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Tuesday, May 5, 2020 Philippines


How do you exfoliate your dry lips? Back when I am not that into skincare and makeups, I used to use toothbrush in brushing my lips but my lips suffer afterwards. It felt raw and swollen. Later on, I learned that there is a proper way of exfoliation. 

You can use sugar scrubs! But upon shopping at Althea, I came upon this Bubble Bubble Lip Mask by Rire. It has a bubble formula that claims to remove flaky, dry skin of our lips. 

The question is, is it effective? Let us find out!

Brand: Rire

Type: Bubble Bubble Lip Mask

Product Description: 

Weight: 12ml



It has a nice lemon scent. 

The suds forming on my lips has a tingling sensation on my lips. Watching the formation of bubbles is quite fun!

I did not encounter any irritation or allergic reaction from the product. 

It was able to remove some superficial dry and flaky lip skin. 


It was able to remove some dry or flaky skin of my lips but most of them were not removed. Even though I tried leaving it on prolonged on my lips, it just removed some superficial dry skin. I still find sugar scrubs more effective. 

Still needed a lip balm for added moisture. It did not moisturize my lips. 


Buy again? 30% 

Don't get me wrong, the product was able to remove some dry skin but the price is quite expensive for the item's quality in removing the dry skin of my lips. I would rather re-purchase a sugar scrub. 

Overall Rating: 2/5

Price: 550php

Where to buy? Althea and BeautyMNL.

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