Revealing The Truth About Mental Health With Jeunesse Anion

Saturday, November 16, 2019 Philippines


The brand Jeunesse Anion believes in holistic wellness and they share their advocacy of body, soul, and spirit health. I am sure that most of us or all of us feels this: Being physically well but struggling with emotional aches, low self-esteem, anxiety, and unexplainable feeling of gap inside that affects our well-being. Do you feel that too? Because I am...this is what makes us human. Humanity is both physical and spiritual and this is what separates human from non-humans. 

Last October 10, Jeunesse Anion supported World Mental Health Day as they dig deeper into how this invisible illness will encourage a culture of change beginning with the right mindset and knowledge on mental health. Both genders are prone to a mental condition but a study at Oxford University discovered that women are 40% more likely to develop mental illness than men. I think I agree to that, women are more prone to emotional breakdowns and are more sensitive. This does not mean that women are weaker - it is just that physiological and biological factors are contributory to mental health problems among women. Dramatic hormonal changes during puberty, pre-menstruation, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, premenopause, and menopause cause a roller coaster of emotions. During these times, women find themselves angry, sad, irritable, and sometimes even crying spells. While these are normal and short-lived for some, others have severe symptoms that disturb their personal lives and relationships. 

The Philippines data on mental health shows that there are 3.3 million Filipinos who suffer from a depressive disorder and 3.1 million are afflicted by anxiety disorders. Of high school students 13 to 15 years of age, 17% attempted suicide at least once, 12% seriously considered taking their lives, and 11% have made plans on how they would commit suicide. Given the high numbers, the country has only 60 psychiatric health care facilities and only two mental health workers for every 100,000 population. In my opinion and as a working nurse, it is sad to say that health is really not a priority in this country. 


For me, social media have both positive and negative effect to a person. Unlike before, social media is now a big part of socialization and others may not cope well with it. This topic actually interested me and I wanted to link a study for my Masteral in Nursing regarding mental health linked to social media use. 

Victory Greenhills, campus missionary, and Dave Estrera said, "In my observation among students, social media primarily affects us in three ways: perception, socialization, and rest. Whether we like it or not, social media has adverse effects on the way we view ourselves because there's always the temptation to compare. Secondly, it affects the way we socialize, we have the option to project ourselves the way we want to be seen - being connected yet alone is not helpful in someone going through a hard time."

As the second country with the largest social media consumption worldwide, it’s not also surprising that restlessness is prevalent and quality sleep is almost unknown. “In my survey among students, 80 percent admitted they have slept less than 5 hours. Now that we have the option to look at something that interests us, our body is restricted to recharge and recover,” Estrera added.

The spiritual aspect is something that we can never neglect either. “It starts with a mindset that God wants peace for us. Through the power of God, we can strengthen our grit and grow in hope. If peace is what God promises, then we can fight and claim it for our lives. When we see that He’s for us, then it gives us the will to keep fighting. We need to see that He providentially uses everything around us (medicine, psychology, medical advancement, support structure, a person’s spirit, and prayers.),” he concludes.


Philippine-US Registered Dietitican-Nutritionist, Chesire Que, believes that diet, nutrition, exercise, and mental illness are all connected. “Food fuels the brain for it to function optimally. Poor nutrition causes nutrient deficiencies that affect hormonal imbalance and many other factors that influence mood, thought process, and other functions of the brain,” said Que.

Several studies have been said about the gut and brain connection, so understanding how they’re synergistically connected will change the way we view the gut as the body’s second brain. “When a person is diagnosed with a mental condition, one of the first steps to bring back the balance in the body is by applying these 3 Rs of gut-healing: Remove triggers in the form of gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and soy; Repair with fresh produce, functional foods, and supplementations; Lastly, reinoculate probiotics and feed the gut with prebiotics such as honey.”

Chemical messengers serotonin and dopamine affect similar aspects of your health. Dopamine is the chemical that the body releases when we encounter pleasurable experiences from hobbies, eating a favorite meal, to sex. Meanwhile, serotonin which is the body’s anxiety buster is being produced through sunlight, exercise, and eating foods rich in tryptophan. Both chemicals spur the body’s happy hormones. This is already proven, from the articles and studies that I read during my Masteral classes, it is indeed wondrous on how the body's dopamine and serotonin affects our mental health. 

Understanding that food not only significantly impacts mood along with exercise while making time for the things that keep a person’s sanity in check, will also impact a person’s energy level and countenance.


The Suntay family is a living proof that it’s a disease that knows no age, gender, social class, religion, or background and perspective. “Our family was far from perfect but I’ve always thought that it was a fairy-tale kind of life,” said mompreneur Sheila.

However, 2018 proved to be the most tragic year for the Suntays when Renzo, the eldest son among the brood of 5, took his own life because of depression. She admitted that it was a disease she knew nothing about and that it was a situation that they didn’t see coming. The experience was the turning point for the family, which gave birth to YOLO by Renzo Suntay, a non-profit organization that aims to be the voice for those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other conditions. “My role as a founder is to relentlessly share my story and remind these people that they’re not alone in their struggles and that there’s real, tangible hope and healing.”

Beauty titlist, mental health advocate, and Jeunesse Anion brand ambassador Ivanna Pacis encourages individuals and families to discuss more openly the issue on mental health, “Jeunesse Anion looks out not just the physical being of its users but also the mental health of every woman. Mental health is such a sensitive topic but it’s an important issue to discuss and Jeunesse Anion takes part in putting an end to the stigma of mental illness. If you’re a person who suffers from a mental condition, know that your feelings are valid and your situation is not hopeless. Seek out professional help and surround yourself with positive people who look out for your well-being.”

Available in five variants – ultra‐day pad, day pad non‐wing, ultra-night pad, all-night, and panty liner. All variants are a canvass of comfort and freshness for a hassle-free monthly period. You can find them at Watsons, selected Mercury Drug and South Star Drug outlets, SM department store’s health and beauty section, Robinson’s Supermarket and selected department stores, Shopwise, Rustan’s Supermarket, Waltermart, Landmark Department Store, PCX stores, selected Metro Gaisano outlets, plus other selected stores in Visayas and Mindanao. For more tips, visit and follow Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram: Jeunesse Anion. For inquiries, email: or call (02) 4701294.

Beauty Getaway At Ayumi Japan Eyelash, Greenhills

Thursday, November 14, 2019 Philippines


As a full-time working nurse, I seldom have the time to pamper myself. I either spend my time at work or at home - reading, blogging, watching Koreanovelas, or even playing mobile games until I fell asleep. Most of the times, my mind and body is craving for a whole body massage and sometimes I even want to look naturally beautiful with eyelash extensions. 

Ayumi Japan Eyelash is a place where I could have both of these done! Ayumi is the first Filipino owned eyelash extension salon that provides premium Japan-made lashes that are soft and easy to maintain. They have many branches and you can look for the one that is closest to you. The main branch is located at BF Homes Parañaque, Evia Lifestyle Center Las Piñas, Southwoods Mall Biñan, Laguna, Vista Mall Sta. Rosa Laguna, Pacific Regency Tower Malate Manila, Tras-Phil House Makati, Victoria Towers Timog Quezon City, Vista Mall Taguig, Vista Mall Pampanga and Limketkai Mall Cagayan De Oro. 

Now, their newest branch opened at Unimart Greenhills with debut of their spa, House of Resha. That is why I said earlier that I can now have both the massage and eyelash extensions done in one place! 

I was impressed with their massage room! The style of the room is like a massage parlor set-up in a hotel. The ambiance is inviting and cozy. 

Everything is prepared for me, the towels, robe, disposable shorts, and even slippers. 

If you wanted to take a shower before your massage, they have a glass shower enclosure inside the massage room. Not only that, they even have a nice powder area. 

For the body massage, House of Resha used a body oil. A relaxing instrumental music was also being played in the background. The body massage is a real treat for me after the hospital duty the day before. 

After the body massage, the therapist even offered wiping off the excess oil with the use of a warm towel. Now I know the feeling of receiving a type of sponge bath which we always offer at the hospital. ^_^ The body massage costs 600php for the Resha Oil Massage Swedish. 

Finishing the body massage is already soothing that I wanted to sleep but at the same time, I am excited to have my lashes extensions. It is my first time to try it at Ayumi. I heard from my fellow blogger friends that there is no sting from the glue and that the lashes are soft. All of my experience in having an eyelash extensions done have a painful sensation from the glue. Specially when I wet my eyes. 

The staff suggested the Ange Curl 5D lashes for me because my lashes growth is downwards even though it is long. With the Ange Curl 5D, they will curl my lashes with a treatment and heating pad. This process in my estimate took at least 15 minutes. The heat from the pad is comfortable. I did not feel any pain or itchiness from the treatment. 

The application of the lashes took almost an hour. Because I am so relaxed with my massage, I kind of dozed off during the lash application. LOL. Its a good thing that Redgie was able to take photos of the process for me. :)

The end results of my lashes are amazing! Even the process are pain-free. When I opened my eyes, there is no sting at all! I feel like the application of the lashes did not happen at all. Very different from my previous experiences wherein I had to use a portable fan to dry the glue for at least 20 to 30 minutes post application! 

The lashes are lightweight, soft - very natural indeed! You can still choose the length of your lashes, I think they used 12mm on me. The Ange Curl 5D Lashes costs 4,500php. For their other types of lash extensions, you can visit their website for complete price list here

When having your eyelashes extensions done, make sure to take these tips by heart: 

1. Do not wet your eyes at least 5 hours after the application. This is to ensure a complete drying of the glue. In my case, I usually prolong wetting it for more than 5 hours. 
2. For Ayumi, retouch should be done at least within 10 days to maintain its lavish look. 
3. Eyelash extensions tend to clump, make sure to also brush it. 
4. Do not use oil based makeup removers or cleansers. It will decrease the sticking power of the lash glue. 
5. Avoid mascara use if possible, because the lashes will tend to be removed when you try to remove the mascara. 
6. I love sleeping lying down but it is a big no-no when it comes to eyelash extensions. So what I do is that I bought an eye cover that has a space for my eyes. It is available in Shopee and other stores for at least 50php. 

Besides the eyelash extension and massage, House of Resha also offers facial (they do not prick! Yay!) and nail services. Just check out their website. You can also like their Facebook page here, for updates or follow them in Instagram at @ayumi.eyelash. 

Now I cannot wait to go and take a lot of photos because I love my lashes! Make sure to treat yourselves Beauties this Christmas season and try Ayumi Japan Eyelash! 

Learn 3 Ways To Fearless Self-Expression By Olay and Lazada 11.11 Celebration

Sunday, November 10, 2019 Philippines


Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or maybe an ambivert? Because it all comes in self-expression. People are naturally drawn to create human connections and this are through self-expressions and if we have a better self-expression - the stronger we build the connections. However, there are studies that at least 2 out of 3 people have experienced fear in expressing themselves or to share what they truly feel because they feared people would judge them or because they just don't really know how to accurately express themselves. 

That is why our need for self-expression has allowed us to constantly find creative ways to convey our emotions and it can be through pictures, hashtags, or even emojis which is famous nowadays. In a recent study, it showed that 78% have used slang terms while 64% of them actually  use emojis and slang words more than 5 times a day when they communicate whether verbally or written, whatever the form is, we need to show the world who we are and how we feel. 

Olay, one of the famous brands when it comes to caring for the skin, joins with all the women who want to fearlessly express themselves. Chase away the fear of being judged. Olay now introduces the Olay limited-edition packs that hope to inspire women to be more confident to share what they feel inside to the outside world. These limited-edition packs bring to life the fun and colorful expressions of the Millenials via some of the classic and popular hashtags, slang terms, and emojis of this generation. This is a perfect gift for your friends this coming holidays!

The hashtag GOAT stands for Greatest of All time? Are you even familiar with that? Because I just recently learned about it. LOL. #GOAT is best to describe the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream because it is a timeless classic that continues to deliver results over the years and continues to be part of many women's skincare routine. This moisturizer has proven its benefits through generations and continues to be #GOAT!

Another hashtag, SLAY - basically means to impress or amuse. With the use of Olay Whips, one of the newest editions to Olay's line-up. Whips challenges skincare norms and is absolutely slaying it with its revolutionary technology. This whip is a lightweight, non-greasy formulation has slayed the traditional skincare routines - why worry about being oily when you can #SlayWithOlayWhips!

The last hashtag that I would be sharing is LIT, achieve a #LIT glow up from within with the Olay White Radiance Essence. This new generation essence helps women #GlowUp and radiate confidence to be the brightest they've always aspired to be. 

How you present yourself still plays a very important role in effectively expressing yourself. Maintain a clear and radiant skin and continue to #GlowUp with the Olay Power Duo. The Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream work together to reveal a healthy, plump and radiant skin—making you fearless to express yourself.

Never again will you be afraid to express yourself better with Olay’s limited-edition packs available this November 11, 2019 on your Lazada app or Lazada page. (Lazada link)

International Beauty Sites Worth To Shop!

Saturday, November 9, 2019 Philippines


Hello everyone! Christmas is near and may I know on where you frequently purchase your beauty items online? Even though we have Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons available online here in the Philippines, the deals in other countries are much more worth it. 

The deals are usually buy 1 take 1 or even discounts up to 75% off! We seldom get deals like that here in our country. Plus, the items on sale here in the Philippines are limited. US online stores usually offer deals to almost all of their products. That is why I usually check the stores online specially on Black Friday sales. I just wish that most of the stores will be able to ship it directly to Philippines with minimal tax to pay at the Post Office. This is the downside of shopping online in other countries. 

Thank goodness I have relatives in the United States, I could always ship it directly to their houses and just wait for it through Balikbayan Boxes that they send to me. 

The number one site that I frequently check out for beauty finds is Ulta! Almost all of the brands that I love to purchase are there. Like Real Techniques, Urban Decay, Zoeva, Wet N Wild, Smashbox, Stila, Tarte, BH Cosmetics and so much more! Most of the times they offer great deals and even free shipping for a minimum amount specially during holidays like this Christmas season!

For the more expensive beauty brands, I also visit Macy's. MAC, Clinique, Lancome, Dior is available at Macy's. Some of the other brands available at Ulta is also available at Macy's but Macy's offer less deals but they have most of the luxury brands. 

Last, for the drugstore brands and skincare products, I always check out Walmart too! EOS lip balms are always on sale in their site! For skincare products, they have Clarins, Neutrogena, Peter Thomas Roth, and Burt's Bees! For the makeups, they have our favorites like Maybelline and L'Oreal. 

I know that there are much more stores closer to me but these three are the ones that I trust in selling authentic beauty products in the United States. 

Shopping Christmas presents and wrapping them is my stress reliever and I feel like the Christmas season is my favorite time throughout the year! It makes me happy to see people when they open up gifts! The feeling is fulfilling specially seeing my Christmas Tree with piling gifts ready for Christmas! I cannot wait to shop and give this year! 

BYS Cosmetics and Teacher Georcelle Collaborated For A Lipstick Collection!

Friday, November 8, 2019 Philippines


Do you love to dance? I am sure whether on television or YouTube, and even on Instagram - you would see the great dance moves being performed by Ms. Georcelle Dapat-Sy or she is famously known for her name Teacher Georcelle. To give you a brief background, she is the founder of G-Force and the woman behind the great choreography of dancing performed by celebrities. 

Now, she became more iconic as she collaborated with BYS Cosmetics for a makeup line of M.O.V.E. Lipsticks! The lipstick line is the perfect representation for Teacher Georcelle as it shows her energy and passion for dancing. The word M.O.V.E. means "Make It, Own It, Value It, Elevate It" - she even created a dance routine using this lipstick! 

During its launch, she showed these dance MOVEs together with the G-Force and had the media, bloggers and vloggers dance the night away! 

The lipsticks comes in stunning creamy matte eight shades! Teacher Georcelle shared during the event that the eight shades took two to three months in just picking the shades because she wanted to carefully select and create the perfect set of colors! The packaging itself is bold and shiny with either a silver or gold bullet cases! 

All the shades ranges from nude, to bright reds and dark shades, you will not have a problem in picking the one that will suit your mood! My top picks are Beast Mode, Warmed Up, and Pin Up. I will post a separate blog post for detailed reviews and swatches for my top three picks! 

Thanks to @matromao (Instagram) for offering me her arm full of swatches!

The formula are creamy matte and it does not bleed out of the lip line that is why this is perfect when you are always on the go or performing dance routines like Teacher Georcelle! Not only that, you can buy the chain separately or together with your picked lipstick so you can also wear it as an accessory to your neck! 

Each lipstick costs 449php and if you will get the chained lipstick, you can get it for only 649php. This is available at Watsons and other BYS Cosmetics stores. This is actually a great idea for Christmas gifts for people that you know who are always on the go and iconic! 

To know more about BYS Cosmetics, like their Facebook page here and follow them on Instagram (@byscosmetics_ph). 

Happy Skin: Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device + Hydrating Facial Wash

Friday, October 25, 2019 Philippines


Hello Beauties! After reviewing so much makeup, I decided to shift to skincare for today's post. Actually, this cleansing device and hydrating facial wash has been with me for months now but I was not able to prioritize it for review. 

When me and my good friend, Jing of, met up and had our date - we passed by Happy Skin store and during that time, they had an ongoing promo of the skincare bundle of the Cleansing Device and facial wash. The regular prince of Happy Skin's cleansing device is 1,199php but the promo is that when you buy this type of bundle, you will only pay 1,299php and you get a full size hydrating facial wash! The facial wash only costs 100php instead of 599php. I was able to save 499php! If you are interested to buy this bundle, it is still offered on their online store. 

Let us start reviewing the Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device. The good thing about this cleansing device is that it is rechargeable via USB connection. The downside is that you have to be careful not to wet the area of the USB slot. It has a tendency for the seal to be opened. (Photo below)

Another good point of this cleansing device is that the vibration pulsation can be adjusted up to 15 types of pulsation intensity. The cleansing device is double-purpose, it also serves as a massaging device. It pulses 6,000 micro-vibrations per minute that effectively unclog pores and provides deep cleansing. 

The silicone is smooth and non-abrasive. It has different bristles for separate purposes. The tip of the cleansing device is for cleansing of T-zone area. The remaining smaller bristles are for deep cleansing. At the back portion of the device, it has a bigger bristles - for massaging of the skin as it can also increase circulation and tightening of the skin. 

The size of this device fits my palm though it is bigger than Foreo Luna Play Plus, the bristles of Foreo is also softer than this Happy Skin Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device though the Happy Skin's version of bristles are also soft (At least softer than the other generic ones that I was able to try.) For the price of 1,199php - this is not bad for a good cleansing device. 

Silicone cleansing devices can be used for any skin types but if you have allergies to silicone, check with your doctor first. The recommended time usage is 1 to 2 minutes only. 

Oh! The device also lights up once turned on at the base part of the cleansing device. 

Of course, in order to fully enjoy a cleansing device, you will need a facial wash to pair it with. Just like the bundle that Happy Skin offered, it comes with a Hydrating Facial Wash. 

The Hydrating Facial Wash is part of Happy Skin's Anti-Aging Series. Most of the times, my skin ranges from normal, dry to combination but never oily. That is why this facial wash is perfect for my skin because it is designed for normal, dry or combination skin types. 

Refer to the photo below on how to use it and the complete list of ingredients. 

The key ingredients of this hydrating facial wash is the Chardonnay Extract that effectively utilizes the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that removes dead skin cells. A Fission technology was also used which helps moisturize skin and improve dullness. Last, according to Happy Skin, it also keeps the skin's pH level healthy. 

I love that the facial wash manages to clean my face well specially when paired with the cleansing device. My skin looked brighter and it feels softer and smoother after each use. Most of all, the hydrating facial wash does not leave any residue on skin. I did not feel any irritation or sting on my skin each time that I use this. 

This is a perfect idea for Christmas gift too! That is why I remembered it when I was thinking on what to post here on my blog. I hope you find this review helpful. 

That is all everyone! Do not forget to join my Instagram and Blog giveaway! My birthday is nearing soon too so expect more giveaways to come! :)

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