In Her Element's Masknegel

Monday, June 7, 2021 Philippines


"Maskne" a word that became famous when the pandemic started. It is about an acne break-outs that started due to frequent wearing of masks. As much as I love that the masks keep us protected from the Covid-19 virus, it is also creates a problem for me when it comes to my skin. 

The acne that I get now is more frequent compared to the pre-pandemic days that I even wore heavy makeup daily. The frequent rubbing of the mask on the skin can be the main culprit. 

Anyway, even with skincare routine, it is still hard to prevent the acne formations. I am curious to try this Masknegel by In Her Element and see if it can help in my break-out problems. 

What does the Masknegel do?

Basically, the Masknegel helps in controlling acne and calming the skin using the three main ingredients Cica, Salicylic Acid (BHA), and tea tree oil. All of these ingredients are famous to be used for anti-acne products. Tea Tree Oil is my favorite when it comes to anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and I am happy to see that it is one of the main ingredients of this Masknegel. I believe in the power of tea tree oil because I had a mole removal before and the tea tree oil helped my skin prevent scarring. For me, tea tree oil is definitely tried and tested to be effective. 

How to use Masknegel?

In my case, I apply it daily before applying my mask. I feel like the gel also serves as protection for the day. 

Even though it is said that do not apply on open wounds. I tried applying it directly on my fresh pimple (Check pimple #1 on my photo below) even when it already popped open. I just felt a little sting upon application but also immediately relieved. The sting was felt for just a few seconds. I noticed that my pimple dried faster when I used this Masknegel on it. This Masknegel for me is definitely fast-acting.

However, if you have sensitive skin, try to test it out first or skip applying on fresh open pimples. 

What are the exact ingredients of Masknegel?

It took long for me to post a review about In Her Element's Masknegel because I waited for my pimples or bumps on my skin to appear! 

Before you proceed, please be warned that I posted photos of my acne close-up. I hope you are not eating. LOL. 

I named my pimple number 1 and the bump on my skin as 2 for easier reference. 

When I noticed that my chin developed a cystic acne, I immediately used In Her Element's Masknegel twice a day. I applied it on my fresh face before using my mask and at night after I showered and washed my face. 

No sting noted when I applied it on my fresh cystic acne and I did not need to pop it because I noticed that the next day, it started to turn dry and yellow. Just a note, I still applied the gel even though my pimple already popped open. There is a slight sting but just lasted for a few seconds. I did not notice any discomfort or side effect afterwards. But if you have a sensitive skin, maybe you can skip applying when it is already open. 

Anyway, the next few days, it started to dry out and flatten! In total of five days, the acne just became a red then brownish discoloration. 

However, during the five days that it was healing. I felt another bump (Number 2) on top of the healing pimple. I immediately applied the Masknegel again and I am happy to share that it did not develop into a cystic acne and it flattened out after a few days as well! 

Now I already use this masknegel whenever I feel a bump forming. Besides prevention of acne, I now use it to protect my present acne before I apply makeup. Glad to find a prevention product that I can keep on my stash of skincare products. 

Did you know that this Masknegel is also affordable for only 445php! It will also last long since you only need to use a few amount on targeted spots. I hope that this review helped you on your skin care concerns. 

Find out more about In Her Element here: You can also order online in order not to go outside just to try out their products! ;) Stay safe everyone!

Let Kids Be The Chef With Home Foodie Video Series' Kids Kitchen Camp

Sunday, May 23, 2021 Philippines


Children enjoys doing activities and why not introduce them to the world of food and cooking by letting your kids join Kitchen Camp. 

Let your little Home Foodie Master Chefs enjoy a hands-on Facebook cooking and baking session! You can let them join on May 25 to 27, 2021. 

Visit Home Foodie PH page at 2PM on the said dates to be part of this online demo!

Do not forget to read the guidelines, waiver, and recipes below. :)

Waiver and Release of Liability: 

Notes on Kitchen Safety: 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ready To Cook? 

Have fun with the kids and enjoy a bonding time while learning. 

Covid-19 Pandemic: Addressing Hunger Via Project Karinderya

Friday, May 21, 2021 Philippines


The Project Karinderya sparks new hope for karinderya owners as well as helping feed vulnerable families during the pandemic. 

Helping Address Hunger

Through Project Karinderya, civil society and private sector organizations banded together to make food immediately available to an increasing number of families who suffer hunger because of the lockdown, while helping karinderyas to survive and recover their source of income. 

In Manila, Philippines last March 3, 2021 - Ms. Agnes Gabatbat cooks for a living. For six years now, she has been operating a karinderya in Batasan, Quezon City. Her husband lost his job because of the pandemic, and the family of 12 had to rely on Agnes and her karinderya for their daily needs. 

“’Yung mga anak ko patuloy na nag-aaral kahit pandemic kaya patuloy din ako sa paghahanap-buhay. Nagtulungan kami ng mister ko sa karinderya (My children have to continue with their studies despite the pandemic, which is why I have to continue earning. My husband and I worked together at the karinderya),” she said. 

Like Agnes, many small businesses were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Agnes used to make around Php 6,000 to 7,000 per day, but due to strict quarantine protocols and financial challenges brought about by the pandemic, her sales were halved, and she eventually lost some of her customers.

Helping Revive Livelihood

Agnes Gabatbat, one of the karinderya owners that have benefitted from Project Karinderya, serves a customer in Batasan, Quezon City. Project Karinderya helps karinderya owners like Agnes to revive their small businesses after the financial challenges they suffered from COVID-19 pandemic. Project Karinderya helped revive Agnes’ livelihood. “Gumanda po ang kita dahil dumami ang customers. Yung regular benta ko na Php 4,000 ngayong pandemic, nadagdagan ng isang libo (My sales improved because the customers are increasing. There is also a thousand increase on my Php 4,000 regular sales during this pandemic),” she said. Reviving livelihoods.

To help small business owners like Agnes weather the effects of the global health crisis, Jollibee Group Foundation (JGF) has partnered with Kasagana-Ka Development Center (KDCI) and Kabuhayan sa Ganap na Kasarinlan Credit and Savings Cooperative (KCoop) to assist and re-establish the operations of karinderyas from low-income communities in NCR, Bulacan, Cavite, and Rizal. Every karinderya that is that is part of the program serves meals to 20 families in their community for a period of 30 days.

JGF, KDCI, and K-Coop are all part of the COVID-19 Civil Society Sector Organizations & Private Sector Coalition (or NGO Collab), a group of civil society and private sector organizations that have banded together to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on varying issues in the Philippines.

“Sinabihan po ako ng Kasagana-Ka tungkol sa Project Karinderya. Ako po ay nagpapasalamat dahil napabilang ako sa proyektong ito. Hindi po biro na makasali dito kaya malaking biyaya po ito sa akin (Kasagana-Ka told me about Project Karinderya. I’m very grateful to be included in this project, and this is a huge blessing for me),” said Agnes.

Singapore-based Temasek Foundation and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the DEG (German Investment Corporation) also recognized the impact of the project and provided grants for the meal subsidy of family beneficiaries.
Helping Ensure Food Safety and Quality. To help karinderya owners recover from the effects of the pandemic, as well as keep their sustainable even after the program, the Jollibee Group Foundation provided t with trainings on food preparation, food safety, and customer service.

Food Safety Training

JGF provided karinderya owners with trainings on food preparation, food safety, and customer service. “All livelihood programs that we undertake in Jollibee Group Foundation are aimed at addressing the felt-need in communities and empowering beneficiaries so that they become self-sustaining. We have the same goal for Project Karinderya—we aim to help karinderya owners upskill themselves and develop the right mindset of persevering amid this pandemic,” said Jollibee Group Foundation Executive Director Gisela Tiongson.

Under the program, karinderya owners and their personnel were also required to wear face masks, face shields, hairnets, and aprons for safety. Karinderyas also used plastic coverings for the dishes and posted a daily menu to help customers choose their preferred food faster and to prevent overcrowding.

To ensure that the protocols and practices shared with the karinderya owners were being practiced, Health Cadet volunteers of KDCI visited karinderyas weekly during the project’s implementation to monitor the karinderyas’ compliance to the project guidelines.

“Ngayon pa lang po ako naka-attend ng ganoong seminar. Malaking bagay po ito sa akin dahil marami po akong natutunan dito. Importante po na malinis ang mga pagkain. Kailangan din nating sumunod sa mga protocol tulad ng social distancing (It was my first time attending this kind of seminar and I learned a lot from it, like the importance of food safety and following safety protocols like social distancing),” shared Agnes.

Financial help for families in need 

Just like Agnes, Lilia Albario was struggling to make ends meet because her children also lost their jobs during the pandemic. She and her grandchildren are making doormats to earn. But like everyone else, the pandemic made it hard for them to sell and continue with the business. “Wala po kaming masakyan. Naglalakad pa po kami ng malayo para makarating sa palengke at makapagtinda (There was no available transportation. We even walk long miles so we could go the market and sell),” she shared.

Through Project Karinderya, financial subsidy in the form of vouchers were given to vulnerable families like Lilia’s. Beneficiaries were given vouchers for 30 days, which they used to claim food from the participating karinderya in their area.

To reach the families most deserving of financial help, KDCI, K-Coop, and JGF prioritized families with pregnant and lactating women, those with five kids under 15 years of age, and those with senior citizens and/or disabilities. “We were systematic in choosing the families who would be part of the project because wanted the project to be effective in targeting those most in need of help in the communities,” said K-Coop General Manager Maria Ana de Rosas-Ignacio.

“Kaya malaking tulong po sa amin ‘yung Project Karinderya kasi ‘yung naibibigay nila na pang-ulam namin araw-araw ay hindi na po nanggagaling sa aming bulsa (Project Karinderya is a big help because the food given to us every day does not come from our own pockets anymore),” Lilia said, adding that the food served is nutritious, with a mix of vegetables and meat.

As of February 2021, the partnership has served 30-day meal subsidies in the form of meal vouchers to 4,600 families through 230 karinderyas in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

Organizations who would like to support or replicate the project may get in touch with the NGO Collab secretariat at

Destressing With Free Video Games At Plays.Org

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 Philippines



As you all know I am a Covid-19 Survivor and I still continue to work in the Covid Unit in our hospital and one of my ways to destress besides shopping (a very expensive way) is also to play games. There are numerous studies that claims that playing games is great way to cope with stress or depression. I know that I need that, a way to keep my mental health well. Also, playing games is a cheap form of entertainment that can be accessible to everyone.

I can remember that my first console back in the 90s is the Family Computer, and then we had upgraded to Nintendo. You see our family are gamers and we were able to collect from the first Playstation up to PS4. (Still saving up for the PS5 though LOL). Not only that, my mom gave me and my sister Wii, Gameboy Advance and then Nintendo DS Lite. I also play PC games like Dota and Sims. I pretty much tried everything and I know that this is a great way to destress and create a bonding moments with family. 

For now, I am currently addicted in playing Mobile Legends specially when I play with my husband - it is our bonding time after work. Sometimes though, it can also cause stress when we are in a losing streak and spark an argument between us. LOL.

That is why I am glad to discover Plays.Org! We found a new place to play without the pressure of winning! It is a free online video games that you can play anytime at the comforts of your on home or anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. At first, I thought I will be able to access it via computer only but to my amazement, I could also play it on my mobile phone! It is amazing how games also adapt to change to keep up as more people are now on the go with high technology mobile phones on hand. 

When I checked the games available at Plays.Org, most of the games are familiar and brought back my childhood memories! These are the games I used to play then and I am so happy to have the opportunity to play it again for free!

You can check the available and newest games at and you will see that it was also arranged by category type of the game. So far there are over 100 games available and more are being added daily. Make sure to try them all because it is fun!

My Top 3 Favorite Games From Plays.Org: 

1. The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer from the Puzzle Game Category reminded me of my childhood favorite game Zuma. I am now addicted again in playing this game. I got stuck for a few days on Level 10 but I am happy to share that I already finished all the levels up to Level 13 and I hope more challenging tiers will be added soon!

I do not notice the time passing whenever I play this game. In this game, the sorcerer holds a ball and you will shoot it on the corresponding same color. Whenever you pair a three same colored balls, it will disappear. The goal is not to let the balls fall into the hole. If you are using a mouse, you can change the color of the ball that the sorcerer is currently holding but for me, I prefer just throwing whatever color he is holding. I sometimes click the wrong pad whenever I try to change it and ending up creating more problems for me. LOL.

2. Tank Wars Base Defense Game

The Tank Wars is under the Defense Game Category and it reminded me of Battle Tank Games in the 90s. This is my husband's favorite and always asks me to play it with him. Yes! This game can be played by two players, you will just have to share one keyboard. 

There are over 100+ levels for this one and believe me it keeps on getting hard. The farthest that I can play alone is up to Level 5 to 6 only. LOL. We reach further levels together with my husband. He plays offense and I am the defense. 

So far for me, this game has the greatest background sound and graphics. 

3. Flight Sim Air Traffic Control

The Flight Sim Air Traffic Control is under the Simulation Game Category. This is actually an exciting game because you need to control the planes and choppers to land safely without colliding with each other. Besides being a simulation game, it is also like a puzzle because you have to think on how to have them make a detour to avoid collision. 

There are 12 levels on this game. At first it was quite easy because there are just a few planes and helicopters. But as the game progresses, there are multiple runways and planes arriving. It is quite hard. It is feeling like you are trying to multi-task! LOL. Still, this is a fun game. 

There are more games that you can choose from and I just shared with you my Top 3 games that I always play. Let me share with you on why it is worth to try Plays.Org: 

1. It is totally free!
2. Easy to navigate and use. 
3. No need to download anything compared to Origin and Steam. 
4. No ads popping out. 
5. Lots of games to choose from. 
6. New games being added regularly. 
7. Request for games or feedbacks are accepted on the site. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Try Plays.Org now and play safely at home! This game site provided me pleasure on my free time and takes my mind off things that stresses me. You can also help by preventing the spread of Covid-19 by avoiding from going outside just for entertainment.

Unli Data With GOMO!

Monday, May 17, 2021


Surprise, surprise! The game-changing deal is back! GOMO—the latest fully digital brand in the country—is bringing back its UNLI Data promo until May 18, where users can once again enjoy UNLI Data for 30 Days for only Php 499. 
GOMO is the fully digital brand that aims to provide simplicity and innovation for today’s digital youth. 

With the growing demand to stay connected these days, GOMO decided to bring its UNLI Data promo back. “Our mission is to reinvent the way our customers experience their telco by making things brutally simple,” said Bianca Villareal, Head of GOMO Brand Acquisition & Digital Marketing. “By bringing back UNLI Data, we want users to simplify their connectivity experience, so they have the freedom to access the internet without any restrictions.” 

GOMO’s UNLI Data promo is valid for 30 Days for only P499. For new customers, this offer comes with free SIM delivery and can be availed across its different channels such as the GOMO website, GOMO app, through GLife on the GCash App, official GOMO Lazada or Shopee Store, or on GrabMart through the Grab app. Existing GOMO users, on the other hand, can avail of UNLI Data through the GOMO app. 

GOMO launched last October 2020 with three gamechangers — an all-digital approach to telco, no expiry data, and the ability to convert data to calls and texts with ‘Mo Creds. 

They aim to continue innovating in the connectivity space. For GOMO, they’ve really only just begun. 

Make sure to check out GOMO’s UNLI Data promo available until May 18! But of course, the deals and surprises don’t stop there, because there’s more to come. So be on the lookout for more flash deals and exciting offers at

No Time To Waste, It Is Time To Keep Moving With Recogen

Friday, April 30, 2021 Philippines


One thing that I learned from this pandemic is that no matter how the situation hinders what we want, we still need to keep moving on. I noticed that each person or family has their own way of adapting to the crisis. However as much as we were able to help in preventing the further spread of the virus by  staying home, some contributed by having a sedentary lifestyle. This is because some were forced to work from home, learn from home, and also being precautious in going outside. Of course as a front liner myself, I would want you to stay home as much as possible and avoid gatherings but you still need to keep moving inside your house. 

By staying at home, either working or learning while spending long hours in front of computers and digital devices, many suffered from lack of mobility or exercise that created serious impact on joints. I do not know the feeling of staying home the whole day to work because I am actively moving from my work at the hospital but I do know that from the short time that I write here on my blog for at least three to four hours on my day off - I develop aches on my lower back or legs. I cannot even begin to fathom the difficulties for those who need to stay in front of their devices for more longer hours because it can seriously affect the physical aspect of their being. If mechanical stress can take toll on joints of active individuals like athletes, what more on those who do not move too much or does not move at all?

During this lockdown, even the elders were affected. They are now prohibited to go outside to do their usual morning runs or walks. Thus, also contributing to lack of mobility to their already weakening joints. 

Even our body weight is being affected with this pandemic. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is prone for obesity because we burn fewer calories. Our stamina and muscle strength may also be reduced. In time, this could lead to the weakening of the bones and make us lose its mineral content. 

It would be a nightmare if we find difficulty to tasks simply as climbing the stairs, walking along the street because of pain from the bones. That is why despite the lockdown which still continues up to this day (Transitioning from ECQ to MECQ to GCQ, NCR Bubble Plus or whatever they want to call it. LOL.), we need to try to allot some time to move around even if the space is limited. 

As you know I shared with you my experience from Covid-19, even though I am still fully recovered, my endurance is not as before for now. Still, I try to take stairs at least up to maximum of two levels when I can. This is to take back my stamina. 

You can also do stationary jogging, stretching of arms and legs, simple sit-ups, brisk walking around the house, whatever you can think of to make you moving would be helpful. 

My daily routine consists of taking collagen because I know that it will help in maintaining the elasticity and tissues supporting the bones healthy. We lose our natural collagen daily as we get older and that is why we need supplements to further sustain our body. 

I discovered a new safe and natural food supplement, RECOGEN, that can be used by both the young and elderlies to maintain healthy joints. Daily consumption shows that RECOGEN can promote joint cartilage regrowth and improves cartilage tissues within 48 weeks. With this supplement, it can help restore and maintain healthy joints while doing mobility exercises, regenerate cartilage and collagen in the joints. 


Recogen is a safe natural food supplement containing 100% pure and Short Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) from Germany. Collagen peptide are amino acids that provide structure to the body's bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments that is naturally produced by the body to connect our joints. Besides focusing on our joints, it also contributes in improving one's skin elasticity including development of muscle mass and growth. 

The Bioactive Collagen Peptide (BCP) found in Recogen contains low molecular weight to make it easily digestible and absorbed quickly into the small intestine and the bloodstream, thereby providing more benefits quickly, especially for the elderly whose nutrition absorption is not as efficient as younger adults do. 

Amazingly, for a food supplement that is collagen in nature, it dissolves easily and it is odorless and tasteless. I am also happy to share that it does no contain any sugar and any artificial flavors or preservatives. It is perfectly safe with no known adverse effects and is completely allergen free! 

Best of all, Recogen is convenient to use. It is packed in sachet that you can take one sachet daily with you at work or wherever you want to go. The one sachet a day packaging makes it easy to drink. You can mix it with water or any of your favorite drink (except tea or coffee because of its caffeine content) and you are good to go. 


Recogen is recommended for those suffering from osteoarthritis, skeletal deformity and abnormal joint position, inflammatory joint diseases, crystal-induced arthritis, for individuals with traumatic injuries or those who are overweight. 

As suggested, it is a safe and natural food supplement, any adults or elderlies can take it daily to keep our joints, tissues, and skin healthy. 


Recogen is distributed in the Philippines by DYNA DRUG CORPORATION and available at for only 2900php for a box of 30 sachets. 

Goodwill Market also offers some over the counter medicines, you can shop your snacks, drinks, supplements, and vitamins all in one page while staying at home. 

For more information about Recogen, Dyna Drug Corporation and its other products (which you can see on my photos below), visit

PS: Their coffee and snacks are delicious! You should try them too! 

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