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Monday, August 10, 2020 Philippines


Who does not dream of having a clean, smooth, glowing, almost ethereal skin? Unfortunately, what we want and what real skin concerns we have happens to be on an entirely different level.  Bear in mind that with great skin, comes an equally systematic skincare regimen that is to be followed religiously. Consistency is definitely easier said than done.

I am a full-time nurse and currently handling a Covid Unit.

To say that frontliners are under stress is an understatement.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are mandatory and the prolonged time of wearing the said PPEs are causing unavoidable side effects on our bodies.  The wearing of silicone respirator for hours is taking a toll on my skin. Appearance of breakouts started specially under the masked area. Redness, indentations, bruising and skin irritation occur on the pressure area of the respirator's edges. The stress of long duty hours, busy environment, dehydration, lack of sleep and the increasing number of patients, created more fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead too early for my age! I sometimes stare at myself in front of the mirror and I definitely do not look my age.  My undereyes and skin looks dull and totally dry. It is simply mortifying! 

I used to have a skincare regimen that help keep my skin on the healthier side.  However, since the ECQ started last March 15, 2020, where all our lives have changed one way or the other, I am ashamed to admit that I started to slowly neglect my skin.  For those times that I knew I needed to do my skincare routine, I chose to just sleep after a long and tiring day/night at work. For every month that passed, I am reducing the products I use more and more. Sometimes opting to just crawl back in bed and just sleep.  I knew I needed to change that and I needed to do it quick.

That is when Foreo came to the rescue!

What is Foreo? Foreo pronounced as FOR-RAY-OH is a Swedish high-end beauty tech company founded in 2013. I am already a user of Foreo UFO Mini and Luna Play Plus. I still have a few remaining treatment masks that I bought in Hong Kong last year and is planning to use it for special occasions in the future. 

Having a new UFO with the new advanced UFO Activated Masks, I can finally restart and reset my skincare routine. This is the best way to begin a road to recovery for my ailing skin.  I ignored my bone tired body and decided that I too need to take care of myself. 

I started using my UFO every night for two weeks in a row. 


1. The Foreo UFO (16,320php) is rechargeable via USB so make sure that it is in full capacity before using it. Once fully charged, it really lasts long. I used it every night for two weeks and the battery is still going strong. 

2. Download the Foreo Sweden App in your mobile device through Google Playstore or IOS. Make sure to register your device to make it officially yours after installing the app.

3. Wash your face and pat dry. Make sure that make up was removed prior to washing your face.

4. Scan the bar code found on your UFO Treatment Mask to start the process of the facial treatment.

5. Place the face mask sheet in the UFO device and lock it in with the attachment ring. 

6. Start by gently gliding the UFO in a circular motion on your face. The app will guide you on what to do, explains the treatment and it even has a background music to relax you as you use the device. 

7. After the 90 second treatment, you can repeat the process. In my case, there are still a lot of serum left in the mask sheet that I can use so I repeat the process for my neck area. Yes, not a drop wasted for this girl! 

8. Sanitize after use. The device is waterproof and easy to clean with mild soap and water. Foreo also offers a Silicone Spray for cleansing in case you want to try that too.


UFO by Foreo is a complete smart mask treatment that uses Hyper-Infusion Technology combining heat, cool, and T-sonic pulsations while using it on your skin. This is perfect for a healthcare worker like me because for me, time is of the essence. My usual 20-30 minute skin regimen can be shortened into a 90 second one! Awesome, right? I am 100% recommending this for busy people who are always on the go like me! 

The UFO instantly applies the mask's essence and massages it on the skin's surface for better, longer-lasting results so even though the time was shortened, with the help of the device, it is still effective in delivering the same results as if you were wearing a sheet mask for 20 minutes. 

The Thermo-Therapy Mode helps our skin prepare and enhance the skin's absorption of UFO Power Activated Mask Ingredients. It helps in softening our skin. The heat prepares the skin for the treatment and the heat that emanates from the device will help open the pores, enabling the mask’s essence to penetrate the skin’s surface. 

The Cryo-Therapy helps by refreshing, lifting, firming, and shrinking the appearance of pores. This feature greatly helped me reduced my puffy eyes due to lack of sleep. This is my favorite part of the treatment. After the heating mode, it sure feels nice to be followed up by a cold treatment all from once device! When cold touches your skin, it closes pores, sealing in the serum that was applied by the UFO. This is the perfect way to end the skincare regimen. 

Another feature of the UFO is its T-Sonic Pulsations which stimulates the blood's microcirculation. It makes for better absorption of the products and facilitate skin renewal. This feels like a face massage or like a finger-tapping motion usually experienced when you undergo facial spas by aestheticians. 

UFO utilizes LED light therapy by using three different light colors specifically - red, green, and blue. Each light targets photofacials to rejuvenate the skin. The RED helps erase signs of aging and stimulates collagen production. The GREEN brightens dull complexion and evens skin tone for an instant boost of radiance. The BLUE targets acne-causing bacteria and stimulates blood circulation for a healthier complexion. 

In my experience using the various masks, I have observed the light change from red to green. I have not seen my UFO change to a blue light. It may be because the masks I have been using are not targeted for acne and similar skin conditions.  
There are several UFO Activated Masks offered by Foreo and the first ones that I was able to try during my UFO Mini days are the famous DAILY DUO: Call It A Night (640php) and Make My Day (640php). 

Make My Day UFO Activated Mask contains Hyaluronic acid and red algae which provides deep hydration combined with pollution protection for a more radiant skin. I use this in the morning before I go to work. Basically its main skin benefit is to hydrate. Whenever I use this, my skin looks energized and refreshed. The hydration is just enough for day use. It did not make my skin oily and is suitable for all skin types. 

Call It A Night UFO Activated Mask contains Ginseng and Olive Oil which nourish and replenish the skin overnight with its revitalizing formula. The first few nights that I used this, the liquid from the mask was absorbed quickly by my skin. My skin was so dry that it lavished on the moisturizing ability of the UFO and mask combined.

My current skin condition truly needs all the help it can get, it is definitely dull and dry so I chose to apply the Glow Addict (1240php) and Youth Junkie (1240php) from the advanced collection. 

The Glow Addict's main ingredient is the Pearl Extract designed for enhanced brightening of the skin by illuminating dull skin for a healthy and radiant glow. I observed that it was able to visibly brighten my skin. Dullness is gone! This mask can be used for all skin types. 

Youth Junkie's main ingredient is Collagen targeting intensive renewal by reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a younger looking skin. This is what my skin definitely needs. I noticed that among all of my UFO activated masks, this one is the most moisturizing. It also improves skin's elasticity and help restore the youthful plump. Days after I used this mask, I noticed that my skin is indeed plumper specially on the cheeks area. This is more suitable for dry and mature skin like mine. I do hope that with continued use, I will be able to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles or at least prevent more formation of these signs of aging.

The great thing about these FOREO masks is that, these are dermatologist tested and formulated with the highest quality plant and fruit extracts. No Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Silicones, Disodium EDTA, or Mineral Oil. 

These UFO Activated Masks were developed and sourced in Korea and made with ultra-soft microfiber and drenched in premium skincare formulas. Each type of masks has its own use depending on your skin needs. 

With this device, I was able to deliver the products evenly around my face and neck. There is no wastage of any essence from the mask sheet. The liquid was also absorbed rather quickly, so my skin feels hydrated after each use. 

Upon waking up, my skin feels softer, smoother and has always has this radiant and fresh look that definitely helps to improve my mood throughout the day knowing that I am seeing results. 

How often do I use the FOREO UFO? I now use this daily. Either at night or in the morning. Sometimes both when I know that my face will be exposed to pollution outside. 

Check my before and after photos of straight 1 week use:
My overall experience, I noticed that my skin is definitely smoother in texture, softer and plumper. Best of all, I love the radiant look that I get with its continued use. 

Other than the noticeable improvement on my skin after just a week of use, these are also my reasons for loving my UFO device: 

1. Saves time - Being a frontliner takes up a lot of my time so shortening my skincare routine down to 90 seconds is definitely a big help for me. I am now able to care for myself no matter how busy and tired I may be at the end of the day. 

2. Facial Spa At Home - With its pampering effect of warmth to cooling effect, music, and facial massage from the T-Sonic pulsations, I feel like I am undergoing a facial service every night! 

I know that this device is on the steep side since it is a high-end product but you actually save more because you can now skip regular visits to facial spa appointments. It is definitely a skin investment device! 

My most favorite feature of the FOREO UFO is its warming and cooling effect on the skin added with the T-sonic pulsations. In short, I love everything about it. As for the masks, of the four variants that I was able to test, my favorite is the Glow Addict! The total experience is definitely invigorating and the end result can be seen the following day.


The Foreo UFO and UFO Mini is almost the same in terms of the T-Sonic pulsations and the Thermo-Therapy. The major difference is the Cryo-Therapy which lacks in the UFO Mini. The size and roundness of both devices are almost the same, the UFO looks bigger but not that noticeable.

The major difference is the design on the front as seen on the photo below: 

On the back though, it is the same, as well as the size for the attachment ring. 

Adding to the major difference is the price. UFO is 16,320php while the UFO Mini is 11,000php. With the added Cryo-therapy for the UFO, I think it will be a better purchase even with the price difference. 

Do I think it is worth the price? Definitely. In fact, the price is the only CON that people can find deterring in owning one. For me, the PROS supersedes the CONS on this. I can’t see myself doing my skincare without my trusty Foreo UFO. 

To know more about FOREO, you can follow and reach them through here: 

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