Changing Bags Everyday Made Easier With Oh My Bag's Versatile Organizer

Friday, July 12, 2019 Philippines


One thing that my whole family and boyfriend scolds me for is for having a big and heavy bag. I feel like I tend to bring my whole home with me LOL. My bag should be complete with all the essentials at all times. For example, I make sure that I have my wallet, coin purse, makeup kit, alcohol, tangle teezer, mini fan, wipes, power bank, power cord and adapter, keys, earphones, my stash of gift certificates, emergency medicines, of course cellular phone, and most of the times I also have books inside my bag that I can read on my free time. That is quite a lot, right? Who can relate? 

Anyway, having these too much items in my bag makes it look messy and transferring from one bag to another is quite a hassle!

I am so happy I was able to discover this versatile organizer from Oh My Bag! This is the online store that I trust when it comes to taking care of my bags. 

Anyway it was just recently when I discovered the store's bag organizers. There are different sizes and shapes depending on your preferences and bags. 

For me, I got this Owly Winky because it is pink. LOL. I am not kidding, this is really cute and girly...I am serious with the design - I love it! Prices range from 349php to 499php. 

Look how it kept my things organized!

You can follow Oh My Bag's Instagram account (@ohmybagphils) to get updated on their products! 

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