Tiffany and Co.: Sheer Eau De Toilette

Monday, June 10, 2019 Philippines


When I went to the Great Luxury Beauty Sale, I did not intend to buy perfumes but this Tiffany Sheer caught my heart. Among the three scents available from the brand Tiffany and Co., this one is my favorite. 

It has a musky scent that is still very feminine with the hints of something floral and powdery. The name sheer is perfect for it because the fragrance is fresh, mild, and light. 

According to Tiffany and Co., the scent is dominated by black currant, ylang ylang, and iris. This type of scent is wearable for daily use and I noticed that it lasts long. I do not bring this along with me because I can still smell it on myself and on my clothes even after a long day.

Even though it lasts long, this perfume is not overpowering. It will not make people look at you when you pass because they can already smell you. But if they get closer, they can get a sniff of it. 

The bottle is available in 30ml, 50ml, and 75ml. I got the 50ml which is the biggest available during the Beauty Sale.  

The bottle is simple and yet elegant and classy. The bottle is so clear that it blends into the white background of my photo tent if I do not enhance the photo. 

It is something that I always wanted to see in my vanity area. It goes well with any styles of any vanity table.

I bought this sealed Sheer perfume for only 1300php for a 50ml bottle during the Great Luxury Beauty Sale. The original price in the market is $95, so if you will convert it, it is almost 5,000php. 

This is such a great deal for me! Because of that, I am starting to love collecting perfumes again. 

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