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Wednesday, January 1, 2020 Philippines


Hello beauties! For my first post this 2020, I decided to make a new category on my blog and it is about Couple's Day Out! As a couple, Redgie and I love to explore places specially when it comes to food and spa. I gave it a thought and decided that why not make a blog about the places that couples should try, right? I think it is a totally different niche but I mean my blog's ultimate purpose is to share my experiences though it started out on beauty products. Still, its my own personal space and I decided to go with my new idea. LOL. 

For the first post under this category, Couple's Day Out, I would love to share with you our experience last Christmas at Tagaytay. We discovered a secluded spa along Aguinaldo Highway in Barangay Maharlika East in Tagaytay City called Qiwellness Living. If we did not use the Google Map while looking for the place, you might pass by it without seeing it. Their signage outside is small and the place looks more like a private house than a commercial one. 

Redgie placed an advance booking for us here a day before our arrival. For your information, the place requires payment for advance booking to avoid cancellations. Qiwellness Living seems to have limited people that can be accommodated so I totally understand this. The best time to go is during sunset. Do not forget to book your reservations, I think they do not accept walk-ins. The security checks for reservation to their place before they allow you to enter. 

Upon entry, our first thing to notice is the great architecture that was probably inspired by a modern Chinese designed house. I knew then that I had to blog about this and I already asked their staff if I could take photos around the area and yes - they allowed it. :) (There are other public places that does not allow for photos or videos to be taken.) 

The next thing that caught my attention is their perfect view to Taal Volcano! I feel like we are so close to it. There are no hindrances to the view! It is the clearest point of view that I had seen the Taal Volcano thus far. Imagine if I had brought our SLR maybe I would have taken a better and magnified photos of the Taal. Still, my new Canon camera still caught its beauty. 

We were seated on a balcony over looking the Taal. Free tea were served as well while we were waiting for our massage to be ready. 

Originally, Redgie and I wanted to try the Quick Escape package that costs 6,360php good for 3 hours. It includes use of soaking pools and shower for 60 minutes, 30 minutes Qireflexology overlooking the lake and a 90 minutes massage in a private room. Unfortunately, this slot is already fully booked. (Next time we will definitely book this one!)

Qiwellness offered the Bathhouse Experience instead. The Bathhouse Experience costs 5,160php for the package good for 2 hours. The soak in the pools and shower was shortened to 45 minutes then the body massage to 75 minutes in a private room. The Qireflexology was also not included in this package. Since we both needed the retreat badly, we are still eager to try their place and booked the Bathhouse Experience. 

Before the massage, it was necessary to use their hot and cold soaking pools. I advise that you should bring your own swimwear for the soaking pools. Redgie and I are not prepared for that, we had to use the disposable undergarments (Bra and shorts) to the pool. (I feel naked! LOL!) After soaking in the pool, the shower area is available so that you can be ready for the massage. 

Anyway, everything is prepared for us: robes, slippers, disposable undergarments and towels. 

The view from the soaking pools are also spectacular. Behind the pools is also the place for Qireflexology. I was not able to take a photo of that area since there was an ongoing massage to another couple, I respected their privacy. :)

I am weak when it comes to anything warm or hot. My body cannot take the hotness of the soaking pool so I soaked on the cold pool instead. The cold pool is not icy like the ones at Ace Water Spa. It was rather lukewarm. A piece of advice, just stay under the water so the breeze of the wind does not chill you out. 

After soaking on the pools and taking a shower, we were ushered to our private room. The massage was immediately started so I was not able to take proper photos of the private room before the massage. Only the after-math. LOL. 

The private room smells like the typical spa that is relaxing. A soothing music was also playing in the background. The room has its own bathroom. 

The massage itself is therapeutic. I find the masseurs to be skilled, they know where the pressure points that my body needs. 

For the massage, you can choose between Silk, Deep Tissue Massage, or Qiharmony. I chose the Silk Massage, an oil was used and the strokes are more of gliding of palms and targeting of pressure points. The masseur was able to identify the type of pressure that I wanted without the need to explain during the massage time. So the Silk Massage can also range from light to medium pressures. 

For the Deep Tissue Massage which Redgie chose, it is also a wet massage (use of oil) that includes use of knuckles and elbows for pressure points. The last type of massage that they offer is the Qiharmony, it is a dry massage. 

We finished our two hours of stay at Qiwellness by evening. After going out of our private room, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the place at night too. 

Qiwellness Living also offers dining and lodging too. You can check out their website for more information. For payments, they accept both cash and credit card. 

With the quality of the massage and the hospitable service that they provided plus add the ambiance of the whole place, the price 5160php is totally worth it! I know that it can be a tad expensive but if you are going to save and prepare for a couple's retreat then I highly recommend this Qiwellness Living. Also, hotels here in Metro Manila also offers massages as much as 5000php for a couple package but the quality of the massage that we were able to try at Qiwellness Living is definitely way better!

Is it Christine and Redgie approved? Yes!
Will we come back? Yes! (Hopefully soon! LOL.)

Last...for our mandatory selfie...

That is all for this post! I hope that this recommendation and review will be able to help you in deciding on where to take your partners! ;) 

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