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Friday, April 24, 2020 Philippines


Recently, I came to notice that Serene Your Wellness Ritual released a new product that was designed for car use. Being stuck inside your car during traffic is surely stressful and this product is a car fragrance with oil that can soothe our senses. 

I immediately sent a message that I wanted to buy one for me and my husband's car, I am so grateful that the ever generous brand owner of Serene Your Wellness Ritual, Ms. Joni Pillarina, sent me one for free with the other new products from their brand! It amazes me that these natural products are curated by Ms. Joni herself! So we all know that it has an extra touch of care. 

Let me share with you my thoughts for each product! 


The air freshener comes as a clip that you can easily attach on the vents of your car air conditioner and it contains a filter inside that you will need to wet with the oil. The oil is a combination of Bergamot and Frankincense. Both of these oils are known to reduce stress and anxiety. 

The scent of it can be appreciated when you first inhaled it once the air comes in but it makes me immune to the scent on prolonged stay inside the car. It is also not as strong as the usual car fresheners but honestly, sometimes my head aches when the air freshener is too sweet or strong inside the car. That is why I prefer this natural fragrance inside my car. Breathing is much easier and it calms me whenever I try to inhale the relaxing fragrance. 

More importantly, it is friendly to the environment because you can always have it refilled at their store at 74 Creekside Mall at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Price: I will update once I got it


When it comes to feminine wash, I am kind of picky because I do not want to have a repeat of UTI like in the past due to strong chemicals from the feminine wash I used daily. Since then, I try to stick to the brand that worked well with me and if ever I will try a new one, I choose the natural variant as much as possible. 

That is why I am so happy to learn that Serene Your Wellness Ritual now offers a 100% natural feminine wash. 

First, I liked that it now comes in a foam instead of the usual liquid form. Because it is foamy, it is easy to use and lather. So small amount is needed to use it, this means that my bottle will last long. 

Second, it has a cooling effect on the skin which makes me feel refreshed! I love any products that has a soothing or cooling factor. 

Last, the scent is somewhat herbal or floral but so mild that it does not bother me. Other feminine wash has too much fragrance on it! Price: 400php

For the full list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 


This is actually my first time to encounter an intimate soothing spray. Usually I am settled with just feminine wash alone. I now know that I can do more. 

This soothing spray is to add protection from odor caused by sweating in your intimate area. The spray is actually soothing like the feminine wash. It has a cooling effect to the skin. 

Make sure it totally dries before wearing your undergarments. I am pretty much impatient so sometimes I cannot wait for it to fully dry and it sometimes stains my undergarments but can easily be removed when washed or let me suggest to at least use it with a dark colored undergarment. I am now used to using this so I will definitely repurchase. Price: I will update once I got it

Serene Your Wellness Ritual has a lot to offer like inhalers, rollers, soaps, candles, and so much more! You can visit directly to their store (Address provided above) or just message them in their Instagram account to have a delivery arranged. Instagram: @sereneyourwellnessritualsph

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