Keep Your Gadgets Organized With Oh My Bag's Gadget Organizer

Saturday, August 10, 2019 Philippines


Quick question for you my readers, what do you usually bring with you? A powerbank, a charger, or both? 

For me, I always bring both because I use the charger if I have access to electricity. I only use the powerbank when I am on the go like inside a car or when walking somewhere. 

Bringing all of my gadget's accessories can be a pain though and I mean it literally. It is a painful strain on my shoulders. Still, I need them that is why I bring them along with me. 

The organizer has packets and portions wherein you can store your wires. 

While I use the other one for my chargers and wires, I use the other organizer for my external hard drive. It keeps my external drive neatly stored. 

Doing this type of organizing will keep your wiring and gadgets safe. It minimizes the risk of getting lost. 

You can get this type of organizer at Oh My Bag PH, each powerbank organizer costs 249php and available in colors black, red, and blue. I hope that they will also have this in bigger size for my Kindle! :)

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