How Foreo Bear Helped My Skin Recover From Jetlag

Friday, October 1, 2021 United States


I recently made a life changing decision.  Move to another country. 

Migrating to a first world country is not always all peaches and cream.  From the nitty-gritty process of it all down to fitting 33 years of my life in 2 suitcases.  The stress of leaving my home for a new country permanently wreaked havoc for me emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Stress affects our skin greatly.  When our body experiences stress, it releases cortisol and adrenaline causing our skin to produce oil in the skin glands which then causes clogged pores and breakouts.  Our skin shows the first signs of change in our health status.  It manifests through breakouts, undereye circles, flaky skin, sagging, redness, or worse, all of the aforementioned. 

My flight took 21 hours, not counting the lay overs, mad rush from gate to gate and waiting in airports for our next flight.  I believe it took me a total of 24 hours to finally reach my final destination.  For those who travel for long periods of time, you are familiar with how sitting in cramped spaces is so uncomfortable along with moving around in small restrooms wherein freshening up is not always a delight.  What made my skin suffer the most was the dry air in the plane.  I barely had the time to get comfortable in my seat, much more care for my face.  I found myself constantly rubbing and scratching my skin and I know that I have to deal with the repercussions sooner than later.

I arrived in my new home with pale, dry, flaky and a bit of a saggy skin.  I tried applying my serums and moisturizers for a quick hydrating fix but every time I wash my face, it clearly shows that it was not enough.  The time difference between the United States and the Philippines is totally polarized, literally like night and day.  Not only was my skin affected due to the long travel, I also suffered from jetlag so my sleep pattern was also disrupted.  I would wake up in the wee hours of the night and sleep during the day. Jetlag along with dry conditions was a sure recipe for a skin disaster. I can clearly see that I aged a lot specially with my sagging cheeks.

Feeling frustrated, I immediately dug through my luggage for what was my last hope in rescuing my current woeful skin condition.  Yes, I traveled a transatlantic flight and all my FOREO products came with me.  FOREO makes their products very portable that I did not have a problem taking them with me in my hand carry.

I ran back with my gadgets in my arms and put my faith on my arsenal of FOREO devices specifically, my FOREO UFO, Luna Play Plus, and FOREO BEAR.

I decided to do a DIY Facial on my skin.

I took a deep breath and put my FOREO to its most challenging test yet for me.

BEAR by FOREO vs Problematic Skin

1. Do It Yourself Facial

Since I just arrived in the United States and I know that facials here are expensive compared to the Philippines, I am so relieved that I can have my own best version of facial at home. The microcurrent that I experience while using BEAR by FOREO is exactly like the expensive facial treatments that uses microcurrent back in the Philippines.

Did you know that other people do a pre-flight facial in order to help skin recover from jetlag better? Having this BEAR with me makes it very convenient for me to have a facial treatment anytime in the comforts of my new home.

The microcurrents and pulsation from the BEAR by FOREO will surely make you feel energized and recharged even after a long flight.

2. Working Out of Facial Muscles

I continuously used my BEAR to combat my sagging and sore facial muscles in hopes that I will have a longer effect of a toned, firm, and tighter skin.

This time, I was able to increase the intensity of the currents after I got used to using FOREO BEAR. That is what I love with FOREO devices, it can easily be controlled with just an App.  The versatility and customizable features of their devices make their products a staple in skin care for me.

It has been almost a year since I first tried out FOREO BEAR in 2020, and it generally helped in maintaining the elasticity of my skin and its contour. Just to share, it is known to provide “facial fitness” - a portable device that delivers microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations targeting more than 65 muscles of our face and neck!

Though my skin looked bad compared to last year because of the stress and jetlag, check out the contours of my face that the FOREO BEAR was able to maintain and actually improve.

(See photo comparison of the aftermath of first FOREO BEAR use compared to almost a year later of use even during my jetlag.)

On my photos, my cheekbones look the same but my cheeks are plumper. The skin below my chin area also improved. My skin feels firmer and it evened out my skin tone.

3. Skin Hydrated with FOREO Serum Serum Serum

Travelling by plane makes our skin dry because of the low humidity. Enduring that for 21 hours will surely make any skin suffer - that is why moisturizing the skin during jetlag is important.

BEAR by FOREO Sweden has a serum that works in conjunction with it called Serum Serum Serum.  The serum uses the antioxidant power of squalene and hydrating hyaluronic acid to firm, renew, and replenish the skin. The combination of the pulsations and serum will definitely jumpstart a tired and weary skin.

Remember that a serum is always the better choice for parched skin compared to ordinary cream moisturizers.

In combination with my other FOREO favorites, I was able to recover faster from my jetlagged skin. BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN is definitely a must-have and worth the investment. There is no shortcut or magic that delivers instant results when it comes to beauty, but with continued and diligent use, FOREO products can help us improve our skin's health.

Oh! Lest I forget, FOREO released a new color for their BEAR.  It is now available in BEAR MINT color. If this is your favorite color, then take it as a sign to get your own FOREO BEAR!

The FOREO Sweden App is also updated featuring more features and details added like the Device information, How To Use, Device Care, Finding Device, Treatments, and Settings. 

Included in the update, there are three new treatments in using the FOREO BEAR. The three new treatments include: 


This treatment's duration is 2.5 minutes challenging you with a high intensity facial muscles workout for an overall toned and sculpted complexion. Total Facial Knockout starts with application of serum. Workout of facial muscles starts from the cheeks to cheekbone area then the forehead. Afterwards, the workout will continue on the neck area and the V-shape of the face. 

This treatment covers all of the areas of the face.  


The duration for this treatment is 2.1 minutes with a high intensity workout for an overall toned and sculpted complexion. The treatment starts with the application of FOREO Serum Serum Serum followed by application of BEAR exercise on around the mouth area. Last workout is the muscles from cheeks to cheekbone area. 


With a duration of 2.5 minutes, challenge yourself with high intensity workout for an overall toned and sculpted complexion. This treatment starts by spending almost a minute of microcurrent and T-sonic pulsations on neck area followed by the contour from chin to the end of jaw. 

You just need to download initially these three treatments then you are good to go! Each treatment starts with application of FOREO Serum Serum Serum. Depending on the treatment that you choose, it targets different parts of your face. For me though, my favorite is the Total Facial Knockout because it covers the overall toning and sculpting of my face. 

Cheers to a new life and healthier, better, glowing skin!

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