Mary Kay's Gift To Frontliners!

Sunday, July 5, 2020 Philippines


During ECQ, I received a message from a friend and former colleague (Thanks Jianne!) that she is referring her friend, Ms. Gizelle, who is from Mary Kay to contact me because Mary Kay would also love to give something for the Frontliners in our hospital! 

I am honored to be the one in charge to coordinate this because I wanted to see the happiness in everyone when I distribute the gifts from Mary Kay. Then a few days ago, I received a call that a delivery was waiting for me at the lobby and it is from Mary Kay brought by 2Go! I was surprised when I arrived at the lobby because it is a huge box and a medium size one! It is a good timing that I have a colleague accompanying me during that time because I cannot carry it by myself! LOL. 

Anyway I am so excited and I immediately opened it at the station after my shift. It contains Mary Kay's At Play Matte Liquid Lip Color! There were five shades included in the boxes: Red Envy, Offbeat Orchid, Plum Noir, Spicy Red, and Mad For Magenta! I cannot believe that they are giving this away because each lipstick costs 599php!!! It feels like Christmas already!

I tried hard counting the total number of lipsticks but I end up getting confused before I finished but my estimate is it is more than 500 pieces! I will be able to give this to the majority of the population in our hospital! I cannot wait to distribute it.

What I did first is I called per department on how many females are there per area and I put it in a plastic or paper per department so I could deliver it. I do not want to disturb most of them on their duties so at least I could leave it in their areas. I also asked help from my friends to help me in distributing it. 

The big departments that I was able to give lipsticks but they have patients or I cannot enter their premises and I was not able to take photos from them. These are the areas of Emergency Room, Rehabilitation Center, and Dialysis Center, Nuclear Medicine Department, Purchasing Department. 

For everyone who has photos, I will share it as a collage. I am so happy that I was also able to give to resident doctors! With the excess, I was also able to give to male staff for their wives or girlfriends or even to their mothers if still single. 

I want to personally thank Mary Kay for making the frontliners in my hospital happy! I got a lot of feedback too that this lipstick is long-lasting! It survived their long shifts. I love the shade Spicy Red  and I chose it for myself. I will also share my review here on my blog! 

In behalf of Capitol Medical Center staff, thank you so much again Mary Kay! More power!!!

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