New Favorite: Glossier's Cloud Paint in Dusk

Monday, May 25, 2020 Philippines


The first time that I was able to try this was when my niece lend me hers. She told me that this is a must-have for blush products. Without any hesitation, I immediately tested it on my skin. Viola! I was amazed too and it is now my number one favorite liquid blush. 

This is actually my first Glossier product. I always see it online and sometimes I think that their products are quite pricey. There is a hype on some of their products but they are not that being spoken of here in the Philippines. In fact, there is no official store here yet, just resellers or retailers. So finding this shade gave me a hard time. Thankfully, my sister bought one for me from US. 

The packaging of Glossier is simple and minimalist, it looks like regular art materials which I find cute. Anyway, let us now find out why this blush is my new favorite!

Brand: Glossier

Type: Cream Blush

Shade: Dusk

Weight: 10ml

Product Description and Ingredients: 


I fell in love with this cream blush because of its nice nude shade! This is my first time to use a brownish looking blush that looks so natural! The color itself reminds me of nude lipsticks but this one has a different texture perfect for cheeks. It is the perfect blush for warm skin tone like me because it has a warm under tone!

The finish of the cream blush is matte and you can build up the pigmentation easily. Even though it is matte, it gives a slight natural dewy look. (Check out my photo below for what I am implying dewy look.)

The cream is quite thick but easy to apply and spread on skin. As long as I use my fingers, I did not encounter any problem in blending it well into my cheeks. 

Do not forget to wait for it to be fully absorbed to look natural, avoid putting too much product. The tube dispenses too much cream blush in one squeeze so please be careful to avoid excess and spillage. Plus, it is highly pigmented, you do not need to use too much product! In short, this tube will also last long!

One of the ingredients for this is collagen which they claim also gives a plumping effect on the skin. Glossier claimed its hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, paraben-free and fragrance-free. 

Last, ladies! This cream blush lasts long even without setting sprays! It survived my 8 hours shift at work and after the 8 hours with slight fading. No need for touch-ups! Perfect for health workers like me!

In the end, is it worth the hype? For me, for this shade - a total 100%! One of the best blushes that I was able to try! Definitely unique!


It is not easy to find here in the Philippines. 

Expensive if you will buy from resellers. It rangers from 1,000php to 1500php. But if you know someone abroad, ask them to buy for you. They sell it for less than 1000php at US and sometimes its on sale. 


Buy again? 100% (Yes yes yes! LOL)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1000-15900php

Where to buy? Look for online resellers in Instagram. :) I got mine from US. 

Ellana Minerals: Lip In Luxe In Love Is Patient

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Philippines


Ellana Minerals is one of my favorite local brands. Each product they create are perfect for Filipina's skin tone and great for our hot to humid weather in the Philippines. 

There are 8 shades available for this liquid lipstick and the one that I have is the shade Love is Patient. Shall we proceed directly to my review? Continue reading Beauties!

Brand: Ellana Minerals

Type: Liquid Lipstick

Shade: Love is Patient (Pale Peach-Pink Nude)

Formula: Matte

Weight: 7ml

Product Description and Ingredients: 


Since it is a liquid lipstick, it was easy to apply and glide over my lips. The liquid lipstick also sets quickly and once it was set, it is completely dry and matte. 

The lipstick is totally smudge-proof once dried on lips but it transfers a little. But the transfer is minimal, you can barely notice it. 

Besides being a liquid lipstick, you can also use this as a cheek stain! 

The shade Love is Patient is nude but with enough pinkish tinge to avoid looking pale. 

It is easy to wipe off for a matte lipstick. This does not leave stain on lips. Lasting power is decent for at least three to four hours with mild drinking and eating. 

Ellana Minerals are locally made and suits Filipina's skin tone. Not only that, Ellana Minerals use vegan ingredients, so this is totally safe for our skin or lips. 



It accentuates dry patches on my lips. Though this can only be observed on closer look. From afar, the dry patches is not noticeable. (Whenever I review a product, I really do not remove dry patches on my lips to see the effect on the product that I use. ^_^)

This is just me but I prefer doe-shaped applicator for liquid lipsticks because my upper lips are pointed. Other than that, I do not see any disadvantage for this liquid lipstick. 


Please excuse my mustache, since it is on ECQ, my favorite waxing salon is closed!

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 599php (They are on sale for 250php right now at their website!)

That is all for this makeup review. Please stay at home and be safe! 

My Newfound Holy Grail: Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair


This is not my first time to encounter this serum because I saw this in my Mom's stash. She swears by this serum but I never thought to give it a try at that time. As I get older by day, I realized that I eventually need to keep up and use anti-aging products. 

Me and my blogger friend, Kaycee of had been eyeing this whenever we go to Beauty Stores like Estee Lauder. But its hefty price is no joke. It is not easy to buy it instantly and until then, this has been in my wish list. 

Recently though during this quarantine period, Estee Lauder offered a promo through Lazada that is hard to resist! The 30ml bottle priced at 4,000php+ now comes with a free 3 deluxe size bottles amounting to 980php each and a deluxe size of eye cream. The three small bottles alone is a total of 21ml and a bottle of 20ml costs 2,700php! So buying this 30ml bottle with 3 deluxe size freebies feels like I own two full size bottles!

Since I do not go to work daily lately because my area is closed right now, I cannot afford to buy one. I guiltily showed it to my husband and he gave me cash to purchase it! He said that I rarely ask for things. Yay! Hence, I ordered one and it was delivered to me a week later!

Of course I tried it the first night that I received the box! So let us now proceed with my review!

Brand: Estee Lauder

Type: Serum

Weight: 30ml (Also available in 7ml, 20ml and 50ml at stores)


Product Description: 


I practically announced on my title that this is my newfound holy grail, right? Because it is a 100% yes! I can now see why my mother gushes about this serum. This is review IS NOT sponsored, I bought it with my husband's money and I am posting a review about it because the results are really amazing!

So let us break it down on why I fell in love with this product. 

First, you can see immediate results. At least in my case! Upon my first night of application, I felt this stretching sensation on my skin. The pulling sensation is not painful nor uncomfortable. You can just literally feel that something is happening in your skin. The next day when I woke up,  my skin is more supple. Specially on the cheek area. 

On my second day of use, my skin looked brighter like I just had a wonderful sleep lately even though I did not. LOL. Imagine this is only for two consecutive nights of use, what more if I maintain it on my skincare routine, right? 

After a week of use, my pores looked smaller! And after two weeks, I noticed that the fine lines on my forehead looks smoother, it is still there but different. Different in a way that it does not make me look any older. My friends at work noticed that my skin has a slight glow even without a makeup on. Yay! I achieved the results that I really wanted. The glow! This is really helpful during this quarantine because I avoid wearing any makeup. (Shared my photo below of a selfie without any filters or makeup on after two weeks of continued use.)

Second, the serum is quite thick but it is easy to spread on skin. It is also absorbed quickly in a few minutes without any sticky residue left.

Third, the bottle can last long! Since it can be spread easily on skin, a pea size amount is enough to apply on my whole face and neck. For example, my 7ml deluxe bottle - I consumed half of it for two weeks. So 3.5ml is good for two weeks of nightly routine. This 7ml will last me for a month use. If I will total it, my 30ml bottle will last me for at least four to five months. Not bad for the price of 4,000+php. It is like 1000php per month allocation of budget. This is a good investment for your skin!

Fourth, they offer and sell the deluxe size of 7ml. Having a deluxe size will make it easier for me to bring it along with me when I travel. Plus, if you are new to trying this out, you can try the 7ml bottle first before purchasing the big ones. 

Last, the bottle comes with a dropper. It makes using this product more hygienic.

* Just a note though, I still use my other products to support this serum but I know that this made a huge difference because it is the only new addition in my usual nightly routine when I saw an immediate results. 
* My age is also 33 years old, maybe it is also the reason that I see a drastic change on my skin. I read reviews that younger generation do not see an immediate result with this serum. 


Well, I admit that it is expensive but like I also said, it is a good skin investment. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 7ml - 980php; 20ml - 2700php; 30ml - 4200php; 50ml - 6000+php

Where to buy? Estee Lauder stores, Estee Lauder Official Store at Lazada

BRTC: Gel Vitalizer

Friday, May 15, 2020 Philippines


Before the lockdown, I received this box containing skincare items from BRTC. One of the products inside is this Gel Vitalizer. BRTC is a Korean brand known to create potent skincare items that you can skip using other products because of its effectiveness. 

This box from BRTC is a carefully curated collection that best fits my needs as a Filipina. Why? Because BRTC uses the Blue Flower: The Queen of Herb Lavender known for its outstanding sedative effect. The ancient Romans used lavenders for bath to detoxify and clean wounds. The name Lavender itself came from Latin word Lavare which means to wash in English. 

This Blue Flower also contains defensive power since it has a natural defense from diseases and harmful insects as well as external elements like UV and wind. 

Imagine that this herb will be used as main ingredients into your skincare products! How? This is through the Blue Phyto Complex wherein they will use the herbs cosmetic components for skin moisturizing and soothing. 

I would love to do a separate review for the masks but I will go over the gel vitalizer first! What does this Gel Vitalizer do to our skin? Let us find out!

Brand: BRTC

Type: Gel

Weight: 60ml

Product Description and Ingredients:


This gel vitalizer is like a moisturizer but more potent with its viscosity. It is intended for those with oily or combination skin. I have a combination type of skin and so far this works well.

The purpose of this gel vitalizer is to brighten, hydrate and prevent wrinkles on our skin. With encapsulated vitamins - it revitalizes our stressed skin. 

Upon application, it feels sticky and thick but it is absorbed by the skin after a few minutes. Once fully absorbed, the stickiness disappears. 

I tried using it continuously for a week and I noticed my skin to be brighter or whiter. The uneven skin tone also evened out. 

In terms of hydration, my face is now moisture throughout the day without getting too oily. 


Since it has sticky gel like formula, I had a hard time spreading it smoothly on my skin and I felt the need of washing my hands after. Other than that, I find no other difficulties with this product. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1,411php

Where to buy? BeautyMNL, SM Sucat, SM Southmall, SM Cubao, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Manila. 

Tips For People Craving Samgyeopsal During ECQ

Sunday, May 10, 2020 Philippines


Hello guys! First, I would like you to know that this post is not in any way sponsored. I just wanted to share some tips on how I was able to make a samgyeopsal dinner at home successful. Me and my husband are already craving for samgyeospsal for a month now and I want to find ways on how to surprise him. And I did! You know me, I always wanted to share my experiences with my readers. So here it is!

First, I saw a seller on Facebook that sells a grill with a hotpot. It only costs 900php, a lot cheaper than the grills being sold in stores. At first, I was amazed and happy with my grill because it heats instantly. Plus, it is electric and I do not need to use a charcoal or gas. Last, it is a two in one device, I could grill and make some soup.

But after few uses, it started to peel off when scrubbed in cleaning. I already asked my maid to use a soft sponge on it and it still slightly peeled off. So the grill is not as smooth as it was when it was new. Since I do not recommend this grill, I will not share the seller anymore. Okay? 

If you want, S and R sells grills for samgyeopsal but it does not have a hotpot included. The restaurant, Samgyupkart where I bought the ingredients for samgyeopsal also sells grill. 

Where did I get my ingredients? My sister saw online a restaurant here in Quezon City called Samgyupkart. The whole transaction with them is actually hassle-free. They do have this online platform wherein you will enter your contact details and you can just click on what you would like to order. After that, wait for their call or text for order confirmation. 

They do have a cut-off for orders, make sure to check it so that you will know when to expect your deliveries. For me, my orders were delivered the next day afternoon. 

From meats, to sides, sauce, and even the lettuce are available at Samgyupkart! Their price is also affordable. The best of all, they offer cash on delivery! 

Are the ingredients okay? Yes! The meats are quite fresh and each container is really full of your meats. One container contains 500grams of thinly sliced meat. Samgyupkart offers beef, pork, and chicken. In my case, I just ordered beef and pork.  

The meats alone can be cooked instantly, it tastes like it was already salted. But if you wanted to have it sweetened like Bulgogi, Samgyupkart also offers Bulgogi sauce in original or spicy variant. I marinated the beef slices for at least two hours before eating and the flavoring were absorbed quickly by the meats.

The kimchi and samjang sauce are okay and it is not that spicy which I do prefer. For the sweetened potatoes though, I am happy that it is already soft but it needs more sweetening. ^_^

Most of the lettuce are fresh, there are just a few that is slighty wilted. 

The whole experience is great, it was like I was able to brought the restaurant inside my home. 

Are the ingredients enough? We are three adults and one child at home and we were able to consume only half of the container of each meat in one meal. Basically, two 500grams of pork and beef lasted as two meals. I also recommend one order of lettuce per meal. The Kimchi lasted for two meals on me but I am the only one who eats it at home and I do not put much on each serving. So if you consume a lot of kimchi, I suggest that you order more than one tub.

If you do not fancy trying out Samgyupkart, you could order at Romantic Baboy as they also offer frozen items but I think they prefer pick-up of orders than deliveries. 

Finish your meal with Korean desserts! I am glad that we already bought a stock of Melona ice cream at Landers! If Landers is out of the question for you, check your Grab Food deliveries, most of the times there is a Korean store available that sells chilled items like Kimchi, ice cream, and even beverages. 

Well, I am pretty satisfied with my cravings as well as my husband. We both enjoyed this experience at home. I do hope these tips will help you to also successfully DIY Samgyeopsal! Goodluck! 

Rire: Bubble Bubble Lip Mask

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 Philippines


How do you exfoliate your dry lips? Back when I am not that into skincare and makeups, I used to use toothbrush in brushing my lips but my lips suffer afterwards. It felt raw and swollen. Later on, I learned that there is a proper way of exfoliation. 

You can use sugar scrubs! But upon shopping at Althea, I came upon this Bubble Bubble Lip Mask by Rire. It has a bubble formula that claims to remove flaky, dry skin of our lips. 

The question is, is it effective? Let us find out!

Brand: Rire

Type: Bubble Bubble Lip Mask

Product Description: 

Weight: 12ml



It has a nice lemon scent. 

The suds forming on my lips has a tingling sensation on my lips. Watching the formation of bubbles is quite fun!

I did not encounter any irritation or allergic reaction from the product. 

It was able to remove some superficial dry and flaky lip skin. 


It was able to remove some dry or flaky skin of my lips but most of them were not removed. Even though I tried leaving it on prolonged on my lips, it just removed some superficial dry skin. I still find sugar scrubs more effective. 

Still needed a lip balm for added moisture. It did not moisturize my lips. 


Buy again? 30% 

Don't get me wrong, the product was able to remove some dry skin but the price is quite expensive for the item's quality in removing the dry skin of my lips. I would rather re-purchase a sugar scrub. 

Overall Rating: 2/5

Price: 550php

Where to buy? Althea and BeautyMNL.

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