Is Cleaning Mat really effective?

Saturday, May 4, 2019 Philippines


How do you clean your brushes? Before cleaning mats became famous, I used to submerge my brushes in water with concoction of shampoo, conditioner, and a little of dish washing liquid. Then I will just rub the bristles well with shampoo again while washing it. Then rinse all the remaining residue with water. 

With cleaning mats invented, cleaning brushes is now faster. No need to dip the brushes in prolonged time to loosen up the dirt and makeup. 

The one that I will be reviewing is actually non-branded. The famous cleansing mat being used by most makeup enthusiasts is the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat that costs $32. This non-branded mat that I received from my sister is more affordable and I think she got it for less than 500php. 

The dupe that I am using is like Sigma because it also has a seven patented textures that can wash different kinds of brushes. Just like the branded mat, it also has a suction cups beneath to secure placement on table tops or your sink. Both are still made with silicon.

It was never explained on what each patented surface is designed for but the longer time that you are using it, you will observe the one that is effective for each of your brushes. 

Just to give you a closer look, I took close-up photos of the seven surfaces. 

With this cleaning mat to aid your laundry time of your makeup brushes, it is easier to stick to the rule of doing it at least once a week. 

A little reminder, using this to clean your foundation brush still takes time. It is the hardest to clean for me. Other than that, all my brushes are easy to clean with the help of this mat. 

So yes, for me, cleaning mat is really effective. 

Interested to buy this? The branded one from Sigma Beauty is available at Sephora PH for 1734php. Settling for a non-branded mat, you can check Shopee. There are cleaning mats being posted there amounting from 86php to 360php. :)

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