List of Physicians Accepting Telemedicine In Philippines

Friday, July 10, 2020 Philippines


Telemedicine is important right now because as much as possible, we would like to avoid the clients in going out of the house unless it is really a medical emergency. Going outside for a regular checkups and exposing yourselves is a great risk. This is the new normal now, having check-ups done via video calls and receiving prescriptions through PDF files. 

As you all know, I am a Pediatric nurse (though right now we were converted into a Covid Unit due to increased cases) working in a tertiary hospital. I asked a favor from the doctors that I personally know and worked with. So I know that they are really professionals and good in their fields. Not all practices Telemedicine yet and I asked permission to those who accepts Telemedicine services if I could share their Facebook pages and collate it here on my blog for everyone's references. I will update this blog post from time to time for any additional doctors or updates. 

Just click on the physician's name to be redirected on their Facebook pages. 


Feri.MD Online Consultation - Ilocos based, Gastroenterology and Urology


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I will continue to update this from time to time. So save the link in your file. :)

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