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Thursday, February 9, 2017 Philippines


They say a girl deserves everything at best but when that best is something luxurious, I cannot outright buy one. Jo Malone perfume is something that I always wished to have but never bought. Main reason is that I find it too expensive. Imagine my surprise when my boyfriend gave me one for my birthday last year. 

He said he knew that I always wanted one whenever I look at and test some of the scents at Rustan's Department Store in Shangri-La whenever we go there. He also observed that I particularly liked one variant, the Wild Bluebell. So he decided to get me one for my birthday. (He bought it at Rustan's Department Store in Shangri-La mall.) Its my first ever Jo Malone perfume and I am so thrilled when I got it! 

The paper bag is sealed with a black ribbon and the box is also wrapped with a black ribbon. Inside the perfume settles on a black paper. 

I thought that he got me the small one (30ml) because I really find this perfume expensive but I was more surprised when he got me a 100ml bottle! 

Of course, I am already using the perfume since I got it but I decided to share my thoughts about it just recently. The bottle is really full of the cologne but my photos already shows signs of use. 

Let us now go to my review!

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell was released last 2011 and the scent was created by Christine Nagel. She presented a combination of bluebell, lily and rose hip plus spicy chord of cloves in making this nice perfume. 

Brand: Jo Malone

Scent: Wild Bluebell

Weight: 100ml

Product Description: Not indicated



The scent is fresh like you are wandering in a garden full of flowers that are blooming. Its like you are enjoying the season of spring even though we do not have one here in the Philippines.  Mainly because its main ingredient is a Wild Bluebell that can be found in a forest. 

Even though I spray a lot, I find that the perfume is not overpowering. It still remains soft and light. Its perfect for people with sensitive nose. I find the perfume girly so if you want to give a loved one something that is too feminine, you may get this one. 

If there is something that makes Jo Malone unique is that I can combine it with other Jo Malone perfumes and create a new and original scent. That is how a Jo Malone was designed. It was suggested that it is best paired with English Pear or Freesia. The next Jo Malone in my list is the English Pear. 

I get compliments whenever I wear this. They say that they can smell me even when I am still a few feet away specially when there is a wind blowing or when I walk passed them. That is something that I want in a perfume or cologne, that I can be smelled when I walk or even from far away. 

I spray three to four times in one use and its good for the whole day. No need to bring the perfume if you are just staying out for a day. 

I will just share some of the details that can be found on the bottle because there are many fake Jo Malone Perfumes being sold. 

The Manufacturing Date, Distributed by and batch code is posted on the bottle. 


Well, the only thing that I find sad about it is that its really expensive! For the results though, its worth it but its not something that can be easily bought just because you want one. Right now, I am saving up to get another bottle with the scent of English Pear. 

Buy again? 100% (Definitely but I am only using this for long hours and special occasions.)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 7,000+php (30ml bottle is around 3,400+php)

Where to buy? Jo Malone stores in Greenbelt 5, SM Aura, Rustan's Department Store Beauty Section

For my next post, I will be sharing with you the comparison of a original Jo Malone perfume versus the fake one. Thank you for reading everyone, stay awesome! (Suweg!)

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