Sarah G's Top Three Must-Haves From The Pop Studio Collection

Monday, October 7, 2019 Philippines

Sarah G's Top Three Must-Haves From The Pop Studio Collection

During her launch, Sarah Geronimo her top three favorites from the collection. From the six shades of the lipstick, her top choice is shade number 5. I was not able to review this lipstick in the Pop Album because it is not the one included in the set. 

1. Shade 5 Lipstick

The number 5 shade is a nude-brown color that can be used daily. It can compliment any skin tone. Refer to the list of ingredients below:

The lipsticks from Sarah comes with a lip balm at the bottom of the casing. Sometimes though I open the wrong side of the tube. LOL. I just wish that the packaging is more sturdy though. 

2. Tones and Blush Contour

I reviewed this previously in my post about the Pop Studio Album Starter Set. According to Sarah, a blush and contour is a must-have in your makeup stash. 

3. Majors Brow Pencil and Mascara

Of course, according to Sarah, makeup will not be complete without your eyebrows being on fleek and perfect! For my review and swatch, visit the link here

Now you know the top 3 favorites of Sarah Geronimo in her makeup line! Go check them out! :)

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