Fun Fair With Ever BIlena, Careline Cosmetics and Blackwater

Sunday, December 1, 2019 Philippines


Hello Beauties! It took me a long time before I was able to share with you this post because the memory card of my Canon G7X Mark iii got corrupted. For whatever reason why, I do not know since it was new. Sadly, all my vlogs and photos during this Fun Fair that I enjoyed to record and capture are all gone. I tried having it restored by professionals but it will cost me at least 9,000php!  I decided not to push it and just bought a new memory card. For now, I just borrowed the photos from the official photographer of Ever Bilena during the event. To share with you, all the photos used on this blog post are not mine but from Ever Bilena's Album of photos. :(

Update: On December 21, 2019, my boyfriend's best friend who is an IT was able to restore the corrupted memory card but only for most of the photos as of right now! Still, I am so thankful so I edited this blog post and I added my own photos! Thanks Alex for retrieving the photos from the corrupted memory card!
The Fun Fair is a thanksgiving party prepared by the brands: Ever Bilena, Careline, and Blackwater for bloggers, vloggers, and influencers. I am glad that I was able to join them last November at Whitespace Makati through Project Vanity. 

Not only that, I got picked for a minor raffle of 5,000php! It was really a fun and lucky day for me! But besides the minor raffle, a lot was given away like gym memberships, makeup supplies, eyelashes application gift certificates and even a whooping 40,000php for the grand prize! 

The brands are so generous and I am so thankful to be part of it. There were also activities throughout the event that you could join and get prizes in return. 

(Photo above) For example, shooting hoops successfully on the lipsticks will get you a full-size Ever Bilena Lipstick in return! Yay! I was able to win one lipstick! (Review later on!)

If there is one thing that I know that is my weakness in myself - it is playing the claw machine! It was my frustration even back when I was a kid. I never got successful! But during this night, I got lucky with one successful claiming of Careline pillow in ratio of ten tries! LOL! Plus, after getting a pillow, I was also given a Careline blush powder! Yay!!!

There were also games like shooting balls in a ring, and even riding a bull! You can even have your fortune told by Ms. Madame Marlyn! I remembered that I recorded her telling my fortune but unfortunately I was not able to retrieve all the files. My video of this activity and selfie with Ms. Marlyn got lost. 

My favorite activity is popping a balloon with darts wherein you get a blush stick from Ever Bilena after the game. Kaye recorded me playing this game but it also got lost in the corrupted memory card. 

The food is also great, I love the ice popsicles made with alcohol! ^_^ Me and my friends also enjoyed the photo booth!

There are so many products that we can explore with Ever Bilena, Careline, and Blackwater. The choices and quality of their products just keeps on getting better! It is something that is worth trying that is why I cannot wait to try all the makeups from Ever Bilena and Careline Cosmetics that I got from my loot bag and games! Since I was not able to share my vlog during this day, I will make sure to review each product that I got! 

Thank you so much again for the Fun Fair Thanksgiving Party for all the influencers! I am grateful to be part of it! 

You can watch some snippets on the event with Ever Bilena's video here:

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