Zenutrients: Relaxing Massage Oil

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The bottle is full but I took the photo after I already used this.

I love massages and I prefer home service if possible because I have the tendency to be really sleepy after a massage. Its much comfortable for me to be at home so I can sleep right away. 

Ever since I started having home service massage, the oil I use is the one brought by the therapist. When I got this new massage oil from Zenutrients from my Sample Room VIP gift, I immediately wanted to test it. That week I scheduled myself an appointment to test it together with my sisters.  I love this new oil from Zenutrients compared to the oil being used by the therapist. I now prefer to use my own oil and I plan on re-purchasing this one after I finished off this bottle.

I got this as a VIP gift from Sample Room. 

Brand: Zenutrients

Type: Relaxing Massage Oil with Orange, Lavender and Coconut Oil

Weight: 250ml (Also Available in 100ml)

Product Description: Soothe the senses and relax worries away with this blend of Lavander, Orange and Coconut Oils. This design was inspired by the complementary force of yin and yang that binds nature together as one whole.

How To Use and Ingredients:

> I love the soothing scent of Lavender. It overpowers the fragrance of Orange and Coconut
> Its not greasy specially after the oil is absorbed into the skin
> Affordable
> One bottle will last long as it is easy to spread on skin
> The oil is not too thick

Cons: None noted

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 338php

Where to buy? Check the nearest store to you in Zenutrients website.

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