Silkygirl: Quick Fix Care Concealers In Shades 1 & 2

Thursday, January 2, 2020 Philippines


Concealers are usually taken for granted but it does an amazing difference in our makeup look. Besides concealing, concealers can also be used as a kind of natural highlighter for a contoured look. How? Concealers are usually matte, the glow on your skin makes it look more natural. That is why I love using concealers under my eyes and I extend it up to the tip of my cheekbones before I apply my liquid foundation. 

This technique is made easier with Silkygirl's Quick Fix Care Concealer. Because the tip of this brand's concealer is a thin brush. I can control the application better. But read further below for my whole review. 

Silkygirl's Quick Fix Care Concealer offers two shades: Natural Light (01) and Natural Medium (2). The shades offered are limited but you can apply it under your liquid foundation if you want to make it darker. 

Shades: 01 & 02

Weight: Unspecified (Rough estimate 3 to 5ml)

Product Description: Care concealer with Fraximus Excelsior Bark Extract



The concealer is not just your ordinary makeup since it has a natural ingredient: Fraximus Exelsior Bark Extract - known to its anti-puff agent which is good for the puffiness under your eyes. 

I appreciate that the brush is easy to use and has nice quality. (Except for the hygienic purposes.) With the brush included, I love to use this when travelling because it is one lesser brush to include in my kit, hence, lighter makeup kit.

The concealer has a creamy texture. It did not make my skin oily nor dry. Since it is creamy, I kind of expected that it will settle on lines on my skin hours after use but it did not! It was well-blended and absorbed by my skin.

If you will check my photos below, the darkness under my eyes improved after the application of the concealer. Since I also spread the concealer up to my cheekbones, my skin looks glowing than usual. 

For blemishes, it has a light coverage but it can be build-up. Just consider that since it is creamy, it can go thick if you go over too many layers of application. 

Affordable for a concealer that has a light coverage. 


Since the concealer was a click-type, I had a hard time priming it. It took me numerous click before the product started to come out. 

I may have liked the better application process with a tip brush but it is still slightly unhygienic because the left-over concealer leaves stain on the bristles of the brush. I had to manually clean it. 


Overall Rating: 4/5

Buy again? 90%

Price: 325php

Where to buy? Robinsons Department Stores and Supermarkets, Cash and Carry, Landmark Department Stores, Ever Gotesco Department Stores.

I am feeling motivated so this is the second post for the month of January!

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