Pop Studio: Highlighting Powder Duo (Beat 01)

Sunday, June 9, 2019 Philippines


The first product that caught my eyes during the Pop Studio's launch at Araneta Center is this Highlighting Powder Duo (Beat 01). Under the lights, it looks shimmery even when I tried to swatch it. 

I was surprised on how the powder's texture is smooth and soft. I did not hesitated to bought one since it is not included in my Pop Album Set. So, I will not talk much and I will just go straight to the review! 

Brand: Pop Studio

Type: Highlighter

Weight: 8g

Product Description: (From Beauty Beat's website) Get the ultimate skin glow. Infused with multi-toned, luminescent pearls that amplify your natural radiance, this dual powder has a creamy texture that applies seamlessly and gives a high-impact, elegant finish. Use the two shades separately or together to get your glow on!



I tried using it in a sunny day and wherein I kind of sweat a lot and I was amazed to see that the highlighter is still present on my skin. Since it is an affordable makeup, I did not expected it to last long. 

Since the powder is smooth in texture, it is easy to apply on skin. 

The highlighting powders are highly pigmented and yet when applied, it just looks naturally glowing. 

Affordable highlighting powder. Best item from the product line by Pop Studio for me.


It is quite dusty so just clean your casing every after use. 

I just wish it has a sturdier casing. The packaging is lightweight but when opening and closing, it feels loose. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 399php

Where to buy? Pop Studio Shopee, Beauty Beat, Watsons.

Yay! Another review done. I know that this post is short but I cannot think of words to make it longer. LOL. Anyway, stay safe and have fun ladies!

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