Peter Thomas Roth: Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel

Friday, September 20, 2019 Philippines


Ever since having a glimpse at Peter Thomas Roth products in online stores, I am intrigued to try it. There are raves that even though it is quite expensive, the products are worth trying out! That is why in my recent Beauty By Freyja Haul, I wanted to try out this Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging cleansing gel. I am leaving the calendar number soon so I am obsessed for anti-aging products. 

First, what does this anti-aging cleansing gel do? Well, it is a facial wash in gel form but it contains ingredients that can remove impurities from your skin such as makeup, dirt, and even oil. For the other ingredients that are vital, it contains Glycolic acid that mildly exfoliates the skin as well as Salicylic acid that controls oil in skin and can prevents formation of acne. Not only that, there are several citrus content in the product all known in brightening the skin. For the full list of ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

How often do I use it? Since it is a facial wash, I use it at least once to twice a day. It is suggested to be used for combination or oily skin. 

In my experience, when I first tried using it, I was wearing a heavy full-coverage makeup. I forgot to bring my makeup remover so this is a good chance to try its cleansing powers. To my surprise, it managed to remove all of my makeup with no residual at all! The gel forms a foamy lather that is why it is also relaxing to massage into my skin. Since it is also a gel, I did not had a hard time in rinsing it out. 

I just noticed a stretchy feel on my skin after use but it did not bother me. It actually made me feel happy because I feel like the facial wash has really an anti-aging effect. My skin did looked brighter even after one use. Now that I am not disappointed with the product, I wish it is more affordable so that I could use it almost everyday! A 250ml bottle is worth 2100php. But it lathers well for a small drop of product so I am sure this one will last long. 

Just a reminder though, this contains AHA, so make sure to wear sunscreen if you are using this anti-aging cleansing gel. 

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