Benefit: Soft and Natural Brows Kit

Thursday, April 30, 2020 Philippines


When it comes to my brows, I trust Benefit to do it for me specially for eyebrow waxing. During one of my visits at Benefit for brow care, I encountered this set of eyebrow products on sale. 

The kit comes with two full size products like the brow pencil, high brow pencil. The eyebrow setter is a mini size. It also comes with accessories like shaping stencils. 

If you are just a beginner in doing your eyebrows, these eyebrow stencils included will definitely be a helpful guide. 

Let us start with the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. The shade from this kit is Shade 3 which is the Warm Light Brown. The pencil weighs 0.34g which is Benefit's full size pencil. Price: 1660php

Benefit made it easier for us because you do not need a sharpener for the pencil and it also comes with a spoolie. It is a dual ended eyebrow product. Perfect travel companion. 

The pencil itself is soft but hard enough that it will not break when you glide it on your eyebrows. 

It lasts pretty well on my eyebrows. The shade is lighter than the natural color of my brows but it looks more natural because I was able to fill in the sparse areas without overdoing the look. 


Next is the High Brow Pencil! Benefit is the only brand that I know that created the perfect High Brow Pencil. You can now easily achieve the eyebrows on fleek look with the help of this highlighter.  The kit also included a full size of this product which weighs 2.8g. Price: 1400php

The color has a pinkish hue that makes it more close to a skin tone shade. It definitely lifts the look of my eyebrows. Darker skin tones may find this shade too light. 

The pencil is soft and creamy. It will not tug on your skin during application. 


Last, the kit comes with 24 Hour Brow Setter. This one comes in a mini-size. That is okay though because I noticed that it easily dries out. Full size price is 1400php. 

How does this work? It is a clear gel that will tame your brows in a long time. So after you apply your usual eyebrow product, you will put this on top of it. It is like a setting spray but rather a gel for your eyebrows. 

My eyebrows are usually bushy so I appreciated this product for myself. It kept my eyebrows in one direction. LOL.  

So how does it look like on me when I use everything?

Will I buy this set again? Maybe yes or no. Because I do not use the accessories as of right now. If the price of the set will be cheaper than buying it separately, then yes...I will buy this kit again. 

I was able to buy this set on sale. I think it costs 2,000php or less. So, I hope this review and swatches will help you in deciding the next product that you wanted to try! :)

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