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Wednesday, July 15, 2020 Philippines


I cannot remember the exact time when I first purchased my first Foreo device and this is my first Foreo. I think it was late 2018 or early 2019. I had put off reviewing this because I love it so much that I do not know on how to start writing my thoughts about it. 

I was able to include this device on my post about Beauty Gadgets last May 2019. It makes me laugh now that I even reviewed the Foreo Luna Play Plus first before this UFO Mini. What I want to imply is that I had always been a fan of Foreo ever since I started using it. 

The convenience and ease that I can do a facial-like skincare at home is an amazing discovery. Without any more unnecessary comments, I will go straight to my review. 

Brand: Foreo

Type: UFO Mini

Color: Fuchsia


Basically, the UFO Mini device is a 90 seconds mask treatment that combines device-activated formulas with heating and T-Sonic pulsations. 

The package comes with stand, one free treatment mask, and USB wire for charging. 

You can purchase masks that can fit the device from Foreo or Sephora PH. I hoarded these masks  (Make My Day and Call It A Night) from my last travel in Hong Kong (January 2019) because it was on sale at that time. I was able to purchase it cheaper than the price at Sephora. 

Anyone can use this device, whether you have a normal, dry, combination or even oily skin. According to Foreo, it addresses skincare concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, pores, dullness, and even uneven texture. 

With the continuous pulsations, I am sure that it was able to massage my skin like on how it can be given love from facial services. 

My skin became more supple when I use this regularly. My complexion looked fresher and brighter and my skin is hydrated. 

The usual 10 to 15 minutes face mask regimen will be shortened to 90 seconds! This is a great help to a busy person like me! Foreo is a good skin care investment for me!

The device is rechargeable and water proof. I can clean it with mild soap and water but Foreo also sells silicon spray cleanser. 

The warmth and the pulsations that the device gives is really relaxing. I love using this before sleep. I consider it my treat after a long day at work. 


Masks needed to be from Foreo but if you are innovative, you could try cutting up your regular face masks to fit into the device. Just save your old masks packaging to scan the code with. 

Compared with the UFO, this one does not have a cool setting or the green led light setting. 

You need the app of Foreo (Downloadable in Google Playstore and IOS) to make the device work. :)

Well, the product is expensive but like I said, consider it as an investment for your skin. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 11,000php

Where to buy? Foreo, Sephora PH

It was my plan to try and collect all the Foreo devices out there because I simply love the benefits it gives to my skin! Stay posted for more posts about Foreo! 

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