Beware of Fake Real Techniques Brushes

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beware of Fake Real Techniques Brushes

My friend and I enjoyed shopping yesterday and we are shocked to see this. I just wanted to share my discovery and I will keep the name of the mall anonymous but please be informed that there is a certain department store in a mall that I usually go to that sells fake Real Techniques Brushes. I am not yet sure if other malls also do sell fake products but as a beauty blogger, this kind of thing bothers me. 

As a well known mall, they should maintain their credibility specially on the items that they offer. It now makes me hesitant to trust all the products that they sell as there is a big chance that most of their items are not real. 

As we observe the difference of the brushes, my friend and I saw this girl gushing on her boyfriend to buy this for her on Valentines Day as it is cheaper compared to the items being sold on online shops. I wanted to tell  her to check the items first but I do not want to intrude. 

The fake makeup brush set from Real Techniques are being sold at 450+php. The original Core Collection Set is usually sold at 1000 to 1200php depending on the online seller's price. In the United States, it is being sold at $18.

To help you check before you buy, let me share on how to spot the difference. Check the circles that I put on the photos below, they sell the Core Collection Brush Set in pink and violet colors. The color of the brushes inside the packaging is different from the color of the brushes on the cover of the packaging. There are no labels on the brushes of the fake. (Just in case there is a label, check for spelling. Usually fake ones have their spelling wrong.)

The real Core Collection of Real Techniques brushes are gold in color. The photo on the packaging of the original set is the same as the brushes inside. There is a logo of Real Techniques and its use on each side of the brush.

Original Real Techniques Photos Courtesy of Real Techniques Website

I admit that some people uses fake products but as a reputable store, they should not sell fake items because not everyone knows how to spot the difference between original and fake. Many people thought that once it is being sold in a mall that it is already original. 

I just feel like they are being dishonest to their consumers. Do you agree? I hope that this post can be helpful to others.


  1. Actually this "mall" is where I also
    got my very first eos.. FAKE din. The nerve!!!

  2. Nice sis, how about if core collection how can we check kaya?

  3. They imitated the Core Collection in this photo sis. Scary na tuloy bumili sa malls.

  4. Just FYI, the official distributor of Real Techniques in the Philippines is KALM Cosmetics ( They have store in The Ramp Crossings (Trinoma and Glorietta) :)

  5. I know this department store you're talking about. I'm sure it's just a case of being a greedy corporation - they get more things they can sell at higher prices even if it cost them half or even less to import. IMO, why pay a substantial amount for a product that won't perform as well as the genuine thing? You might as well save up more for the genuine product and get your money's worth. They were selling this at the same "branch" here in Makati but for some reason they (thankfully) disappeared. I think because a lot of people outed and criticized them on social media.

  6. Hi @Kim | Kimpossibly Gorgeous, thanks for the tip, actually I was just shocked to see fake items being sold in this famous mall in Quezon City. :)

  7. Seriously? Give the name of the store.


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