Pobling: Pore Sonic Cleanser

Saturday, April 25, 2020 Philippines


I have this with me for at least two years now and I realized that I was not able to post my review for it yet! This is my first sonic cleanser then I upgraded to Foreo. 

Let us check it out now! 

Brand: Pobling

Type: Sonic Cleanser


The Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser comes with a stand and is battery-operated. It only requires one Triple A battery for the device to operate. 

The good thing with Pobling is that you can change the head part, for hygienic purposes. This is really needed because the bristles easily darkens in color. 

The bristles are soft and it feels comfortable to my skin whenever I am using it. 

The whole device feels light and its sleek shape will make it easier for our hands to grip onto it. 

For the vibration, it is mild but it has a 10,000 sonic oscillations per minute. 

After each use, my face brightened so I knew that it was cleaner than with usual facial wash and my pores looked better. However, for the blackheads, it was not able to remove much - specially the deep ones. But for me, it is okay, as long as my skin is cleaner!


Even though it was declared to be waterproof. I am actually scared in using it and wetting the device's inside parts on a prolonged time. The area where I could twist it the handle for the battery can easily be misplaced in position with prolonged use then eventually leaving a small space that water could seep in. 

I am also afraid of rust so I dry it with tissue every after use. 

Since I bought this at Althea, the refills can also be bought there as from what I know here in the Philippines. Refills costs 290php. 

Buy again? 60% (It is nice but I prefer silicone devices so that I could clean it better.)

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 1080php

Where to buy? https://ph.althea.kr/

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