Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Makeup Brush Cleaner In Cucumber Melon

Friday, October 4, 2019 Philippines


Greetings Beauties! I have a quick question for you guys, how do you clean your brushes? Me, I usually wash them once a week using shampoo and conditioner but in this process, I always have a hard time in removing the oil and makeup residue on my brushes specially for foundation and concealer brushes. Still, I have to patiently and repeatedly do the process until the brushes are well-cleaned. 

One day though, I saw that Ellana Minerals had a buy two take one sale for their Makeup Brush Cleaner on their website! I remembered my fellow Blogger Babes member, Gen-zel, who always gush about this Elllana Mineral Cosmetics' Brush Cleaner as surely effective. With the sale price, I did not hesitate to finally try it...and now I wish that I discovered about it sooner!

Why? It made my life so much easier in terms of cleaning my brushes! All I have to do is spray this brush cleaner into the bristles of my brushes or even on tissue or cotton, then I will just rub the brushes in circles or wipe it off until the makeup residue are fully removed. 

I was amazed on how effective it was in cleaning my brushes. Would you even believe that for at least one to two sprays, it was able to fully clean the brushes (I tried it on concealer brush, eye shadow brushes, and blush brush) without leaving any residues? The original color of the brushes' bristles are more appreciated compared into washing them with shampoo and conditioner. Also, the bristles remained soft! 

To try is to believe ladies! I think this is one of the products that is great but underrated or not that famous to makeup users! 

Other than its obvious reason that it is effective that is why I am blogging about it, it is also made with vegan ingredients, it is paraben-free, and cruelty-free! Check the photo below for the complete list of ingredients. 

This brush cleaner is the perfect companion to clean your brushes if you are always on the go too since it dries instantly too! If the bottle is too big, you can always transfer it into a smaller spray containers. ^_^

Price for one bottle of 120ml is 499php - not bad for the hassle-free cleaning of your makeup brushes! You can check it out here. I love it so much and I will definitely re-purchase that is why I cannot wait for their next sale so that I could hoard it! LOL. 

Thank you Beauties for visiting my site and reading my review, I really do hope that you try this brush cleaner soon. 

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