Unboxing The Best Launch From Althea: A'Bloom Collection

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 Philippines


I have been waiting for this collection ever since we saw a teaser as Althea Angels. This one made me excited because first, it has a cute minimalist designs. Second, it contains beauty tools that are essential for everyday use. Last, the box also have skincare products like the Blackheads remover and mask sheets! 

All of these items are now available at Althea's website and I am happy to share that it is affordable! Let me give you a breakdown of the entire line: 

BHA Blackhead Blaster - 200php
Giant Meringue Puff - 100php
Baby Meringue Puff - 140php
A'Bloom Masks - 20php each

I do not know which one to try first because all of them looks amazingly good. If you are me, which one would you like to try out first? Anyway, I will be reviewing each of this items separately. :)

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