Nua Organics: Are You Ready To Take The Challenge For A New You?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 Philippines


Glowing skin is the new trend and most coveted type of skin right now. A glowing skin makes anyone look fresh and young. That is why the search for the product that can help achieve glowing skin has always been part of my routine. I will always find and try any product that can help me achieve it. But eve with the market full of skincare products, it should be easy but unfortunately, achieving a clear and beautiful skin is not that easy. 

Just in time as I was looking for a new item to try, a brand came in our country and with this product made with Cupuacu - are you ready to unveil the new you? Because having a clear, fresh-looking skin is everyone's goal! In one way or another, somehow we all care about how we look. 

I was able to attend their launch a few days ago, and it was amazing that the brand, NUA Organics was able to formulate a product with an ingredient that came from a far place, Brazil. NUA Organics' launch in the Philippines came with two products - Face and Body Soap, and their Body Oil, made with the special ingredient Cupuacu and Philippines' own famous Coconut oil. 

To give you more background, let us take the case of a 22 year old Martina Salimbangon, who like every young lady her age, dreams of having a beautiful, flawless skin. She shared, "I've been obsessed with skincare since I was about 15. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and tested so many products but I just found myself being overwhelmed by the amount of products I was being urged to buy. I didn't want to break my bank account trying to clear my skin."

Martina's case is not unique, many of us have experienced this and others may have undergone worst. On any given day, the soaps, body washes, lotions, creams, and oil - all of these does not even include what we put on our faces, right? And so, the search for the right skincare product that will work for us continues. This quest is seemingly endless and most of all, expensive. That is why others call this as an investment for the self. As a result though, according to renowned dermatologist, Dr. Sarah Barba-Cabodil, we tend to use more than what we need. 

“When we minimize the skincare products that we apply, we allow more oxygen to get into our skin and that helps our skin regenerate elastin and collagen,” she points out. “Essentially, we want our skin to do its job on its own every now and then. In other words, we need to give our skin time to reset.” 

According to Dr. Barba-Cabodil, the secret to effortless and effective natural skincare is simple. It all starts with breaking bad skincare habits and learning how to simplify our routines by choosing the right product. As such, this is where NUA can be appreciated. 

From the launch, I learned that NUA combines a centuries-old Brazilian beauty secret, the cupuacu and the versatile coconut oil. 

So what is Cupuacu?

The Cupuacu (pronounced as "ku. pu. a. su") is a fruit that is as big as cacao fruit and rich in vitamins, fatty and amino acids, antioxidants that is harvested from the heart of the Amazon rainforest. 

Imagine, a fruit from the large and wild rainforest of Amazon! Just thinking on how possibly to have to harvest Cupuacu fruit makes me wonder on how this product will  be great. This fruit is also widely used as ingredient in numerous South American delicacies. The pulp and seeds are the skin-nourishing cupuacu butter and oil are sourced. It has an extremely low melting point that it easily melts into the skin. Adding up the locally harvested premium-grade coconut oil into the mixture allows cupuacu butter's ultra-hydrating and moisture-boosting properties to get sealed in, without the heavy, greasy feel that we usually get from most oil-based skincare products. 

How did NUA brought Cupuacu to Philippines? 

How did Philippines now have this amazing secret ingredient form the Brazilian forest? Let us get back to Martina's story. “NUA started as a dream,” she says. “My father approached me about three years ago to tell me that he had just learned about a remarkable Brazilian fruit called cupuacu. He asked me if I wanted to join him in creating products made from it that we could bring to the Philippines. After researching what cupuacu was all about – and the wonders that it could do to the skin – I quickly accepted his offer.”.

Martina is the daughter of Elton and Cathy Salimbangon - the dynamic duo behind Organique, the company that produces and markets the Organique Acai Premium Blend and the Organique Acai Freeze-Dried Capsules that are now helping countless Filipino families live a healthier and happier lifestyle!

When the family realized that they have found yet another "wonder fruit" from the Amazon rainforest - they quickly worked with a team of experts to develop cupuacu-based skincare products. Along the process, the Salimbangons were exceedingly glad to learn that the butter from this Brazilian fruit worked well with premium-grade Philippine coconut oil! Their work thus resulted in a soap and body oil - the initial offerings of the NUA skincare product line that is now being marketed by Organique Skincare Inc. 

Basically, NUA products are still manufactured in the Philippines but the main ingredient fruit, Cupuacu is from Brazil. 

Why Choose NUA?

NUA translates to Naked as shared by Martina and quoted, "That name was chosen because our brand is ‘naked,’ free of chemicals, toxins and unwanted preservatives. It is organic and all-natural because NUA believes in enhancing one’s own beauty, rather than changing it.”

Right now, it is hard to find a product that is free from chemicals and toxins specially preservatives! It is all natural that their soap and oil can be used by pregnant women as an alternative to shea butter!

Not only that, from its production to distribution, the process is all clean and all the ingredients used are natural and organic. That is why it is also a clean beauty!

How To Use? 

It is simple to use, Ms. Cathy Salimbangon - Martina's mom and Organique Skincare chief executive says that we should start using the soap by lathering up and applying a thin layer of NUA body oil after rinsing in your shower. 

The results is that the skin will retain moisture longer and since the all-natural ingredients are packed with phytosterols, it also boosts the skin hydration as well. The included antioxidants fights free radicals. More importantly, all of their products will not clog up the pores! The bonus part is, it does not feel greasy on the skin that are commonly found in super-moisturizing products. 

Challenging Myself and Experiencing NUA

The soap smells clean and sweet. It was able to easy lather up on my skin and creates small bubble suds. The size is also just right because I find it easy to grasp and hold onto while lathering my skin. In my case, I took time to let it be absorbed by my skin longer before rinsing it out. 

Their soap is also versatile since it can be used on both the face and the body. I tried it first on my face. I did not apply anything on my face afterwards to see on how well it can be moisturized with the soap alone.

The results? My face is moisturized the next day and this is new because my skin is usually dry when I wake up but this time, my skin feels a little oily so I know that it was hydrated well. Better than my other moisturizers. For the body, I am not sure since I did not take a before and after photos but I think my skin lightened instantly after one use. There is also a slight luminous like glow. It is not that noticeable but it is not how my skin usually looks like after shower. It reminded me on how my skin looked when I apply a luminous powder on my body for night events. Not glittery but rather radiant. 

After rinsing the soap out, it did not leave any greasy residue but my skin feels soft and silky smooth. 

Refer to the photo below for the complete description and list of ingredients.

The other product that NUA offers is the Body Oil. At first, I thought that it can be used during massage only because on first glance, the oil looks thick and greasy. 

I thought that I should try it as suggested by Ms. Cathy, to apply it immediately after rinsing in my shower time. 

On my first pump of the product, I knew my initial thought was wrong because the oil is thin and easy to spread on my skin specially when combined with the little drops of water from my shower. 

I thought it will be greasy too since it is pure oil but when my skin dried, the feeling is like I just applied a body lotion. No sticky or greasy residue left. 

The next day my skin feels smooth and soft without any greasy feel. It does not feel warm on skin either. 

The oil added a luminous-like glow on my skin specially on my arms. This is just a day of use so imagine if I use it continuously! 

One bottle will also last a long time because I only needed 3-4 pumps for the whole body!

For the complete description and list of ingredients, refer on the photos below. 

No wonder that NUA is challenging us to take the NUA's "New You Challenge" and see for ourselves! As Cathy Salimbongan shared, "Dr. Barba-Cabodil is right. Skincare that works should be effortless and simple - but only if you have the right product. With the cupuacu fruit, that's exactly what we found."

The right skincare products are precisely what NUA is bringing to us. The first few days of using it, I appreciated the effect on my skin! It is also affordable, the soap is 249php and the body oil is 799php! Use the NUA soap and body oil following Cathy’s simple directions and unveil the “New You” – the fresher looking, more beautiful you! 

NUA is a promising brand and I cannot wait for them to produce more product choices soon! I wish they will also offer body wash and hair products! 

NUA is now available from the following retailers—all S&R branches nationwide, BeautyMNL, and Southstar Drug branches nationwide. Soon it will also be available at Rustans. For more information on NUA products, visit To get updates, follow them on Instagram (@nuaorganicsph) and Facebook

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