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Saturday, June 1, 2019 Philippines


Last May 31, I attended Sarah Geronimo's grand launch and mini concert at New Frontier Araneta. It is also when it was announced that Sarah is the newest brand ambassador for Shopee! Rejoice for Popsters!

Anyway, I posted about the event and the complete swatches of all the products but I was not able to share my complete and detailed reviews yet. So for this blog post, I will be covering the whole Pop Studio Album Starter Set in Shade 1

This set is available in shades 1 for fair, 2 for medium, and 3 for dark. It all just differs on the powders. Each set costs 1,999php wherein you will get a total of eight full size products. Most of Pop Studio's cosmetics are dual in nature. You get two products in one piece. 

Let us start with the basic first by reviewing its dual Cover Foundation Stick and Liquid Concealer

The foundation stick weighs 6g while the liquid concealer is 4g. If you will buy this separately from the set it costs 349php. This is one of the products from the whole collection that I was interested in.

I was surprised when I used it because it was able to even out my skin and cover most blemishes. So this one offers medium to full coverage. I noticed that it gives a little dewy look after it was fully blended into the skin. The feel of the stick on my skin is matte and did not cause my skin any greasiness. 

Even with primer and set with powder, the foundation only lasted around 3 to 4 hours. It is a good thing that the stick is handy and easy to bring because you can easily do touch-ups. 

For the concealer, the coverage is light to medium. The brush of the concealer is easy to use and it is the same as the wands of famous concealers like NARS and Maybelline Fit Me. 

It was able to lighten the dark circles under my eyes. You cannot appreciate it much on my photo because of the lighting when it was taken but if you will look closely, it did lighten up plus the look of puffiness lessened. 

For reference of all the three shades, check out below. Shade 1 is for fair, shade 2 is for medium, while the shade 3 is for dark. I am MAC NC20 user and my shade is 1. 

Next, after putting up your base. What do you usually apply next? Me, I apply the eye shadow and brow products and that is why the next in line for review is the dual Majors Brow Pencil and Mascara. When bought separately, this brow pencil and mascara costs 299php. It is indicated on the packaging that the product contains 9g of product, I guess it is already the total.

This is really affordable for the price specially since you will be getting two products in one that is vital to eyebrow game. The shade that came with my Album Starter Set Shade 1 is shade 2, I am not sure if it was a mixed up or it is designed that way. The shade 2 is a little dark for my skin tone and hair color but it still managed to look okay. 

The brow mascara and pencil lasted for about four hours before it started to show signs of wearing off. I use the brow mascara's spoolie to blend the pencil. 

For your reference, check out the swatches of shades 1 and 2 difference below. 

To complete the eye look, let us review the Minors 01 Liquid Eyeliner Pen Duo weighing 1.2g. The other end's brush tip is slimmer while the other side is wider. But both shades are black. This one costs 249php. 

For me, this is one of the Pop Studio's interesting products. This is my favorite from all of the collection. The black eye liner did not smudge even when I scratched my eyes. It started to wear off after 6 hours. 

To make my eyes look more glamorous, let us add the Falsetto Lengthening and Volume Mascara that contains 16g of product. This mascara is priced at 249php. One of the most affordable mascaras in the market. 

The wands are different since the other one is for lengthening while the other one is for volume. Upon application, the mascara dried quickly on my lashes. No waiting time needed. The mascara did not smudge on my eyes when I scratched it. Also, I did not have any problem in removing it. 

However, for the lengthening and volume, I did not appreciate it that much. It was not able to curl my lashes and the length is the same. For the volume it made a bit difference. At least compared to other brands in the market. 

Check out the swatches of the black mascara below. 

I usually apply the blush next on my makeup. For this set, it comes with a liquid tint and a powder blush. To make it look last longer, let us use the tints first. The Set 1 comes in Tempo Lip and Cheek Stain in shade Reds 02. It has a 12g amount of product and costs 299php. 

This is my least favorite from the collection. I swear it lasts long but it also dries quickly before I can even have a chance in blending it. You have to be quick of the quickest! Look on how it stained my cheeks, I had a problem of covering it up. I even tried removing it with water and soap, makeup remover but it takes time. So I therefore conclude, you cannot create a mistake when you use this one. 

Please do not laugh at my mistake but it is still my intention to share this epic fail photo so that you can see what I meant on how it stained my cheeks. LOL. I applied the powder over the tint and you can still see the wrong stain. 

For your reference, these are the swatches of Tints in shade 1 and 2. The one that I used is shade 2.

That is why I prefer using blush powders, it is easier to control! Anyway, let us review the Tones Blush and Contour in shade 1 next. This powder is also a duo containing a contouring and blush powder. It contains 8g of product and priced at 349php. 

The contour powder is nice for my skin tone, it looks natural but the blush is too pinkish for me. Both colors are highly pigmented. It tends to get messy because it creates a lot of dust so be careful not to stain your clothes. 

This blush and contour powder is nice, not the top of the line in the market but for the price, it is still a nice everyday makeup. 

Refer to the list of ingredients here: 

In this photo sample though, I applied the Pop Studio highlighter on my cheekbones, please do not be confused on where the shimmering look came from. But the blush and contour is the Pop Studio Tones. 

The shade that I used is 1. Check out the shades of 2 and 3 below: 

Second to the last product, the Mattifying and Coverage Powder that contains 8g of product. This powder is 249php. 

The white powder is translucent to make your makeup look matte while the beige powder has a light coverage. For the list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

The powder looked nice on my skin. 

Refer to the other shades below: 

Last, let us review the lipstick that comes with the set. The Hits Matte Lipstick and Lipbalm is shade 3. The lipstick weighs 3g and costs 249php. Available in six shades. 

It contains both lipstick and lip balm in one packaging. 

The lipstick is highly pigmented but it accentuated my lip lines and the dry patches of my lips. But the color choices are really great. It can be fully removed with heavy eating. I did not have a hard time gliding the lipstick over my lips. Lasts three to four hours without heavy meals. 

Sarah's favorite is shade number 5, I bought one but I will be reviewing it separately. 

For the over all look, I used Pop Studio cosmetics to my whole face except for my eye shadow. I do not have the eye shadow collection by Pop Studio. What do you guys think for all of the products included in this collection? 

Thank you so much for visiting my page and reading my reviews. I hope it will help you when you purchase. I still have three products that are not included in the collection for review which includes the highlighter, primer, and Shade #5 lipstick. So stay posted!

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