Beauty Gadgets: Is It Really Life Changing?

Sunday, May 12, 2019 Philippines


Mobile phones, televisions, computers, they are the usual gadgets and appliances that are always being updated and upgraded in the market. These are some of the items that people in our country considers as necessity. Owning one and using one at home or at work can really be life-changing. 

How about if we add technology to beauty products? Will it also be life changing? To others, it may be a waste of money while others may consider it as necessity but for me, combining beauty and technology is one of the best improvements developed because it makes things easier and better. The effects of the beauty products are more effective and efficient. 

You want to know how it can be life changing? Well, I will explain it depending on the device, okay? So let me share with you the most common high technology beauty devices that we need in our daily routine. 

1. Facial Massagers

There are many kind of facial massagers in the market and I will review it one by one so it will be more detailed. (Just be patient for my pending reviews. ^_^) 

I will just focus on the specifics on how it can improve our lives. 

Using a facial massager can save time. For example for the Foreo Mini, you can apply your facial mask in just 90 seconds with the help of the warmth and pulsations of the device. The heat and pulsations will help the skin absorb the product faster and more effective since the pores will be open. Other facial massagers commonly available in the Philippines (on my photo above) are Foreo, Alana, Jade Rollers, and Jade roller with vibration by Serene Your Wellness Ritual.  

Facial Massager keeps skin supple. The vibration of the massager will reduce the tension on the skin and increase circulation that can improve production of natural oil. 

Having your skin massaged by a device effortlessly gives our body a relaxation feel that it needs. 

2.  Facial Cleansers

You think you may have cleaned your face well by just washing with a cleanser but it may not be enough. After I first cleansed my face using a device cleanser, I was shocked on how my skin looked cleaner and brighter. It was like I used a product to exfoliate my skin. 

Just like the facial massager, the cleanser's vibration can also stimulate the skin. So it will also improve the skin's circulation. 

Besides being an effective cleanser for the face, it will also save you time since using it can clean your face faster. 

Some cleansers are also massagers like Alana and Happy Skin cleansers and both of them are silicone made while some are made of bristles like Pobling available at Althea. 

3. Cleansing Mat

As much as I love using makeup and beauty tools, I hate that every week I have to wash them. Thanks to cleansing mats, it is now easier. Instead of soaking it with soap in a prolonged period, I can wash it with the cleansing mat and the residues are easier to remove. It saves time and effort. 

There are non-branded mats available in online shops but the famous one being sold in the market is from Sigma. 

4. Mist Spray

With the weather we have here in the Philippines, having a Mist Spray to keep the skin fresh and hydrated helps a lot. Water and toner can be used for this devise and using it as a form of mist. I got mine from Miniso. 

5. Moisture Level Indicator

To help me in my reviews and also to detect if my skin is dehydrated or too oily, I love using my MiLi Moisture Detector. Skin care clinics also use this kind of device to study the level of moisture of you skin. Knowing the actual status of your skin helps you in knowing what skin care product to use. 

These are just some of the basic beauty device that I love to keep on my stash. It helps me in my daily routine by saving time, effort, and making my skincare routine be more effective and I really hope I could try more devices for comparison. Having one does not need to break your budget because there are products available for as low as 300php and as expensive as 3000php, it all depends on your priority and taste. For my detailed review, I will post separate reviews per device. For that, please stay posted! ;)

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