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Wednesday, December 9, 2020 Philippines


Have you ever had any trust issues to those beside you or even your companions? In my case, I easily give my trust that is why I always end up disappointed. During these trying times, I know it is not easy to most of us. It took me more than one month to finally be able to write on this blog again. These last few months had been rough for me that I have trouble finding my usual inspiration or motivation. For as long as I can remember, I am the type of person who does not waste time and always finding something to do. Hence, the birth of this blog and my hobby to do crafts and arts. Right now though, I am the exact opposite. I tend to lie down and sleep most of my time when I am not at work. Even for work, I had to drag myself to get up daily. I stopped opening and regularly posting on my social media accounts. Hopefully this is just an exhaustion period that I need to surpass because sometimes I am thinking if I am falling into depression because I am not really interested into doing anything. 

Anyway, that is why it is an utmost importance that we find that "trusty" companion. Someone that we could rely on with our innermost thoughts and frustrations. Do you have that person in mind? While thinking about that, it is also important that we have something reliable on our side. Because in order to meet up with that person in your mind, you cannot leave your home without a trusty handbag, right?

Finding "the one" that can meet all the requirements in a bag is hard. Beside U is made for everyone and anyone who needs a bag that can carry things daily making it a perfect companion for the lifestyle and style of modern Filipina. 

Beside U bags are perfectly made to suit the Filipina lifestyle and they officially launched last November 27 in LazMall at Lazada Phippines. With just a tap in your finger, you can now get the stylish, functional bags straight to your home!

Where Beside U was designed and inspired? 

It was back in 1979 when the Lee Family founded and began their small handbag crafting business. Years later, the family decided to briefly stay all the way in Europe. It was in 2005 when they come upon the world-famous Goodge St. Station - this place was historically known as an air-raid shelter back in World War II. 

Inspired by the history of Goodge St. Station and its impact on the lives that it sheltered, the Lee Family came up with Beside U. They have returned to California and designed their bags with a goal to earn a place by your side. From its humble beginnings on sunny California, Beside U is now available in 14 countries and counting!

The Perfect Bag Checklist

Consumers have their own checklist when it comes to finding the perfect bag. Personally, I have my own requirements when it comes to my bags. That is why even though my mother sends me a lot of designer bags, I still find or buy my own because most of the designer bags does not have what I have in my checklist. 

Filipinas are quite meticulous shoppers because they value affordability, functionality, and style when looking for that IT bag. For me, it should have lots of pockets, easy to clean, lightweight, and with cute variety of colors and style. 


Beside U was designed to have everything you will need so finding the right bag that fits the daily lifestyle of Filipinas has just gotten easier. Beside U bags were designed with the consumers in mind. The bags are made of material that is lightweight and the overall design is highly functional. Some styles and materials are water-repellant too. Beside U bags are lightweight and at the same time, there are multiple pockets inside each bag to keep our items neatly organized and easy to find. 

One of the best features of Beside U bag is the RFID-blocking technology embedded in each bag. Identity theft can happen anywhere so Beside U has provided this security feature for their consumers. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is used by identity thieves out to steal your personal information. The RFID blocking material in the inside of the zip pocket will prevent you from losing valuable information and most especially, hard-earned money. 

Perfect Bag Buddy For Pandemic

Disinfection is the key to prevent spread of the virus so if the bag that you are using is hard to clean, it is not advisable to be used daily. So this Beside U bag can also keep your health safe to besides your belongings. The bag can easily be cleaned and sanitized as often as possible because the material is sturdy and allows easy, quick cleansing. After every use, you can wipe it clean with wet wipes, spritz lightly with alcohol, and wipe clean for storage and another day's adventure. 

Beside U may be king when it comes to functionality, but it also has a lot of design options to suit different tastes and lifestyles. There are backpacks for comfort and mobility, crossbody bags for accessibility, and totes for convenience. Your trusty bag can work well for you everyday and keep you looking stylish too. 

Beside U, For Everyone

Filipinas love to get a bang for their buck when it comes to making purchases. Bags don't come cheap and apart from durability, the price and style are also some of the key points Filipinas consider as well. Beside U's range isn't just affordable, but it is also in trend when it comes to designs and shapes. We have bags in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors to suit anyone. 

Here are some of the bag recommendations: 

My bag is Cosima Live Gray and it is a two-way bag that I love to use at work right now. It can be worn as a crossbody bag or as a hand bag. From the outside and up to the inside, there are numerous pockets in different sizes which works perfectly for me. 

I am so happy that the front pocket fits my maintenance box for medicines because I can easily access it anytime!

Plus, the inner pockets has an extra lining and the fabric are strong and thick so it will not be easily torn even if you have slightly sharp objects in your pockets. 

After almost one month of continuous use, I can say that the bag is sturdy! No thread out of place and the bag is clean from scratches and stains!

Check the other recommendations below: 


Having an easy-to-bring yet spacious bag is essential for busy mommies. Not only are they caring for everyone at home, but they also need to do errands like pay the bills, go to the supermarket, and more. Belt bags, slings and cross body bags provide the best functionality as they have enough space for a cellphone, cash, keys, and a few essentials needed for a quick trip for errands. 


The quarantine may still be in effect in the country today, but there are already so many who have no choice but to resume daily work out of their homes. Those who are from the corporate world will appreciate the totes, shoulder bags, and hobos to carry their daily essentials. Not only are they sturdy and stylish, they also provide extra organization inside to keep things in place as well. 


The frontliners are some of the busiest professionals around. They have been actively going to work for months and are risking their lives in the process. It isn’t an easy job, but they are doing their best to help the country battle the pandemic. Many take over long shifts to care for those who are sick, or to take on tasks that require immediate attention. Our backpacks are the perfect companion because they not only provide a lot of space, but are also safe and easy to clean and disinfect after a long day. 

Beside U bags are made for you. They are created to be the trusty companion you can bring anywhere for just about anything. Now, Filipinas can stop worrying about finding “the one” because Beside U’s superb quality and features ticks everything off the list: Functional, stylish, and affordable. Now that’s a bag-ppily every after! 

About Beside U 

Beside U is available at Landmark TriNoMa, Makati, Festival Supermall; Robinsons Department Store Ortigas, Cebu; SM North Edsa, Megamall, Cubao, Bacoor and CDO Downtown. Beside U is also available online at Shopee and Lazada. 

For more information, please visit the Beside U Facebook Page ( and the Beside U Instagram Page ( #BesideU #BesideUPH #AlwaysBesideU 

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