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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Philippines


I just found a shop that recently opened near my home and work. It is a shop that I did not know that I was looking for until I realized how badly I needed the items that they are selling. This shop is Serene Your Wellness Ritual which is located at 74 Creekside Mall at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. This is actually my first event of the year 2019 and I wanted to thank Gen-zel, one of my Blogger Babes Sister, for tagging me along to discover this amazing haven. 

The shop's interior is so nice, I love the whole concept of combining bricks, woods, and plants because that made me feel warm and cozy plus the amazing scent inside the store is so inviting and relaxing. You can easily spot the laboratory wherein the products were being precisely curated by the amazing owner, Ms. Joni Lyn Castillo-Pillarina

The name of the shop Serene, which means calm, is perfect resemblance for the ambiance of the store. 

In Ms. Pillarina's laboratory, you could see the jars after jars of premium natural ingredients dried rosebuds, lavender petals, Frankincense essential oils (and so much more!) that she ordered abroad. But she also loves locally produced products such as the Virgin Coconut Oil and Pili Oil. 

Even the coloring that she uses on her products were made of tea. It is good to know that the products were made all natural and safe to use. 

Going around the store, all of the products that they offer are displayed with details of its uses. They offer soaps, balms, massage bars, and even nose rub balms. 

The soaps available are:

Lavender Power - 350php
Chamomile Power - 320php
Jasmine and Green Tea - 320php
Activated Charcoal in Rose - 315php
Lavender and Chamomile - 350php
Lemon Soap - 220php
Pili Pinoy Soap - 220php

I got the Chamomile so I will be sharing a separate post for my review about it. 

For those who loves their house smelling good (like I do!), they also have natural candles made from beeswax. The store also offers cute-looking diffuser (2400php) and oils for the diffuser. If you buy a diffuser from their store, Ms. Karen the one who is in charge for the shop, shared that you get a full size oil for free.

The oils available for the diffuser are:

Honey - 300php
Eucalyptus - 300php
Peppermint Aroma - 250php
Lavender - 250php
Lemongrass - 250php

The candles are priced at only 500php per can. It actually looks more expensive because of its chic style of rose gold packaging.  It is also available in different scents. I got Cinnamon so I cannot wait to share my review! 

Besides the Baby Salve Balm, Nose Rub Balm, Scrubs, Soaks, Settle Down Blend, and Massage bar. Serene Your Wellness also sells Rose Face Oil. I am actually amazed that a dried rose buds are inside the bottle of your face oil! 

Ms. Joni suggested that I apply four drops of the Rose Face Oil on my face, spread it and use the Jade Roller to massage my skin for full absorption. They sell authentic Jade Roller that is battery-operated which costs 1200php which is really a good find for a battery-operated device, the manual Jade rollers usually costs like this too or more! The Rose Face Oil is priced at 600php. 

The most that I am intrigued about and cannot help but buy one - is their Inhaler. The inhaler's oil is absorbed by the Himalayan Salt. The inhaler could actually last for months and handy because it can easily fit inside my pockets. I can also have it refilled from their shop. 

There are lot of variants available but I bought the Fatigue (450php) because I feel like it is the one that I needed the most. Others are: 

Stress and Anxiety - 350php
Bedtime - 400php
Migraine and Headache - 400php
Cold and Flu - 530php
Overeating - 350php
Anti-anxiety - 250php

I plan to buy the Overeating (LOL) and Anti-Anxiety on my next visit. :)

Being inside the store is relaxing and I felt re-charged. Seeing all the products are healthy choices for our body, I wanted to try them all specially since all the prices are reasonably priced for the quality. Ms. Joni and Ms. Karen are very open and accommodating, if you feel like you do not know what product is best for you, just ask them. They will be glad to help. 

For others who lives quite far from the store since it is the only branch as of the moment, you can follow their Instagram (@sereneyourwellnessritualph) and direct message them for orders. They also offer shipment for orders online.

Make sure to check out their shop because it is time to focus on yourselves and practice living a healthier life. Specially with my latest wake up call, I knew that I needed this. Thank you so much to Serene Your Wellness Ritual for the gift. I cannot wait to share my reviews to all of you Beauties!

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