Chihuahua: Apple Crisp Blush

Saturday, February 16, 2019 Philippines


Greetings Beauties! I do not want to sound biased but personally, I love Chihuahuas and while I am doing this review, I am now missing my Tuti who is now in doggy heaven. Chihuahuas as a dog are small and yet so cute and loving. They are protective to their humans. 

For this blog post though, I would not be talking about the Chihuahua dog, instead I would explore about the Chihuahua Cosmetics! It is the brand new brand here in Asia that offers their products all in small sizes! 

I got a set of Chihuahua Cosmetics during one of Liz Lanuzo's Project Vanity workshop. It took so long but now I have the time to review one of the makeups from Chihuahua Cosmetics that I got. 

Let us start reviewing the Blush first because I think it has been too long since I last posted about blushes. 

Brand: Chihuahua

Type: Blush

Shade: Apple Crisp

Weight: 3.6g


How To Use: 


Even though the cosmetic brand has a dog for a name, it is safe to say that it is actually cruelty-free! 

The brand encourages you to finish a product before you buy another one that is why all of their items are sold in mini sizes. 

Since it is all in mini sizes, it is easy to bring along with you specially on your makeup pouch. 

The packaging are really cute and sturdy. Plus for a product with this great quality, it is affordable!  This blush costs only 259php! 

Upon testing, the blush is highly pigmented! I was expecting that I need to apply at least two layers but one layer is already too much, I had to wipe off some of it. So make sure to get the product lightly then just build it up. The pigmentation quality reminded me of NARS blushes. 

The shade looks like rose or dusty rose that it looks like you are just naturally blushing. At least for my skin tone. (I am MAC NC20 to NC25 with warm under tone)

Lasts long for at least four to six hours without retouching! 

Cons: None noted.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 259php

Where to buy? They have an online store and some branches but the one I saw is at SM North 2nd floor. 

As promised, here is another product review. It is my first time to try this brand and I love it! Plus, it is more realistic to use. What are your thoughts? Let us stay connected in my social media accounts! Have fun! 

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