HealthMax Care Capsules: Supplement With Anti-Oxidants + Giveaway!

Thursday, October 3, 2019 Philippines


It was early this year 2019 when I shared here on my blog about my health scare. I did not know that I was hypertensive and the doctor concluded that it was probably chronic hypertension if I am asymptomatic. Not only that, when the doctor ran a lot of laboratory tests, I also found out that I have an increased levels for bad cholesterol. 

With the health scare, it is also the reason why my boyfriend enrolled us in a fitness gym. I also changed my diet to low salt food as much as possible most specially for ingredients being used in cooking. For example, instead of regular soy sauce, I switched to Kikkoman Low Salt which I found out from my fellow beauty blogger friend, Nikki Tiu of 

Besides taking my anti-hypertensive medicines and the medicine for cholesterol, I also wanted to help my body healthier by adding the HealthMax Care Capsules in my diet. 

So what does the HealthMax Care Capsules are for? It contains mainly of Mangosteen with additional of other 8 berries. These berries are food supplement that have phytochemicals and anti-oxidants for good health. 

The supplements are believed to be: 
1. Anti-tumor
2. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar level. 
3. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol level. 
4. Supports cardio-vascular health for a healthy heart. 
5. Helps reduce inflammation. 
6. Helps fight cancer. 

All of its target to decrease in risk are important for my health. My family has a history of cancer, I do not need to go far because my Dad died from one. I have an unhealthy heart because of hypertension, and a high cholesterol level that can lead to more diseases. 

The other berries which include grape seed, wolfberry, hawthorne, bilberry, cranberry, rasberry and acai berry. These berries are famous for stronger immune system, improved capillary and cardiovascular health, good source of fiber, and vitamins C, E, and B. 

I tested it for three months straight and I did not encounter any side effects or abdominal discomfort. I had a history that I suffer from acid reflux whenever I take food supplements (even to Glutathione, Vitamin C, and diet supplements) and it is a good thing that my tummy worked well with it. 

I did not notice anything physical that may be an effect from the supplements but I noticed that I feel lighter in my body. 

After 3 months of taking maintenance medication, at least once a week of workout and taking this HealthMax Care Supplements, I did a re-check on my blood as prescribed by my doctor. All the enzymes from my heart became normal and the cholesterol level improved to borderline level. I believe that the combination of three (anti-hypertensive and atorvastatin, workout, and HealthMax Care) helped my body recover faster. 

HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus Berries has no approved therapeutic claims but I consider it as part of my daily vitamins. I need all the anti-oxidants that the berries would provide for my body! 

To know more about HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus Berries, you can visit their website at One box contains 10 packs of 10 capsules. So one box consists of 100 capsules and its price is 2500php. The capsules can be taken once to twice a day. In my case, I took it as once a day only. 

I appreciated adding it to my daily routine that is why I also wanted for you, my readers to try it! So I am giving away one box (100 capsules) worth 2500php to one lucky reader! 

This giveaway is open to Philippine-resident only. I will ship the product to the winner. The giveaway will run until the end of October. Good luck! 

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