L'Occitane: Lavender (Lavande) Eau De Cologne

Saturday, October 5, 2019 Philippines


Ever since my addiction for perfumes started, I am always open in trying out new brands and scents. I read in a Cosmo article that Kris Aquino's favorite cologne when she stays at home is from L'Occitane. That is why I got intrigued to try it. 

The scent is light and fresh. According to L'Occitane, Lavender EDC is brightened by the radiant freshness of citrus fruits, underlines by a woody, musky base. This cologne is a celebration of summer that captures sunshine and brightness. 

One thing that made it stand out for me to like this cologne is the strong lavender scent. I love anything that is Lavender-scented. 

With the combination of wood and lavender fragrances, it differs from the regular pillow or room spray. Using it at home makes me sleep earlier and more comfortably because of its soothing scent. Simply, it gives a calm and relaxing mood. 

Also, L'Occitane uses ingredients from natural plant extracts. The bottle comes in a plain cap but inside the box, there is a separate nozzle spray that you can attach. 

My only concern is that the cologne is quite expensive. Though if it is really worth it, I really buy expensive perfumes (Like my favorite perfume brand, Jo Malone). A 300ml bottle costs 3,250php. I hope that there will be a smaller bottle available or at least the price more affordable for a cologne. Not only that, smaller bottles will be easier to bring along when travelling. Even though it is quite expensive, the bottle of 300ml will be okay for a long run since two to three sprays are enough to last long on my body or clothes. If you are looking for something that will make you feel more relaxed when you are home, you can give this a try!

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