L'Oreal: Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Thursday, July 12, 2018 Philippines


Looking for a waterproof mascara? I think I found the right one! Trying out this L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara at the beach is one of the best decisions that I am proud of. Want to see why I am happy with this decision? Watch my short video about how I tested waterproof makeup products below:

Do you believe me now? I am amazed myself! I was half-expecting that the L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara would at least smudge during my prolonged swim at the beach. (If you want to see it more in action, I also used this mascara in my video at Hundred Islands.)

Anyway, I think with my introduction, you already knew that I love this L'Oreal Lash Paradise so let me now proceed with the detailed review! 

Brand: L'Oreal

Type: Lash Paradise Mascara

Shade: Blackest Black

Weight: 8.5ml

Product Description: 



I just found my new favorite mascara! I cannot wait to share my thoughts and give you a full detailed L'Oreal Lash Paradise Review but it took me so long because I still have to edit the video and take some photos. I know tight schedule is not an excuse but it happens that sometimes I am too lazy to blog. (I blame it in the piling paper works at the hospital. Sleep is the only option I have whenever I got back home. *Laughs evilly*)

Anyway, I find that this mascara was able to coat my lashes evenly even the part close to the roots! It has a huge brush and I do wonder how it was able to do that but as long as it works, I don't care anymore! Do you know how hard it is to find a mascara that does not poke your eyes if you apply it too closely to the roots?! Sigh...

With its name, Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, it was able to successfully make my lashes thicker and slightly longer. I applied it using one to two coats and it already delivered the thickness that I wanted. Just to stir off my curiosity, I tried applying it in more than two layers, but it started to clump after five layers. 

In the sample photos below, I did not use any curler for my lashes since I just had my Keratin Lash Lift done. The result when this mascara was combined with the Lash Lift? The look is like I had just applied a false eye lashes!

For the waterproof part, as you can see in my video, I used it while swimming at the beach and it did not smudge nor created a raccoon eyes look! I love it! 


I find it hard to remove and it stings if I washed it out with water. A makeup remover (a good one) is definitely needed. I avoid using it (just because I find it tedious to remove) if I do not need a strong and lasting makeup look.


Please excuse my eyebrows, like I said, I have too much on my plate right now that I cannot even go to the mall to have my eyebrows threading done. (Excuses, excuses. LOL.)

Buy again? 100% (Definitely!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 500php

Where to buy? Lazada, L'Oreal stores, BeautyMNL.

I hope you find this review helpful and thank you so much Beauties for visiting my page! Also, because I love it so much, I want to share to my readers this amazing mascara! I will be giving away one in my Instagram account. Details will be posted there, so make sure to follow me in Instagram everyone! :)

MAC: Party Line Lipstick

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 Philippines


I received this MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Party Line from one of my boyfriend's aunt as a gift when she visited back in the Philippines. After a long time, finally I was able to take photos and use it! Let us now take a closer look!

Brand: MAC

Finish: Cremesheen
Edition: Permanent

Weight: 3g

Shade: Party Line

Product Description: (From MAC's website) Red Toned Plum



The lipstick is creamy and easy to apply. Even though the color is dark, it is not that pigmented when applied. I have to build up a few layers to achieve the pigmentation that I wanted. 

The texture feels smooth on my lips. It feels like it can moisturize my lips but it did not, however, it also did not cause any dryness to my lips. 

The lipstick did not settle on dry patches of my lips, it also did not build up on my lip lines. Party Line gives a smooth and shiny look on my lips. 

This kind of red shade is easy to wear even in any type of skin color. :)


It bleeds outside of the lip line. I suggest that you use a lip liner when using this lipstick. 

When removed, it leaves a uneven stain on my lips. The lipstick can be fully removed when eating. It is not transfer-free. 


Buy again? 80%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: $18.50 (1,100php in the Philippines)

Where to buy? MAC counters. 

Thank you for reading my blog post. More reviews to come! Have fun Beauties!

Esfolio: Luffa Peeling Gel

Saturday, July 7, 2018 Philippines


Hello Beauties! It has been a while since I posted my last detailed product review so for today, let me share to you my input for Esfolio's Luffa Peeling Gel

In my case, I usually use peeling gels for my Step 1 in Korean Skincare. Though it is not recommended to be used daily as over exfoliating may be bad for our skin. For me, I do it at least twice to three times a week. 

To all of the peeling gels that I tried, let us how this one fares. 

Brand: Esfolio

Type: Peeling Gel 

Weight: 23g

Product Description and Ingredients: 


The peeling gel is not sticky and it is easy to use. I had fun rubbing it on my skin, I feel like I can remove most of my dead skin even with just a small amount of this product. 

The scent is fruit-like but mild and the tube is tightly sealed. 

Even though I rubbed it longer than I should (I told you that I enjoyed using it. LOL.), it still feels gentle to my skin. No sting nor feeling raw after use. 

I saw a lot of the peeled gel in a darker color (like dirt) on the sink while I was rubbing it off and washing my face, I am sure that most of my dead skin was included in the peeled off gels. 

Last, do you know what I loved the most with this product? My skin feels moisturized even after use! You know the feeling that you just used a cream or a moisturizer then it was already fully absorbed by your skin - that is how it feels like after I washed my skin and dried it. It instantly felt smooth and soft. 

So far, this is my favorite among my peeling gel collections. I am so glad I was able to discover this and try it first-hand. Now I am curious to try other variants of Esfolio's Peeling Gels. 

Cons: None noted


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 369php

Where to buy? Esfolio website, BeautyMNL

Thank you for reading my review. More to come soon! So take care and God bless everyone!

Jergens: 100 Years of Glowing Skin and How To Achieve It

Thursday, July 5, 2018 Philippines


Last July 5, 2018, Jergens Philippines celebrates the joy of being the secret to glowing skin of Filipinas for more than 100 years now. The Andrew Jergens Company started as a soap manufacturer way back in 1882 and they eventually expanded to lotions, perfumes, and other health care products. First of the few ambassadors were Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, and Louella Parsons. 

Oldest bottle present in the Philippines

Jergens arrived in the Philippines in 1967 through Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation. The oldest bottle preserved in the Philippines was displayed during the celebration, plus the old advertisement clips from magazines, as well as the evolution of the bottles through photos. It is amazing on how the brand evolved and still is the best lotion there is for more than a hundred years now. Anyway, what bottle is familiar to you? Me, I remember the 1990's bottle being present on my mother's vanity table. The pink one!

During the celebration, the newest brand ambassador of Jergens, Ms. Kim De Guzman of Miss Earth Philippines (Air) 2017, shared a few tips on how she maintained her glowing skin. 

I am so happy I was able to have a short chat with Ms. Kim De Guzman because I was able to ask her about her favorite Jergens variant. To my delight, we do have the same favorite - the Hydrating Coconut

With Miss Earth Philippines - Air 2017 Kim De Guzman

Learned some tips on how I can recycle my old clothes thanks to Ms. Trish Denise Ramos. She is another Jergens Influencer who shared her talent in fashion. I never thought that old clothes could look so great when you tore it up or cut it in a new angle and even combine it with your other old clothes! 

The first thing I noticed about Ms. Kayleen Ortiz when she entered the stage is her good posture and physique. As Jergens Influencer, she shared her secrets on how to maintain a healthy body including her glowing skin. 

Just like the secrets of these amazing women...Jergens shared their 5 affordable, easy ways to achieve a glowing skin!

1. Exfoliate

I definitely agree to this, my skin is so much better after exfoliating and make sure to do this at least once a week. This helps clear your skin of dead skin cells, blackheads - Yes, you can get blackheads on your body too! - And all the stubborn dirt on your skin. The biggest mistake people assume is that you need fancy scrubs to exfoliate. While it is easy to buy scrubs, you can actually make your DIY scrub with the ingredients in your kitchen. If that doesn't suit your taste, you can always buy a loofah or a cotton towel instead. 

2. Use Moisturizing Soap

Moisturizing starts in the shower. Most soaps do a good job of cleaning and washing away dirt, but there are some soaps that also strip the natural oils in your skin. This can leave your skin feeling drier and duller than ever. So look for soaps that moisturize and keep you clean at the same time, like the Jergens Mild and Anti-bacterial Bar Soaps

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize (Should I add more?)

A lot of people forget how important moisturizing is for their skin. It doesn't just help keep your skin hydrated, if used after a bath it helps seal the moisture in. The Jergens Body Moisturizers can help keep skin soft, supple, youthful looking, and healthy. It's a good thing there are a number of Jergens variants to choose from depending on your skin type and skin needs. 

4. Eat healthy

What you put inside your body will reflect in your skin. Your body absorbs all the nutrients it can in order to function. If you only eat junk food, then your skin won't benefit at all. To achieve glowing and radiant skin, make sure to eat healthy. This isn't restricted to eating more fruit and veggies alone, but you should aim to have a balanced diet. Not only will your body thank you, your skin will too. 

5. Stay positive

You will be amazed at how much your mental disposition can affect your mood and even the way you look. It may be hard but I do believe in this too. I used to be a negative thinker and I noticed that it is harder to get by day by day. Thinking positive thoughts will not only make you feel good about yourself, you will radiate positive energy around you. This makes you look glowing, happy, and healthy! 

There you go! I hope that these 5 tips from the beautiful girls and Jergens will be helpful for you in achieving a healthier skin. Let us all be happy and glow! 

Watch a short video during the celebration of Jergens below: 

Starting A Business? Stay Protected!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 Philippines


Even though I am a full-time health practitioner by day, I am still hoping that one day, I could start my own curated cosmetics or open a small cafe in my neighborhood wherein I could sell my own baked goods, sip some chocolate drinks and have a good time while chatting with the customers that I have. I wanted to be that Girl Boss someday and of course I can do that by starting something of my own. 

But business is hard to begin with right? Even retail ones (Believe me, I already tried doing retails)! First, you will need an educational background about business and marketing, don't forget about accounting as well. Unless you would hire someone that can do this analysis for you. Next is budget, not all businesses are a sure success, so you better reserve a financial budget that will not affect your savings nor put your assets at stake. One of the hardest parts is getting a license permit to operate and the branding of your business. After establishing all of this, you can now choose your location, set it up and ready your team! 

As much as you love doing your business, do not lose track and make sure to keep it protected. Damages through Fire and Lightning, Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake fire and shock, Smoke Damage, Explosion, Vehicular Impact, Falling Aircraft, Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage, Sprinkler Leakage, Bursting of Water Tanks and Pipes. All of these can happen to your business property

Make sure to apply for a Property Insurance from a reputable Insurance Company here in the Philippines. Upon research, I discovered that Malayan Insurance Company can provide coverage against loss or damages for all of the possible business disasters I mentioned above! It even includes coverage for Debris Removal, Professional Fees and Fire Fighting Expenses. 

Besides the Property Insurance, they also offer Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) it is a value-added feature that brushes off business-related legal worries. It provides protection to the Insured’s business against third party claims as a result of property damage and/or bodily injury arising from the operations of the business. This includes legal expenses necessary to defend the Insured from third party claims. Depending on the type of business, the CGL offers specific extensions that are relevant to the nature of business from food poisoning endorsements for restaurants.

Last, Malayan Insurance Company also offers Personal Accident (PA) Insurance, a 24-hour, 365-day protection for the Insured and Insured’s employees against accidents. As a standard feature, Business Protect provides coverage for four (4) named employees provided that the age of each person declared under this benefit does not exceed 65 years old.

Interested? Get a quote from their website here

King Cup: Coco Martin's Sardines Of Choice

Sunday, July 1, 2018 Philippines

Photo Image Taken By Rochelle Rivera of


When it comes to Primetime shows, we all consider the fact that Coco Martin earned the title, "Hari ng Primteime" specially with his long-running show, "Probinsyano". The famous show (that even my Mother in United States consistently watching), has been airing in ABS-CBN for the past three years now, this is not an easy feat especially with the new and bolder shows taking the spotlight nowadays. 

It only proves that Coco Martin has proven that the Filipino taste has not really changed much over the years when it comes to entertainment. Who will not love his show? It is a complete mix of action, suspense, drama, and comedy that has a distinct Filipino flavor stamped all over it. Not only that, it also is up to date with the current situation in the Philippines. Simply amazing! 

No wonder that he became the face of a local brand of sardines - King Cup - "Hari and Sarap, Hari and Sardinas". Most of my family members and friends come home early just to tune in to this popular show, specially when your dinner is this new brand of sardines that will surely make you want to come home early because of its delicious taste and distinct flavor. You know what they say, "Mapapauwi ka talaga sa sarap!"

Coco Martin excitedly shared, "Isang malaking kasiyahan sa akin na maging King Cup Sardine's brand ambassador dahil naniniwala ako sa kalidad ng produktong ito. Naalala ko, bata pa lang ako, excited talaga ako umuwi sa lola ko - at ang paborito kong ginisang sardinas na hinahanda nya. Simple lang pero mapapauwi ka talaga sa lasa at sarap!"

For three decades, King Cup has been known for its excellence. It is just one of the many brands under Permex Producer and Exporter Corporation which has been around for more than 30 years. Hailing from the biggest sardine-making city in the country, Permex operates in Zamboanga which is considered one of the biggest and efficient tuna and sardine processing plants in the country. In fact, they employ about 1,500 workers and with rated capacity to process 70 metric tons of tuna and 150 metric tons of sardines per day. 

This family corporation is headed by its President Jimmy Yap who was born and raised in Davao. The second generation currently takes an active role in running the family business with Engineer Jaydrick Yap as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Eugene Yap as the Chief Finance Officer. 

Small Beginnings, Big Vision

Just like most companies, Permex started small with an initial capacity of 10 metric tons of fish and a workforce of 300 but they have expanded and grown so much in just three decades. 

Permex owns seven separate warehouses, ice plant that can produce 180 metric tons of ice per day, a cold storage facility for 1,200 tons of fish storage at -25 Degrees Celsius that maintains fish freshness, and a fully-airconditioned tuna cleaning facility with temperature maintained at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit. 

Mr. Jaydrick Yap shares, "Our modern facilities and resources equip us to engage in deep sea fishing, ice production and cold storage, seafood canning, fishmeal production, ship repair, dry dock and maintenance. These resources enable Permex to provide fresh fish to the market and its cannery. Because of our modern facilities, we are able to enter markets in Asia and Europe."

Known also for its World-Class Quality, Mr. Eugene Yap added, "Permex takes pride in being the only Philippine fish cannery to attain a 'Double Triple A' rating by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada in 1991. This rare distinction has allowed the company to continue and enjoy preferential status of its products in Canada after passing the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's rigid quality management program. The company was also awarded in 1991 with the Golden Shell Award for Excellence in Exports, the first fish cannery to be a recipient of this prestigious award from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Center for International Trade and Expositions and Missions (CITEM)."

Permex is also one of the few Philippine canning plant accredited by European Union, that products both sardines and tuna for export to EU market. Their excellence in their products has reached world-wide recognition which is a pleasant surprise since sardines has been known for far too long as a poor man's food. 

With Michelle and Rochelle

With Coco Martin, Michelle and Rochelle

You can watch my video of King Cup Sardines Launch here: 

Sardines: A Filipino Kitchen Staple For Good Reason

If we were to scour your kitchen, how likely is it that we will find a can or two of these sardines sitting comfortably in your pantry or your kitchen cabinet? Scour mine and you will see a lot of sardines! I love pairing it with some vegetables! Being considered a Filipino food staple, sardines can be found in almost every kitchen in the country because it not only boasts of its affordability, but it also prides itself in its taste and nutritional value. 

Do you know that a single can of sardines is packed with high protein and is low in carbs? It is also a good source of calcium, iron, and omega 3 fatty acids. That is why the American Heart Association recommends adding fatty fish to your diet at least twice a week to help lower cholesterol levels and improve your heart's health. 

Specifically created for mass market consumption, King Cup Sardines are made from fresh tamban fish cooked in tomato sauce with just the right amount of spices. Deliciously flavorful, King Cup Sardines has a firm, meaty texture rarely found in regular sardines. 

Since Filipinos enjoy their sardines sauteed, this new brand is definitely suited for moms, Lola's or Tita's special recipe of ginisang sardinas! That is why it is clear as day that sardines are here to stay and with the new brand of royalty in town, King Cup is sure to reign in the hearts - or in this case, the kitchen - of many! 

King Cup has two variants: King Cup Sardines in Tomato Sauce and King Cup Sardines in tomato sauce with chili added are available at all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. For more information, visit and follow on Facebook Contact the Sales and Marketing at (02) 3666054 located at 232 Baesa Industrial Terminal Quirino Highway Quezon City. 

Want me to share some recipes using King Cup? Stay posted for more of my blog posts! :) 

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