Ways To Remove Stress During Quarantine

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 Philippines


Even though we are currently on General Community Quarantine, there are still surges of Covid-19 positive patients, this is personally speaking because I am a nurse working in a Covid Unit. This is a real a challenge for all of us. Not only economically but also our mind's health is in jeopardy. 

How do you cope? Besides online shopping of course! I think online shopping made us stay sane the last three months. 

For me, it is more stressful for me to work in a hospital right now but I am still striving and fighting!  I look for other ways to spend my time and release some stress during my day-offs. I want to be productive while staying at home to make myself preoccupied. 

What I discovered are quite successful in giving me happiness and something to look forward to. In turn, making me stress-free. My discoveries may be different to you but I still wanted to share it with all of you. :)

1. Essential Oils

There is nothing wrong in going back to the basics. Like using of natural and pure essential oils. Before there were medicines, people use herbs and plants as remedies. 

I was able to remove my stress through diffusing of essential oils. Coming home to an aromatic room (Imagine your house smelling like a spa!) is quite relaxing. I now look forward daily to coming home after a long day at work and relax this way. Inhaling the fragrance of essential oils is invigorating to the mind and body.

There are so many essential oils out there that is targeted for a specific reason like it helps in promoting sleep, de-congesting your nose, focuses your mind, and so much more! All you have to do is blend the right combination of oils. Recipes of such blends are available on the internet and Pinterest. I do follow @diffuserblends in Instagram for recipes. 

Right now, I upgraded and use Young Living diffuser and essential oils in my room. At first, I thought that Young Living is like pyramiding but its not! Their oils are expensive because it is pure. I was able to compare it with my other essential oils and the Young Living Oils are more concentrated. I was first introduced to Young Living through my pediatrician friend, Doc Jas. I am glad to discover Young Living!

For my office at home, I use my older diffuser before I upgraded to Young Living. I have the Serene Your Wellness Ritual PH oils and diffuser. If you want a more affordable oils and diffuser, you can first try theirs.  Watch my unboxing video of my diffusers and oils in my YouTube channel here

Not only that, I now mix my own roller blends using Young Living essential oils so I could bring it along with me at work. I can just roll it on my temples to relieve some pain or ease my anxiety. I can customize each bottle now. I also gave some away to my friends at work and I am planning to sell my own blends soon!

With that, I am officially a Tita and "Oilbularya". LOL. I am not joking that it worked wonders on my system! I sleep early, deeply and comfortably. 

2. Plants

I do not have a green thumb but we all still could learn on how to take care of plants, right? If you are the same with me that does not have a talent in working with plants, you can start on plants that are easier to take care of like cactus or succulents. But I suggest that you start on herbs and fruit plants. Why? Because it will also help your household!

Imagine just going out on your backyard to pluck out what you need. You can have a shortcut if you do not have a patience like I do, just buy plants that are almost grown instead of starting with seeds. LOL.  

I was able to buy my Calamansi plant that have ready to harvest crops from Isabelle's Garden on Facebook. Isabelle's Garden store is located at Project 8 but you can have it delivered via Lalamove. The plants that they sell are also affordable, they also sell fertilizers, loam soil, and pots. The seller is also nice and helped me in picking out my first batch of plants. Just remember to ask if it can fit the motorcycle before ordering a lot of plants. Mind the riders that they will not have a hard time  carrying it and delivering into your homes. 

A garden store near my work is also quite big. I enjoyed shopping there too! Cedarhills Garden Center is one-stop shop for your gardening needs. Located at Mother Ignacia in Quezon City. 

I started with Philippine lime (Calamansi), tomatoes, lady's finger (okra), and eggplant. For the herbs, I bought sweet basil and parsley. I also added a lavender plant. 

Seeing these plants before and after work makes me smile specially when I see it growing or budding! Try it, its worth your while. Join the bandwagon of "Plantitas". 

3. Cooking or Baking

During this pandemic, we all learned a new recipe or just learned cooking right? Its nice to see it on my personal Facebook page where my friends are posting the fruit of their cooking experiments. Finding a hobby during this pandemic is helpful and it will help in alleviating your mind from something stressful. Not only that, your cooked food can also benefit your family and friends. Its a win-win in all aspects. Let the cooking master chef inside you stand-out!

If you are too lazy to cook, well you can also enjoy great food by ordering! Try to order from friends that you personally know so you can try out several dishes that are different from the commonly available in restaurants. If you are interested to try out Laing and Bicol Express cooked by a Bicol-lana, the best that I tried is from Nay Elma who is my former co-worker before she retired early, you can order on her Facebook page here

4. Online Shopping

Too much shopping is bad but if you can afford, buy yourself something nice and something that you need, it will definitely boost your mood up! It is nice when you are expecting something to arrive like a gift, right? 

Browsing on Shopee and Lazada has been my new hobby now. LOL. 

5. Entertainment or Workout

You can always start your day with an exercise though I am not one who practices this all the time. LOL. But for those who always do this, it helps in keeping your body and mind in a good mood. 

Relax and watch on Netflix, Viu, or listen music with Spotify. Watch funny vlogs on YouTube! 

These are just some that really made impact on my during this quarantine period. These hobbies helped in keeping myself sane! Okay, too much comparison but I hope you get what I mean that I needed this hobbies to keep myself occupied and happy during this trying times. 

Please stay safe and practice what is recommended to avoid the Covid-19 virus. I really hope that a vaccine will be discovered successfully soon!

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