Aromatherapy Benefits For Nurses

Friday, October 12, 2018 Philippines


Nurses are often under a lot of stress in a daily basis. From the crazy shifting schedule, taking care of many patients (more than your family and some patients can be quite demeaning), no social time due to overtimes, low-salary rate in the Philippines with an increased amount of workload...I can say that the term "stress" is a little under rated. Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining with my job - I am just stating the reality. :)

Not only that, being exposed in an environment with the strong chemical-like scent of hospital cleansing products can add to the feeling that I cannot breathe deeply and comfortably. That is why whenever I leave the hospital, I am craving for something nice to smell. Something fresh or relaxing to soothe my senses. With the air pollution though, I cannot even do a full inhalation of air as soon as I leave the premises of the hospital. 

So how do I help myself relax after a long day at work? The answer is aromatherapy! Even back in the historic times, people uses aromatherapy to help brighten or soothe a person's mood. For me, aromatherapy is a MUST at home. 

I find using aromatherapy can greatly reduce my stress. Exposing my senses to strong and yet fragrant oils positively promotes relaxation to my body. As soon as I get home, I either refill my air purifier with a water-based oil or light up a candle for my oil burner using pure oil extracts. After showering and doing my skin care routine, the aromatherapy helps me relax to a peaceful slumber.

Recently, I discovered a great pure essential oil for my burner. From all the brands that I used before, this is the most concentrated! It is an essential oil made by Fragrance Box! The first time that I used the oil, it was able to spread its scent in the whole house. From lighting it from second floor, it also reached the first floor and third floor of my home. Amazing!

The first bottle that I was able to try is Sampaguita. It is very floral and feminine - a fragrance that is truly Filipina inspired. 

I am so curious if it will also be effective to be used with water that I even tried using the essential oil in my air purifier and to add to my astonishment - it also lasted for a long time. Yay! I am so happy because I know that this bottle will last me for a few months!

Now I cannot wait to try the other scents available (such as Fresh Laundry, Baby Powder, and Lavender or Peppermint!) and made by Fragrance Box! One bottle contains 30ml of essential oil and it costs 849php. It is currently being sold at Lazada only, you can check out their promo bundle, you can get one bottle of oil with burner for only 1000php! Link here.

To summarize the benefits that I get from Aromatherapy as a nurse: 
1. It helped soothe my anxiety or stress. With improved mood, I was able to let go of the stressors that I got exposed to at work effectively.
2. The scent of the oil induce sleep. Peaceful slumber of at least 6 to 8 hours helps a lot in being refreshed for the next great day ahead. 
3. Depending on the scent that you use, some oils can help boost your energy instead of making you feel sleepy - this is good to use if you are about to start your day. 
4. The fragrant scent can help my nose decongest from the harsh cleaning chemicals I sniffed at the hospital.

I swear you should try this! I now use it every day over my old stocks of essential oils! To know more about Fragrance Box, you can follow them in their Instagram page, @fragrancboxph. 

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