Benefits Of Using A Beauty Sponge Rack

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 Philippines


Last Christmas, I saw this beauty sponge holder from Trinoma's night time tiangge. It is a stainless non-branded drying rack or sponge holder that I believe was inspired from IBEET who made this kind of holder abroad. 

Even before I saw this, I know I needed at least one but the brand that I usually see is from Beauty Blender which I find quite expensive for the purpose of safe keeping. 

The big question is do we really need a beauty sponge rack? Let me share with you the benefits of using one. 

1. Drying

My number one reason why I wanted to have one is to have a rack wherein I could place my beauty sponges after washing them. Since this holder is stainless, it will not rust and the sponge will be in a clean surface that is exposed to air until fully dried. 

2. Storage

Besides being a drying rack, it can also act as your storage. There are other colors available when I  bought this, I got the Silver and there are Gold and Rose Gold available too. 

3. Keeps your sponges in place

While doing my makeup, my beauty blender rolls and falls down on floor because its shape is round. Having this provides me a stable surface where I can place it while doing my makeup. 

4. Travel-friendly

Even though it is stainless, the material is light and can be compressed through its spiral design making it easy to bring along with you when travelling. 

5. Sponges will be well-ventilated

Well-ventilated sponges will dry quickly and prevent any microorganism forming from being damp. 

Do you think we really need them? For me, yes I think we do. Specially if you can get it in an affordable price. This one only costs 100php when I bought it. Since the tiangge at Trinoma is already over, I looked up online. There are many stainless racks like this in Shopee and it is cheaper at around 50-65php each. Just search for the words, "beauty holder". 

Yesterday while Jing of and I are going around Landmark's Beauty Section in Trinoma, there are plastic sponge holders available too with free sponge inside each packaging. It costs around 110php. If you are interested to buy one, I hope that you will find this information helpful. :)

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