Look GandaGandoll With Vice Cosmetics Eyebrow Products + Review and Swatches!

Thursday, July 25, 2019 Philippines


Vice Cosmetics is one of my favorite local brands (I love Vice Ganda too!) because they are affordable and the quality is great for the price. I was glad when I received my first invite from Vice Cosmetics because I always wanted to try out their products first. 

The event was held at McKinley Clubhouse last July 18, 2019. It was a night party and the place was full of happy people dressed in pink enjoying good food, upbeat music, and of course, to be able to try the newest product line first-hand! The party gives me a nostalgic feeling like I am living in Barbie's world! (Yes, I meant the Barbie doll by Mattel.)

The eyebrow products whether in pencil or gel - comes in four shades. The pencils are actually nice since you do not need a sharpener and it comes with a spoolie.

The night was graced with Vice Gandolls: Nina Macalino, Gabby Suzara, and Tara Chua. They represent different skin tones so that you can appreciate the products better on which one will suit for you. Just visit the Instagram page of Vice Cosmetics to see which shades of products these three Gandolls are using. 

Of course, the night became even more joyous when Ms. Maymay arrived also dressed in a lovely pink dress. Vice Ganda will also arrive for the late party but I was not able to wait and I had to go home early because my Mom just arrived from abroad and I wanted to spend more time with her.

Before the program ended, three best dressed in the party were awarded. I definitely agree 100% that the winners deserves the awards!

Anyway, I cannot wait to try out the products because I immediately took photos and tested it within the week that I got them!

Let us start first with the eyebrow pencils. The brow pencils comes in four shades (same with the tine) - it is available in shades: Light Brown, Soft Brown, Ash Brown, and Natural Brown. Each pencil comes with a spoolie and weighs 0.10g.

The product description and ingredients are as follows: 

The pencil is retractable and the texture is quite stiff so it will not break off easily. Spoolie's quality is also nice, it was able to blend the pencil into my brows well. 

Pigmentation of the pencil is not that bold compared to other brow pencils but this way, I was able to control the application better and just build up layers until I achieved the intensity that I wanted. Lasting power is decent of up to six hours before it showed signs of fading but this is only when worn alone, when I apply the gel over it, it lasts longer. Check out the swatches below: 

My top picks are Natural Brown and Soft Brown. The Light Brown is barely visible to my skin tone while the Ash Brown looks so gray for my hair color. 

Next, I applied the gel over the eyebrow pencil. I did not bother taking photos of wearing the tints alone because it is not that noticeable but the tints lasts longer than the eyebrow pencil even when worn alone. 

Just like the brow pencils, it has four same shades of Light Brown, Soft Brown, Ash Brown, and Natural Brown. When combined, it makes the perfect eyebrow product duo. 

Each tube of brow gel contains 5ml of product. For the product description and ingredients, refer to the photo below: 

It is my first time to hear and try a product for my eyebrows that contains Castor Oil which is known to help grow a healthier hair. So this brow gel is not only makeup but also a hair care product. 

This brow gel is easy to apply and the color is so close to the pencil that it is hard to differentiate when worn. Check out the swatches below: 

My eyebrows look tamed and the pencil lasted longer when combined with the brow gel. Lasted about 8 hours before it started showing signs of fading. 

All in all, the eyebrow pencil and brow gel are great for everyday use specially with the cheap price. Each pencil or brow gel costs 195php. For the introductory price I think it was offered for 375php for a pair of pencil and gel. 

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