A Great Way To Protect Your Eyes From Gadgets: Use of Peculiar and Odd Eyewear

Thursday, August 1, 2019 Philippines


Use of gadgets is now a necessity in our time compared to the old days. Even children now own cellular phones and tablets. It may be a good advancement in technology but it also has downside when it comes to our health. 

When exposed to prolonged use of gadgets, others develop unhealthy eating habits like not being on time to meals. My niece even eats while playing with her tablet! I always scold her about that habit. Some people even neglects giving attention to their family because of too much time being spent on gadgets. But most of all, our eyes takes most of the strain. The blue light being used in lighting up the gadgets are harmful specially on prolonged use. 

If you feel the glare on staring too long on your phones or computer - the culprit is the blue light. The prolonged exposure can lead us to poor vision earlier than expected. Have you noticed that graded eye glasses are now more rampant in children or teens? Older generation seems to have healthier eyes than us if you really think about it and make a research. That is why most doctors (specially pediatricians) advises parents to limit the use of gadgets to their children to at least 2 hours a day. 

Limiting gadget use is easier being said than done though, that is why we must find a way to at least lessen the effect of these blue light on our eyes. 

One of the trusted eyewear that we could use is from Peculiar and Odd. It is a company that focuses on computer eyewear for everyone both girls and boys in different ages. Peculiar and Odd believes that a person's inner style must not be compromised, regardless of the price that is why they offer an eyewear that is not only stylish and affordable but with an added feature - it has blue lens technology to protect eyes from the harmful rays of blue light that you cannot resist. 

The set of eyewear comes with a blue light tester, a plastic and cloth casing. 

If you watch my Instagram (@allaboutbeauty101ph) stories, I featured a video of me testing the eyeglasses. I actually saved the video clips in my highlights so if you are interested to witness the test, you can visit my Instagram page and watch it in my highlights. 

Without the glasses creating a barrier from the testing area, it discolored. So imagine if it is your eyes being damaged! Never thought how hard it can damage our eyes until I did a test and to think this testing area is just a card.

But when I flashed the blue light over the glasses (I even made the exposure time longer to test it well.) and there are no damage to the testing area at all, not even a spot of discoloration!

At least if your eyes does not need a support in vision, you can use this Peculiar and Odd eyewear with Blue Lens technology to prevent damage to your eyes. 

Peculiar and Odd does not only has an advanced technology for their eyewear, they also made sure that we wear it with style! Peculiar and Odd collaborated with Ms. Ces Drilon, one of the famous journalists in the Philippines. Ms. Ces Drilon believes that it should not cost much to look good that is why she wanted to share her aesthetic and style sensibilities. 

Her initial contribution to fashion is through eyewear and accessories because it is something that she uses everyday. Ms. Ces also believes that choosing the right eyewear is important because it frames your face and can enhance your look. 

With Ms. Ces Drilon's style and Peculiar and Odd's technology and good service - everything is so much better! Plus, you can have the lenses be replaced with prescription ones if you need it.

From left to right, I am using: 
1. Optical Square in Yellow Brown Eyewear originally priced at 2560php but on sale at Lazada for only 194php.
2. Round Thin Metal Frame In Silver Eyewear originally priced at 2890php but on sale at Lazada for only 282php.
3. Round Trans Pink Clear Eyewear originally priced at 1567php but it is on sale at Lazada for only 194php.

From all the Peculiar and Odd that I tried, which one do you think suits me best? :) 

For more information about Peculiar and Odd, you can mail them at salimartrading@gmail.com. Follow them on Facebook at peculiareyewear and Instagram at @peculiareyewear. 

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