Exploring: Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville

Thursday, June 23, 2022 United States



The best time to visit Blue Ridge Mountains (Blue Ridge Parkway) for me is during autumn because you will be able to appreciate all the different colors of trees in the mountains. Going there by winter is also not safe as most roads are steep and I saw a lot of signs that they are closing some roads during winter season.

There are a lot of stops you can park and take photos along Blue Ridge Parkway. The first stop that we did is to see the Grandview Overlook of the Blue Ridge Mountains! It is totally breathtaking. It is worth the drive to see the place! Of course, it is the perfect place as well for photos!

After that, we went to Blowing Rock! One of the famous tourist spots in North Carolina. Blowing Rock is a village in NC that has a scenic view for Blue Ridge Parkway. Admission to the Blowing Rock park is actually affordable at $7 per head. 

I am just not brave enough to climb the highest rock for a photo! LOL. This photo of me and my friend, Roxanne is the farthest we could climb! It is hard when you have a fear of heights you know...hahaha! So because of that, I will just envy the beautiful photos of others on top of that rock! 

Also, there are a lot of Instagrammable spots inside the park besides the rock! Make sure to check the place out. Just be creative and you will be able to stock up photos in just one place!

We also went to Moses H. Cone Memorial Park - there is a museum there that we could visit but it was under renovation during that time. Still, we were able to enjoy the view of a lake below. 

My favorite stop along the way to Asheville is Little Switzerland! There is something about this small village that makes me want to spend the night there. It all looks so cozy and warm - definitely an inviting ambience. We all promised to try to go back there this coming Autumn!

After spending the night in one of the hotels in Asheville, we explored the downtown and visited the Basilica St. Lawrence. This is one of Asheville's architectural treasures and it was built in 1909. 

The downtown of Asheville is fun to walk into because there are a lot of shops and dining options you can see. Asheville is too big to explore in just one day and during the time that we visited, we went to Biltmore Estate. To know more about Biltmore Estate, go here. I hope you find the post fun and informative for some ideas on where to go in Blue Ridge Parkway and Asheville!

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