5 Cool Things To Experience Living In Cincinnati

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 United States

5 Cool Things You'll Only Experience If You Live in Cincinnati

Cincinnati isn't on the top of many must-visit lists and definitely isn't as well-known as other American hot spots, but it has a spirit all its own and should be on everyone's bucket lists.

From bizarre museums to fun adventures and haunted bars, Cincinnati has a quirky experience for everyone!

The American Sign Museum

If you’ve ever loved the neon glow of a classic American neon sign: you’re not alone!  This type of sign is eye-catching and has been a part of American pop culture for over thirty years.

This museum guides you through the history of the use of neon and keeps some classic signs alive and on display so that they can continue to wow and stun visitors.

The Lucky Cat Museum

Lucky cats are a cute east-Asian symbol of luck and prosperity: and this museum in Cincinnati is the only one of its type in the world.  Walking through and seeing so many unique cat designs and colors will leave you feeling lucky before you leave!

This is a must-stop if you need a little magic before going to look at Cincinnati houses for sale.

Cincinnati’s Incredible Underground Streets

Cincinnati may not be a city you expect to have closed off streets beneath its surface: but it does.  Not only are there multiple spooky streets that feel like the catacombs of Paris, but there are also abandoned subway routes and even a bar that's completely underground.

These portions of the city are treated as fun and quirky, but they're something interesting every visitor should check out.

Limestone Cave Within a Museum

In the Museum of Natural History and Science, there's a darkened two-level 500-foot manufactured cave.  Looking natural and as real as can be, this cave allows you to explore many tight twists and turns or take the main wheelchair-accessible path that will enable you to feel like you're spelunking in the actual caves of Ohio.

This museum is an awesome way to introduce younger family members to the natural world and spur an interest in science and the environment.

The Ventriloquism Museum

If you’re scared of dolls or get creeped out by bad special effects: this might not be the best museum for you to visit.  The Ventriloquism Museum in Cincinnati is the only one in the world.  Lined wall to wall with hundreds of dummy-heads of varying styles and ages, you can enjoy learning about the history of this craft and how it's changed and grown over time.

The walls are adorned with photos of the greats of this craft, mostly in black and white, and the famous people who got their start in ventriloquism.  This dying art is fantastic to learn about, and everyone should be excited to visit!

Cincinnati Is a Bizarre and Fun City

Although this isn't the most well-known city on Earth, that plays into some of the charms of living here.  Every strange museum, fun shop, and quirky experience will surprise and delight you, and you'll be excited to call this city home!

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