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Tuesday, October 15, 2019 Philippines


Last October 14, 2019, me and my friends in my previous area (NICU) at the hospital had a mini reunion because our dear friend Mayi arrived from Germany. The mini reunion happened at Lee Hak Buffet Restaurant located at 2nd floor in National Bookstore Building at Quezon Avenue, Quezon City and this is our first time to try the restaurant. It is the perfect meet-up place for us because the area is spacious, easy to find, with pay parking, and most of all great food. 

The staff are all warm and inviting and the food is great specially for the samgyupsal that is why I asked Sir Angel of Lee Hak Buffet for permission if I can feature them on both my blog and vlog because it is a great place you can visit and I cannot wait to share them to all of you! They did not hesitate to let me take photos and videos around the restaurant. It is actually nice because I can freely take photos and videos, there are other places (restaurants or shops) who does not allow photo or video taking even to promote them freely. I am happy that I was given a chance to post about the place as you can see I started this blog featuring places or products that I believe are worth to visit or try. 

Anyway, let us focus on the food! The restaurant is a combination of cooked food and grill for samgyupsal. You do not have to worry to come in hungry because you can eat cooked meals while waiting for your other food to be cooked. 

The cooked meals has a lot of food variety. You can start by having salad (vegetable or macaroni) or coffee jelly. 

They also have mini cupcakes and garlic breads available. You can pair it with your favorite noodles. 

For Korean food lovers, you will be delighted to learn that you can make your own Bibimbap, ask for your favorite Kimchi rice, and eat some sweetened potatoes, Kimchi, rice cakes, and even Tteokbokki!

Looking for fried food? They have fried potatoes, vegetables, and even the hard to find Tawilis! 

There are soups and steamed dumplings that you can also munch on while waiting for your food to be cooked. 

See the line of foods served on the photo below? That is all the cooked food that you can eat! There are noodles, chicken, pork, and so much more! It is actually overwhelming if you will try all of it! LOL. 

Lee Hak also have Japanese snacks like Sushi and Vietnamese style of fresh vegetable rolls! 

My favorite part is their meats for grilling section. There are porks, hams, sausages, and my favorite Korean style bacon! The Korean bacon is perfect to pair with lettuc1e for a samgyupsal meal! They even have sauce for your samgyupsal and cheese for your grilled food!

The lettuce are big and fresh! I did not have a hard time rolling the lettuce to wrap around my Korean bacon. 

The dessert section is limited to the mini cupcakes and this Soft Serve Ice Cream but the Soft Serve Ice Cream already made me happy. Usually it is ice cream that I aim for when it comes to dessert even in other buffet restaurants. Together with the ice cream section, you can also have unlimited coffee and other beverages like Red Iced Tea and Lemon Iced Tea. 

With the food choices available, you would think that the restaurant can be quite expensive, right? Seafood choices are limited but still, there are many available other food that you can try! 

So I am happy to share that Lee Hak Buffet is affordable specially during weekdays - the lunch time is only for 359php per pax while the dinner is for only 399php! Amazing, right? Just take note that the dinner time during weekdays starts at 5PM. 

During weekends though, they are open from lunch until midnight continuously. The rate for weekend is 499php. Still affordable! 

Lee Hak Buffet accepts reservations and credit card transactions too! So if you are planning to have a good time with your friends and families, do not forget to include this in your choices of places to try! (This is not paid or sponsored - I actually enjoyed the place myself! ^_^)

Last, do not forget to take photos on their Instagram worthy door at the entrance of the restaurant!

For a quick tour, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel here:

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my thoughts! Have a great time Beauties!

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