughly cleansed and massaged, I felt even more relaxed after I smelled a scent that is like Lavender or Eucalyptus. 

The first step includes extraction of superficial black and white heads using the machine. It feels like a vacuum but I enjoyed the feeling. 

Second step includes facial massage using a machine with a steel-like roller. The roller feels cool and refreshing to the skin. 

The third step, they were using a serum in my skin and with the help of the UV light, the aesthetician told me that it will help with the absorption. 

My favorite part of the Luxury Facial is the fourth step. The application of cream (moisturizer) with a cool, round and flat like metal that goes in circular motion in my face. It is my favorite because I felt relaxed with its massage-like motions. 

The next step is the removal of the cream with a spatula included in the machine. 

After that, there is a process wherein my face was exposed to mist air that contains skin care products. The last step is the application of facial mask. 

I think this procedure lasted for 45 to 60 minutes. I was not able to time it accurately because I wanted to enjoy the facial. In the end pf the Luxury Facial, my skin is brighter, softer, hydrated and most of all, smoother! Check out my photo after the treatment in the collage above. The Luxury Facial costs around 4,000php. 


I always dreamed about trying a procedure for my body because I usually have it done on my face. This is my first time to try a contouring for the arms. 

This procedure was done while my face was under the facial mask. So that the time would be efficient. A cream was applied so the machine could do its job smoothly. 

Since it was my first time, I did not know what to expect but the aesthetician explained the process to me. I felt an electric current from the machine as well as a deep pressure. It was explained that you will feel like you just did a long routine of workout of your arms but in reality, it was just a few minutes of your time and I agree because I was able to feel the soreness of my arms before I got home. I am glad though because I was not able to visit the gym during this day, feeling the soreness in my muscles gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I still did a workout routine for the day.

Maximus Treatment costs around 4,000php for both arms. 


After the mask, I was prepped for the Exilis Elite Treatment. Primarily, Exilis Elite was designed for skin lifting and tightening that is not invasive. This is the latest technology offered at Luminisce Skin Clinic. What I love about this procedure is that, there is no downtime and can be done under an hour. 

Besides the lifting and tightening, it also targets toning of any troubled areas in our face or it can also be done in other parts of our body. It can remove stubborn fat around the cheek area and achieve a slimmer, contoured face after a series of continued treatments. 

Exilis Elite uses radio frequency energy that heats up the skin, causing fat cells to shrink and be permanently removed from the problem area. The removed fats will naturally leave the body through the lymphatic system. 

Even though the treatment can be appreciated as early as two weeks after the first session, I already saw an improvement after my very first session. Check out my photo of before and after below. 

As you can see, my cheeks got smaller and it was lifted after the first session. So imagine if you will do it once a week or every two weeks, you can reach the optimum results! If I will continue doing this, I know that eventually I will be achieving a slimmer and contoured face! 

Just a note, the treatment is hot and if you have low tolerance to heat, kindly inform the consultant before you do the procedure. I was relaxed about the heat but it got a little painful for me around the cheeks area. But the aesthetician adjusted the heat level in my comfort. So no worries! :)

Exilist Elite procedure is around 12,000php for my face. Price may vary depending on the target area. 


Coquille peel is for treatment of acne and prevention of breakouts. It is included in the Luxury Facial but it was done as last on my whole day pampering. A gel like substance was applied on my skin and also removed. I felt a little itch and sting while my skin was soaked with the gel. 

This is my first time to have a whole day treatment just for myself, I spent more than 4 hours at the clinic and I was able to sleep lightly during the treatments. Stepping out of the treatment room is like stepping out like I just got back from a vacation - that is how it feels like for me - relaxing and rejuvenating. The treatments are unique and effective. The staff are accommodating and knowledgeable. 

I will definitely come back to visit Luminisce if I can, I just wish that they will have a closer branch here in Quezon City so that it is more accessible for me. 

Interested to try out the treatments that I just did? Book your appointment at 02-5118500 and you can visit their website at and like their page on Facebook at They also have an Instagram account that you could like, @luminisce_official. 


Monday, September 24, 2018 Philippines


Hello everyone! I am back with a review of a product that calls to Filipinos who are fans of Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub. Maine is known for her dubsmash videos when it went viral. Then she was discovered by Eat Bulaga wherein she got the title, Yaya Dub for Eat Bulaga's Kalyesere. Honestly, I do not regularly watch her but from my friends and co-workers, I often heard about her rise to fame as a comedian. 

Now famous in the Philippines and can be seen on most billboards, ads, and commercials - her latest trending collaboration is with MAC Cosmetics. She is the second Filipino to be featured in MAC. Though many of you may have noticed some news releases that Maine is the first Filipino to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics but she is not. The first one is Patrick Starr, he is a Filipino Youtuber who grew up in United States. 

Like everybody else, when a teaser was released from both MAC Cosmetics and Maine Mendoza with the collaboration, I was expecting that a red lipstick would be created. Why? Because Maine's character Yaya Dub is famous for her trademark red lips. To my surprise, a nude lipstick came out instead! (And you all know that I am a goner when it comes to nude lipsticks!)

I was disappointed at first when I had long waited for its release in Lazada but I was unsuccessful with the purchase. I cannot perfectly time the refill of stocks! Whenever I try to click it, upon check out, it comes as zero. Thankfully, there are a lot of stocks in the nearest branch to me, hence, Redgie was able to get me one! Yay! (5 stars for Redgie for always treating me with my obsession with lipsticks!!!)

So, as requested by my readers and followers for swatches and review, I will now be sharing it, just continue to read below. 

The box is full with Maine's lip stain marks and the box has her signature. 

Brand: MAC

Type: Matte Lipstick

Edition: Limited

Weight: 3g

Shade: @Mainedcm

Product Description: Muted Peach Beige



Since I am fair-skinned, this shade @mainedcm can pass for a MLBB lipstick. It looks flattering for my skin tone. 

Maine Mendoza answered the question regarding the shade of choice because Yaya Dub is known for her red lips while as Maine, her true self. She wanted something natural and a shade that can be worn by anybody. The name was inspired from her Instagram handle. I wish my blog could also one day be known as that! 

For a matte lipstick, it is easy to glide over the lips. It did not settled on my lip lines. 

Lasting power is decent from 4 to 6 hours. Turns uneven after eating heavy meals though it is not that noticeable with its lip-like color. 

The lipstick does not leave a stain. Amazingly, it is almost transfer-free. I noticed minimal transfers on my cups and utensils used. 

This shade has a lot of similarities from other MAC lipsticks or brands. However, I decided to buy one because I wanted to support our own Filipina collaboration with MAC and as I had written in my opening, I am a goner when it comes to nude lipsticks. 

I do not own a Velvet Teddy from MAC yet but they say that it is a great dupe. (I wish I could have the Velvet Teddy soon!) However, I compared it with my own MAC nude lipsticks as well as my Maybelline Nudes. You can check out the comparison in my Instagram story. (My IG handle is @allaboutbeauty101ph) 

For me, if compared to the stocks that I currently have, it is similar to the limited edition Enchanted One by MAC though @mainedcm is lighter. Kinda Sexy can pass as a dupe though Kinda Sexy is pinker in nature. For Maybelline, it is similar to Clay Crush and Nude Embrace. The shade Daringly Nude is similar but pinker than @mainedcm. 



Even though Maine designed this lipstick for a Filipina's skintone, it has some flaws. The lipstick color is too pale for golden skin-toned (morena). 

It settles on the dry patches of my lips. Some of the deeper lip lines of my lips were not reached by the lipstick with the usual swiping application. 


Buy again? 90% 

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 1,100php

Where to buy? I asked the stores and they said that they will restock this Friday (September 28, 2018). If not, you can check out online resellers though it is more expensive. 

What do you think of Maine's lipstick? Share your thoughts on the comment section below! 

Achieve Healthy and Beautiful Skin Using Mestiza Soap

Thursday, September 20, 2018 Philippines


What is your definition for a healthy and beautiful skin? As for me, I consider my skin healthy and beautiful when I retain the moisture, softness, smoothness and glow of my skin. But achieving this is not easy. The skin is our outer covering and protects us against heat, light, injury and possibly from an infection. It also regulates our body temperature and stores water, fat, and Vitamin D. Upon studying in my course nursing, I learned that the skin is the largest organ in our body. It is really important for us. That is why we have to be careful of the products that we use daily specially when we wanted to achieve a whiter skin. There are a lot of beauty products in the market but as much as possible, I prefer using naturally made products. 

I am here to share with you one of the brands that you can actually use. There is a brand of soap proudly made in the Philippines that nourishes, moisturizes, softens and brightens the skin. Not only that, it was made with an all-natural ingredients that promotes healthy skin - MESTIZA. It is not the typical whitening soap!

Mestiza's main ingredient is the world-famous, and may probably even be considered "superfood" Virgin Coconut Oil as well as high-grade coconut oil. The Virgin Coconut Oil is really such an amazing oil, do you know that even at my work, this is being used to help treat prematures to help gain weight? Physicians usually order them to be added in their breastmilk (or formula if there is a contraindication to use of breast milk). Sometimes, it is also being ordered to be mixed for skin or hair care.  For skin's benefits, virgin coconut oil is known to have a natural anti-bacterial properties and are gentle enough for people with acne and eczema. 

In essence, Coconut Oil is basically known for its moisturizing effect, because coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity that acts as an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Effective as an emollient too, because of the immediate soothing and softening effect after applying. Overall, the main ingredient coconut oil nourishes the skin, making it supple, while effectively removing dead skin cells to reveal new, young skin that makes one look radiant. And didn't we say it helps smooth away wrinkles? It's a definite yes, because MESTIZA contains powerful nutrients that helps smooth wrinkles, even delay the onset of premature signs of ageing, fade away unsightly blemishes and eliminates dull, flaky dry skin to bring out clear, youthful, glowing skin.

A proven visible effect too, are the happy testimonies of MESTIZA soaps’ loyal users. No other soap has the finest concentration of unadulterated coconut oil that also helps heal and make your skin healthy.

MESTIZA soap also yields an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-microbrial properties that is quickly absorbed by the skin's inner layers. The active effect help clean, fade away and remove small scars caused by acne or pimples, itchiness, scaling caused by dermatitis and psoriasis, eczema, and other minor skin infections or allergies. The most evident result? Wash thoroughly with every use and you can see healing and feel nourishment for your skin. 

53php for 120g

Mestiza Soap actually have five variants. the first one they released is the Mestiza Original Soap.  The original variants contains PAPAYA EXTRACT. It has a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, a kind of protein, that helps remove dead skin cells, fades pimple scars and blemishes and reduce the signs of ageing. Is your skin rough and dry? MESTIZA with papaya extract helps hydrate your skin. 

Not only does it contain mostly of Papaya Extract, it also has BANANA EXTRACT that is rich in antioxidants and also boasts of many nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C and minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. No need to mash up banana fruits just so you can achieve a more supple, softer complexion. The banana extract contained in MESTIZA soap helps deep skin nourishment to bring back the skin's youthful glow. 

Also containing with CARROT EXTRACT, it greatly helps in improving the quality of one's skin. Because carrots are rich in nutrients such as potassium, essential oils, and antioxidants, vitamins A and C, carotenoids, potassium, including antifungal, and antibacterial substances they are very effective in helping to alleviate different skin problems, especially acne, when applied topically as a facial wash or bath soap. 

Combined with CALAMANSI EXTRACT, our very own Calamansi or Citrfortunella microcarpa, - which is a citrus fruit closely related to the Mandarin orange and sweet orange and a native plant species of the Philippines is also an ingredient found in MESTIZA soap. Health buffs drink Calamansi for the high levels of vitamin C and its distinct alkalinizing effect once ingested in the body. MESTIZA's pure calamansi ingredient likewise boasts of alkaline properties harnessed from the peel and juices of the calamansi. Immediate and distinct benefits? MESTIZA with Calamansi extract effectively helps in whitening and toning the skin. The bleaching agents contained in calamansi helps treat dark spots, skin discoloration, scars, and clears up pimples, acne, blackheads. Consistent use of MESTIZA soap with Calamansi hydrates as it rejuvenates the skin from within with consistent use to bring out a glow on the face. Calamansi is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that help in the production of collagen, to make skin supple yet firm. Consistent use of MESTIZA soap with Calamansi extract helps to slow down the rate of free-radical damage that hamper collagen production that leads to skin dryness, fine lines and premature wrinkles. MESTIZA with Calamansi helps the skin to recover, and may help reverse DNA damage and protect it from future damage. 

There are new soaps released that are called the Prime Line. It has four variants with varied combinations. 

1. Prime Bountiful Violet

Designed for normal to dry skin. It contains Lavender Fragrance Oil. 

2. Prime Green Serenity Soap

Designed for oily skin. It contains Green Apple Fragrance Oil. 

3. Scarlet Rose Soap

Designed for normal to oily skin. It contains Herbal Essence Fragrance Oil. 

4. Earth Brown Soap

Designed for dry skin. It contains Patchouli Fragrance Oil. 

MESTIZA SOAPS from ORGANIQUE SKINCARE INC. represented by Dr. Sarah A. Barba-Cabodil, (Anti-aging Medicine, Aesthetic Dermatology and Integrative Medicine, President of Philippine Anti-Aging Medicine and Clinical Aesthetics Society, Fellow Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery, Medical Director for Clinica Figura, Previous News Anchor Hataw Balita UNTV 37, Regular Host UNTV Channel's Good Morning Kuya morning show and Resource Speaker for Organique and Mestiza) unraveled the secret to healthy skin. Youthful, glowing, radiant, soft, smooth, supple, unblemished, well-toned and balanced, clear and clean. Even without makeup. The way skin should feel and look. Healthy skin - by MESTIZA only from ORGANIQUE SKINCARE

Let us all go natural with Mestiza Soap! To know more about Mestiza Soap, you can like their Facebook page here. You can also follow them in Instagram, at @mestizaph.

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