Benefit: They're Real Double The Lip Lipstick In Nude Scandal

Thursday, February 14, 2019 Philippines


Welcome back to my blog Beauties! For today's product review, I will be sharing my thoughts about this Benefit's lipstick. Actually it is my first time to try a Benefit Lipstick and it came from the gift set that I received for Christmas from Nikki. (Thank you so much Nikki! Mwah)

The lipstick is small and slim compared to the other lipsticks being sold. The shade that I got from the Benefit Gift Set is Nude Scandal. 

I think this is a deluxe size that is why I cannot also give you the exact measurement of the product weight. As well as the ingredients. 

As you can see on the photo below, it has a pointed shape because this lipstick should also be a lip liner. That is why, the pointed part of the lipstick is actually darker in color. 


This lipstick is actually moisturizing, it reminds me of colored lip balms and it does not cause any added dryness. 

It feels light on the lips like you are not wearing anything. 

Lasting power is two to three hours. 

From afar, this lipstick shade did not made me look pale. It looks like just my natural lips. 


I am not sure if it is because of the shade that I got specially since I have yet to try the other shades, I find it light colored or not that pigmented. I have to apply two to three layers in order to see at least some of its color on my slightly dark lips. 

The lipstick builds up on lip lines and accentuates dry patches. It can also easily be removed. 


Buy again? 40%

Overall Rating: 2/5 (I might try the other shades first before I repurchase this lipstick.)

Price: 1330php for the full size product. 

Where to buy? Benefit stores, Sephora PH, and Zalora. 

I just shared an honest review about this one, it is nice but I am not that excited about it. I am still open to try their other shades, it might work better on me. :) Anyway, more reviews coming Beauties! I now have my new laptop so I could work more now! Yay! 

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