Foreo Luna 3 Plus: Keeping My Skin Clean and Warm This Winter

Saturday, January 8, 2022 United States


Hello everyone! I am back and sharing my experience with the all-new Luna 3 Plus by Foreo Sweden. For those of you who are unaware, I just moved here in the USA and this is actually my first time to experience different seasons.  Summer is no different coming from the Philippines, fall is milder though a bit chilly but winter, I can honestly say that my skin was not prepared for the chills of winter. The cold weather is making my skin really dry! When I say dry, it is like a flaky, scratchy, rough kind of dry.  Due to the dry air caused by the season and the central heating system in enclosed places, the air becomes dry and you can feel the lack of moisture in the air manifesting on your skin, hair, breathing and the static cling of clothes on your body.  I am guilty of zapping and being zapped in return by touching things and people due to static charge, and that is definitely not a fun thing!  Dry air and cold water are not a very pleasant feeling to tackle.  Not only that, I also dread having to wash my face because of the cold water.  I just lack the patience to wait for the water to run warm enough so I tend to splash my face with cold water instead. 

Like most people, a new year brings a new promise of setting and achieving goals, and this year, I decided that I would try to stick to my skincare routine.  This winter season, I decided that my skin needs all the moisture it can get and what better way to jumpstart it by using my Foreo products!

Foreo (For-ray-oh) is a Swedish high-end beauty tech company that was founded in 2013.  It took me some time to finally dive into using their products, but once I did, I knew that there was simply no turning back.

Upgrading my cleansing device from Luna Play Plus to Luna 3 Plus is definitely worth it.

Luna 3 Plus was able to make top of the line skincare more accessible in the comforts of our home.  FOREO is the only beauty-tech in the world that features thermo-cleansing with targeted microcurrent in one sleek and smart device. Not only can the Luna 3 Plus clean, it can also warm my skin to reach that perfect temperature which can melt away oil, dirt, and products applied on the skin while massaging with the T-sonic pulsations. These features can remove up to 99.5% of impurities from the skin. 

Luna 3 Plus is the only skincare device that offers thermal facial cleansing and targeted microcurrent with firming massage. That is like having 2 separate devices working for you.

Foreo offers Luna 3 Plus with two models targeting specific skin types: Normal and Sensitive Skin. The pink one is for normal skin types, and the lilac one is for those who have sensitive skin. 

The package comes with the device, a storage bag, charging cable, and a free sachet of serum for the price of $299.

If you do not have their cleanser yet, Foreo also offers their own Micro-Foam Cleanser for $44.90


Luna 3 Plus has two major features:

  • Unparalleled thermal cleansing wherein thermal touchpoints channel a gentle heat to loosen sebum trapped beneath the surface of the skin which is the common source of breakouts. The T-sonic pulsations boasts of 16 intensities which lift away impurities while improving the performance of the cleanser you are using. Thermal heat also enhances product absorption to maximize effectiveness of products used on the area. The heat produced by the Luna 3 Plus technology is the most essential part of its effective cleansing routine, because this optimal temperature can provide a deep, thorough cleanse. 

  • Offers a Microcurrent Facial Treatment wherein two small pins deliver microcurrent directly onto the skin for a non-invasive age renewal therapy that targets specific areas that show signs of aging. There are a variety of treatments available with 15 different intensities that you can choose from when you use the Foreo app. Luna 3 Plus offers a quick and targeted microcurrent treatment with a combination of thermal and ultra-hygienic silicone touchpoints.  It works together with up to 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute to channel a deep, yet gentle heat onto the skin while cleansing. 

Bear in mind, just like the other Foreo devices, this one is 100% waterproof as well! 


1. Remove makeup.

2. Download the app Foreoon your phone or tablet

3. Turn on the Luna 3 Plus and press the button to enter the cleansing mode. 

4. Glide Luna 3 Plus touchpoints in circular motion over the face until the timer shuts off. You can use Foreo's Micro-Foam Cleanser or your own favorite cleanser. Make sure you dampen your face with water first. 

4. Rinse and pat-dry your face. Rinse Luna 3 Plus making sure that the device is free from leftover products to prolong its life and performance.

5. Proceed with your skincare routine.

I usually follow it with my FOREO UFO treatment. If you do not have a UFO from Foreo yet, you can still use this device for application of other skin products. 

The good thing with Luna Plus 3 is that it also offers its own treatments! These microcurrent treatments gently stimulate skin through a low-level electrical current for a firm, and youthful appearance.

The Luna Plus 3 Treatments are:

A. Full Facial Toning - a 7.1-minute treatment that helps improve overall facial contour and tone, leaving skin looking firm and lifted. 

B. Targeted Eye Treatment - a 3.9-minute treatment that targets the eye contour to battle signs of aging and wrinkles and crow’s feet

C. Laugh Line - a 3.1-minute treatment that targets laugh lines to help improve the appearance of the lip area

D. Forehead Smoothing and Lifting - a 4.1-minute treatment which targets the forehead area to a more toned, younger-looking skin

E. Neck Treatment - a 4.6-minute treatment that is designed to improve the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles caused by repeatedly looking down at your mobile device

The treatments are also best used with Foreo's Serum Serum Serum though you can still use your other favorite serum. However, Foreo's Serum Serum Serum is a hydrating serum that effectively and safely transfers microcurrent from the device to the skin. It was specifically created for Foreo devices. 


Using my Luna Plus 3 feels very similar to my Foreo UFO because both have similar treatments. I am able to cleanse, purify, firm, and tighten my skin just by using Luna 3 Plus! 

Comparing the features of my old Luna to this one, there are definitely a lot of upgrades. Cleansing my skin has never been easier and more effective. In the midst of the winter season, the thermal factor made cleansing my skin more comfortable. In fact, the thermal option of the Luna 3 Plus is my favorite feature of this device.  Just to clarify, the entire device does not heat up, but the warmth can be felt mostly around the gold circular nubs on the device - the warmth it emits feels good on my skin as it lathers the cleanser around my face.

I was able to maximize the use of Luna 3 Plus with the app because I was able to select my preferred cleansing intensity, temperature and microcurrent level.

The silicone of the Luna 3 Plus is the same with their previous versions which I love compared to other beauty brands that I used before because Foreo’s silicone is soft and gentle on my skin. The silicone does not make my skin feel raw and taut after use. 

Luna 3 Plus was able to provide a deep cleansing for my skin which I really need right now since I am also exposed to different illnesses by working in the Emergency Room.  With Covid cases rising again, I am required to wear an N95 mask for over 12 hours and that is undeniably wreaking havoc on my skin.   I can honestly say that this device makes my skin feel squeaky clean after using it.  The deep cleansing definitely improved my skin’s condition in minimizing breakouts and improving its texture.

Contrary to common beliefs and advice about not cleaning skin too much, all LUNA devices are safe and gentle enough to be used daily - morning and night. 

My skin condition usually runs between normal to dry. If I ever do get oily skin, it would be just around my T-zone. If I am being honest, I am quite picky when it comes to using serums so when I run out of the Serum Serum Serum by Foreo by Sweden, I also use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, Shiseido's Ultimune Serum, and The Ordinary Retinol with the Luna 3 Plus until I can replenish my Serum Serum Serum stock.

Currently, the treatment from the app that I always use is Forehead Smoothing and Lifting because I feel like this is the one that I need the most. I also focus on my chin area since prolonged hours of mask wearing causes breakouts in the area.

After using the Luna 3 Plus, my skin feels soft and supple, especially on my nose area. It feels like I had some of my blackheads and whiteheads removed. 

I noticed changes on my skin after regularly using Luna 3 Plus.  My skin looks clearer and brighter and I know that it was really deeply cleansed without making my skin feel dry and raw. Check out my photo of before and after one use:

You get consistent results with Foreo devices, with minimal maintenance on the device.  Unlike other brands, there is no need to replace any brush heads when using Foreo so you can actually save more money in the long run. One full charge can last up to 125 uses. 

FOREO products are available in more than 10,000 stores worldwide including Sephora, H&M, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Barney's, Selfridges, and I also saw some in Ulta.

In the past 3 years, Foreo products have won more than 120 design and beauty awards. It is the world's fastest-growing beauty device brand, based on search term numbers. Besides the LUNA facial brushes, UFO supercharged 2-minute facial devices, UFO activated masks and Bear microcurrent facial toning device, they also have the Espada acne treatment device, Issa sonic toothbrushes and IRIS eye massager. I have not tried all of it yet but I definitely am eyeing the IRIS eye massager next since my eye bags are getting darker and bigger as my night shift at work continues.

My love for Foreo products remains as the years go by, and just when I think they have already perfected a device, I am pleasantly surprised with every product launch that they do.  

Always better, always improved, ever innovating.

Check this link to try for yourself:

To know more about Foreo, visit their social media pages on 






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