Handwritten Notes: Memory Keepsake

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 United States


In my childhood, internet is something that is a privilege that not everyone can have. I usually have to go to computer shops just to have access to browsing and emails. That is why a handwritten letters are more adamant. 

I remember the excitement of exchanging letter with friends and crushes and how excited I am waiting for mails to arrive every weekdays. That is also the time of me buying and collecting beautiful designs and scented papers or cards. To make impressions on my handwritten notes. 

Receiving such personal messages makes me feel appreciated and I like to keep them in a memory box where I can read them again from time to time. 

Then the time came that internet service started to be available in each home and emails became more prevalent. Handwritten letters now forgotten. I admit that even I had used emails instead for the comfort of instant delivery and saving money from stamps. 

However, I find emails more formal or it lacks the excitement that I usually find in handwritten ones. I miss the old ways and I kind of forgotten already how to write one. 

Working here in USA made me remember the happiness of receiving handwritten notes when I received my first one from my manager - it is an appreciation card handwritten made by our manager. Whenever I feel tired and hopeless at work, I just take time to read it and it will make my sprints uplifted again. So far, I already received four cards in my one year of service and I already stacked them together at home in my working desk so I can have it on my line of view as an inspiration. Reading how well you are appreciated by people at work makes me want to be better, to be grateful and to appreciate others as well. This is one of the big difference that I encountered from my previous job. I stayed twelve years from my previous one and not once did anybody received a hand written letters from the managers for appreciation for work. Receiving a handwritten notes feels rewarding!

The handwritten card I received is a surprise and unexpected. Now, I plan to do the same to my friends and family whether it is a letter for appreciation, gratitude or a greeting. The only problem is, it has been a while since I tried writing one and I am afraid that my handwriting will be unreadable and that the letter will not look good. It is hard to find the old fashioned cute and scented papers. 

Not only that, I still do not drive on my own so it is hard to always ask my husband to drive me to send mails. It is a good thing that thank you card service do exists! I can just write my heartfelt messages in the comfort of my own home, have it printed looking like a handwritten note and have it delivered straight to the person I wanted to send it to. How easy is that, right? I am already excited to start using such thank you card service on my birthday, thanksgiving and Christmas Day! 

Are you new to this? There are some tips that you can easily search online on how to write a thank you card, on how you should start and end it. But for me, the most important part is how you pour yourself out on that letter. The power of the message will make the lasting impressions. Try it yourself! 

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