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Friday, May 15, 2020 Philippines


Before the lockdown, I received this box containing skincare items from BRTC. One of the products inside is this Gel Vitalizer. BRTC is a Korean brand known to create potent skincare items that you can skip using other products because of its effectiveness. 

This box from BRTC is a carefully curated collection that best fits my needs as a Filipina. Why? Because BRTC uses the Blue Flower: The Queen of Herb Lavender known for its outstanding sedative effect. The ancient Romans used lavenders for bath to detoxify and clean wounds. The name Lavender itself came from Latin word Lavare which means to wash in English. 

This Blue Flower also contains defensive power since it has a natural defense from diseases and harmful insects as well as external elements like UV and wind. 

Imagine that this herb will be used as main ingredients into your skincare products! How? This is through the Blue Phyto Complex wherein they will use the herbs cosmetic components for skin moisturizing and soothing. 

I would love to do a separate review for the masks but I will go over the gel vitalizer first! What does this Gel Vitalizer do to our skin? Let us find out!

Brand: BRTC

Type: Gel

Weight: 60ml

Product Description and Ingredients:


This gel vitalizer is like a moisturizer but more potent with its viscosity. It is intended for those with oily or combination skin. I have a combination type of skin and so far this works well.

The purpose of this gel vitalizer is to brighten, hydrate and prevent wrinkles on our skin. With encapsulated vitamins - it revitalizes our stressed skin. 

Upon application, it feels sticky and thick but it is absorbed by the skin after a few minutes. Once fully absorbed, the stickiness disappears. 

I tried using it continuously for a week and I noticed my skin to be brighter or whiter. The uneven skin tone also evened out. 

In terms of hydration, my face is now moisture throughout the day without getting too oily. 


Since it has sticky gel like formula, I had a hard time spreading it smoothly on my skin and I felt the need of washing my hands after. Other than that, I find no other difficulties with this product. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1,411php

Where to buy? BeautyMNL, SM Sucat, SM Southmall, SM Cubao, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Manila. 

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