Tips For People Craving Samgyeopsal During ECQ

Sunday, May 10, 2020 Philippines


Hello guys! First, I would like you to know that this post is not in any way sponsored. I just wanted to share some tips on how I was able to make a samgyeopsal dinner at home successful. Me and my husband are already craving for samgyeospsal for a month now and I want to find ways on how to surprise him. And I did! You know me, I always wanted to share my experiences with my readers. So here it is!

First, I saw a seller on Facebook that sells a grill with a hotpot. It only costs 900php, a lot cheaper than the grills being sold in stores. At first, I was amazed and happy with my grill because it heats instantly. Plus, it is electric and I do not need to use a charcoal or gas. Last, it is a two in one device, I could grill and make some soup.

But after few uses, it started to peel off when scrubbed in cleaning. I already asked my maid to use a soft sponge on it and it still slightly peeled off. So the grill is not as smooth as it was when it was new. Since I do not recommend this grill, I will not share the seller anymore. Okay? 

If you want, S and R sells grills for samgyeopsal but it does not have a hotpot included. The restaurant, Samgyupkart where I bought the ingredients for samgyeopsal also sells grill. 

Where did I get my ingredients? My sister saw online a restaurant here in Quezon City called Samgyupkart. The whole transaction with them is actually hassle-free. They do have this online platform wherein you will enter your contact details and you can just click on what you would like to order. After that, wait for their call or text for order confirmation. 

They do have a cut-off for orders, make sure to check it so that you will know when to expect your deliveries. For me, my orders were delivered the next day afternoon. 

From meats, to sides, sauce, and even the lettuce are available at Samgyupkart! Their price is also affordable. The best of all, they offer cash on delivery! 

Are the ingredients okay? Yes! The meats are quite fresh and each container is really full of your meats. One container contains 500grams of thinly sliced meat. Samgyupkart offers beef, pork, and chicken. In my case, I just ordered beef and pork.  

The meats alone can be cooked instantly, it tastes like it was already salted. But if you wanted to have it sweetened like Bulgogi, Samgyupkart also offers Bulgogi sauce in original or spicy variant. I marinated the beef slices for at least two hours before eating and the flavoring were absorbed quickly by the meats.

The kimchi and samjang sauce are okay and it is not that spicy which I do prefer. For the sweetened potatoes though, I am happy that it is already soft but it needs more sweetening. ^_^

Most of the lettuce are fresh, there are just a few that is slighty wilted. 

The whole experience is great, it was like I was able to brought the restaurant inside my home. 

Are the ingredients enough? We are three adults and one child at home and we were able to consume only half of the container of each meat in one meal. Basically, two 500grams of pork and beef lasted as two meals. I also recommend one order of lettuce per meal. The Kimchi lasted for two meals on me but I am the only one who eats it at home and I do not put much on each serving. So if you consume a lot of kimchi, I suggest that you order more than one tub.

If you do not fancy trying out Samgyupkart, you could order at Romantic Baboy as they also offer frozen items but I think they prefer pick-up of orders than deliveries. 

Finish your meal with Korean desserts! I am glad that we already bought a stock of Melona ice cream at Landers! If Landers is out of the question for you, check your Grab Food deliveries, most of the times there is a Korean store available that sells chilled items like Kimchi, ice cream, and even beverages. 

Well, I am pretty satisfied with my cravings as well as my husband. We both enjoyed this experience at home. I do hope these tips will help you to also successfully DIY Samgyeopsal! Goodluck! 

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