Pupa Milano: 302

Friday, February 22, 2019 Philippines


I am not sure if this brand originated from UK but I received this as a gift from my boyfriend's sister. She claimed that this lipstick is famous in Saudi. It is my first time to encounter this brand that is why I tried it right away! 

Let us now look at it more closely. 

Brand: Pupa Milano

Type: Glossy Lipstick

Shade: 302

Weight: 2.4ml



The lipstick is very moisturizing and easy to apply. Application is smooth and glides on smoothly. 

It is highly pigmented! One layer is enough to fully coat the lips. 

The lipstick did not build up on lip lines. 

The lasting time is decent from three to four hours but can easily be removed through eating and drinking. 


It has a bitter taste even though the lipstick is new and not expired. 

The lipstick settled on some of the dry patches of my lips but not that noticeable specially from afar. 

Not transfer-free. 


Buy again? 60%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: I am not sure since I got this as a gift, I tried searching online but this brand is hard to find. 

Where to buy? It is not readily available in the Philippines. Try online sellers who caters products from Middle East and UK. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog site and reading this short review. Have you tried Pupa Milano? Share with me your experience by commenting below! :)

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