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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Schick's Smooth Lee Adventure

Schick is known to be a leading brand in producing precise and reliable razors both for women and men. It was invented around 1920's at the start of World War 1 by United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick in his quest to shave without the use of water. 

There are a lot of Schick products you can choose from that can best suit your interest. I usually use the Intuition from their numerous choices of products. 

Now, they have an ongoing promo for the release of their new Schick Exacta System 2. The new razor offers a one-push cleaning button that helps remove hair easily for a hassle-free shaving. 

What will you get if you win their promo? The grand prize is a trip to Hong Kong and Macau for four days and three nights with free tour on Ocean Adventure and Disney Land plus a $500 pocket money. For the second and third prize, an Apple Ipad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 will be given away. There will be a 50 packs of Schick to be raffled away for consolation prizes to those who joined the contest.

How to join? I will teach you on how to participate in details. It is easy and it will not take a lot of your time. 

First, everyone is welcome to join the promo. 

Second, Download the application "Smooth Lee Adventure" available on both IOS and Android for free on your mobile or tablet. Do not worry as the application is virus protected.

Third, just take a picture of yourself in accordance to Mr. Bruce Lee's picture. A phone with front camera is needed. Here is an image sample below:

Screenshot of the Application from my Android phone

As you can see on the image above, there are 5 scenes of Bruce Lee doing some martial arts. You will click from scene 1 to 5 and replace the face of Bruce Lee with a picture of yours. Easy right? The application will guide you, just make sure to fit and angle your face correctly on the space provided. After placing your pictures, assemble it and it will become a video. Once the video is made, you can watch your scenes on your own mobile.

The video you made will be your own Schick commercial and you can share it on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Last, interested participants should register at Schick website and submit your entries. Website link here.

If your entries are approved and registered by Schick Philippines, your video will be made public on Youtube. Qualified entries will be posted on Schick's Facebook page. The promo starts on August 1 to September 30 of the year 2014. Facebook page here.

What are you waiting for? Be a star on your own Schick commercial with "Smooth Lee Adventure".


  1. I'll ask my hubby to join this! I'd love for us to win that trip to Hong Kong and Macau! :)

  2. Patriz Nicole GuecoAugust 20, 2014 at 4:30 PM

    Hey this is fun! I'll ask my husband and my brother to join, we might win the trip. :)

  3. Wow, I think I would have to go with this promo and try the Schick . Thank you for the share!

  4. wow wow this sound awesome, can a nigerian join?

  5. I read your post, try this new razor and join the contest. :)

  6. Thanks, I hope you are interested to join. :)

  7. The mechanics is not hard, try it, you have a big chance to win! :)

  8. Yes you have a high chance to win and they have 50 consolation prizes too, so not getting the trip is not bad either.

  9. Welcome and thank you, good luck for the contest! Have fun! :)

  10. This is quite entertaining. I can`t join this contest though.

  11. Schick razors just keeps getting better. Men should really save more.

  12. We saw your blog post from a FB page. We love to use schick and won some movie pass with it. From then on, we always use it not because of their contest and whatsoever but because of the quality of the product. Hopefully, you'll win this contest (if you did join the contest). Best of luck.

    Team Tababoy

  13. I did not join the contest but best of luck for the winner, its a really great prize from them! :) I hope you joined the contest though! :)


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