Best Makeup Application Techniques for Mature Skin

Friday, April 12, 2024


    As your skin ages, it has different needs. Makeup for mature skin has different formulas and requires new application techniques to avoid emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, there are entire collections dedicated to skin that's seen the world and gained wisdom. These tips can keep you looking glamorous and feeling like a celebrity on the red carpet.

    Always Moisturize

    Skin has a natural protective layer on the surface called the moisture barrier. This barrier keeps moisture in, making skin appear plump and glowing. Hydrated skin also shows fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

    As you get older, that moisture barrier becomes more fragile. It's a natural part of aging, though other factors can impact your moisture barrier's efficiency:

    • Smoking

    • Harsh chemicals

    • Over-washing

    • Ultraviolet radiation exposure

    • Over-exfoliation

    Supporting your moisture barrier is crucial as you age; the best way to do that is to hydrate. In addition to drinking enough water, apply a lightweight moisturizer after you wash your face. Ideally, you should do so in the morning and before bed. You can also use an eye cream at night to hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes, which shows fine lines first.


    Primers are the secret to long-lasting makeup. They can also disguise skin texture and uneven tone, which are concerns as you get older.

    Again, moisturizing is an important factor. Many companies offer hydrating primers, so don't be afraid to try a few until you find one that works.

    If you want to look completely flawless, consider a silicone-based primer. These fill in wrinkles, giving a smoother finish. Keep in mind that they can also clog pores, so don't use silicone-based primers too often if you're prone to breakouts.

    Lightweight Foundation

    Foundation is one of the quintessential weapons in your face makeup arsenal. It creates an even-toned, smooth layer that allows other products, such as blush and bronzer, to shine.

    There are as many types of foundation as there are people, which means you have a great chance of finding one that matches your skin needs and tone. However, there's one type to steer clear of — powder. Powder foundations absorb oil, leaving skin feeling dry. Instead, opt for moisturizing options, such as liquid or cream.

    When applying foundation, use a light hand. Heavy foundation can crease, cake and settle into lines. Instead, look for a light or medium coverage foundation that's buildable. That way, you can adjust your application according to your fluctuating needs.

    Brow Products

    Thinning hair is a common concern for mature women, and eyebrows are no exception. Fortunately, the right products can make your brows appear full.

    Brow gel is an easy way to separate the hair and make your brows appear naturally thick. You can then use a thin brow pencil to fill in thinner areas. Alternatively, you can use a pomade and brush, though it takes practice to achieve the feather-like strokes that create a realistic look.

    Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and the right products can achieve that. From Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara to silk-finish foundations, there are hundreds of products designed for mature skin. If your current makeup doesn't work for you anymore, take the leap and try something new.

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