Holika Holika: Face Conditioner Long-Lasting Makeup Fixer

Sunday, February 24, 2019 Philippines


Another setting spray that I am eyeing to try. I got this from Althea Korea during one of my shopping haul. I read many reviews that Holika Holika is a nice brand and this is my first time to try them. 

According to its description, this one provides a long-lasting makeup effect that can be used before or after makeup. So it reminded me of MAC Prep + Prime

So do you think this can be a good dupe for MAC? Let us find out, continue reading! 

Brand: Holika Holika

Type: Face Conditioner in Long-lasting Makeup Fixer

Weight: 100ml

Product Description: 



The scent of the spray is almost fragrance-free. It is the mildest scent of setting spray that I own. 

It has plant-based formula that keeps the skin hydrated. Upon application, it feels refreshing. 

This setting spray can also be used as a primer. Just apply it first on your skin as a primer, let it dry before applying your foundation. Two-in-one product - nice, right?

The nozzle is great because it actually produces fine mist instead of splash. This way, it is more distributed evenly on the face. 

The spray blended my makeup well it gave a slight glowing look specially on my cheeks. 

The Holika Holika Face Conditioner Long-Lasting Makeup Fixer was able to prolong my makeup for more than 8 hours. I worked 16 hours when I tested this and my makeup remained intact for about 6 hours, started to wear off in 8 hours. I noticed that my makeup is almost gone before my shift ended. The lasting power that it made on my makeup is pretty decent. 

It kept my skin hydrated. If you have an oily skin, use few sprays first in order to avoid too much moisture. 



Not readily available in Philippines. You can purchase it at Althea Korea. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 364php

Where to buy? Right now we do not have a store of Holika Holika, you can purchase directly at Althea Korea. 

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